How To Open Secure Doors Using The Terminal In Lethal Company

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Just like nearly every other internal computer system, Lethal Company‘s employees are forced to work with the very simple terminal technology of decades past. While simple, it’s invaluable in how it allows players to control their ship and get around the bunkers they find.




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The terminal on your ship is easy to use once you know the commands and learn how different upgrades will benefit each trip. For more information about how to use it and what you can do with the terminal in Lethal Company, we’ve got it all covered right here.

Lethal Company is currently in Early Access on Steam, and all content is subject to change with further updates. If that happens, we will update this article as needed.

How To Use The Terminal

A screenshot from Lethal Company showing the terminal screen saying

Outside of landing, the terminal is going to be where you’re returning to most during each trip to planets or The Company’s building. You’ll use the terminal for a wide range of functions, like navigating, understanding the fauna, purchasing new gear for each trip, and a lot more. To activate it, simply type a prompt and press the ‘Enter’ key.

When you use the terminal for the first time, you’ll be asked to answer some prompt questions about yourself. Answer the prompt honestly and press the Enter key.

After you’ve answered the initial prompt, you’ll be greeted with a menu that has different sections. This can feel like a lot at once, but a simple breakdown can help you understand what each section of the terminal is for.

You can type ‘help’ into the terminal at any time and hit enter, which will provide you with different prompt categories:


Opens the category with all the planets and The Company’s building for routing the autopilot. It also shows the status of those planets’ weather.


Allows you to purchase items for your work and to decorate the ship, as long as you have enough credits.


Any monsters you scan with the Right Mouse Button will appear here.


If you have any furniture you’re not using, you can store it or pull it out with this command.


Miscellaneous commands like View Monitor, Switch player monitoring, Ping a radar, and or Scan for all items left on the map.

Any of these commands can be activated by typing the words into the terminal and pressing enter. Sometimes, this will cause an immediate reaction, but it may open a further screen for you to interact with. Most of the time, you’ll need to confirm an action after you’ve input it.

Some of the commands can be shortened or entered from the main screen. For example, simply typing “Company” will give you the option to go directly to that planet. Typing “C” or “D” can act as ‘Confirm’ or ‘Deny.’

As you unlock ship upgrades and survive further in the game, you will unlock more options for the terminal through the store, like the ability to teleport or use a large horn. These require a basic mastery of the terminal but can be great assets when working as part of a team.

How To Open Locked Security Doors

A screenshot from Lethal Company showing the terminal screen with a notification that reads

When you or your friends are adventuring through a new bunker, you may come across large metal doors that connect in the middle. While initially seeming like a roadblock, they can easily be unlocked by someone still at the terminal. All you need to do is find the code on the corresponding door from the player monitor map screen.

This also works briefly for turrets. Codes for the turrets and doors are usually just a letter followed by a number, shown by green or red boxes on the map to indicate status.

Once you’ve found the code for the door, simply enter the two values into the computer and press enter. This will cause a small animation to appear in the bottom right half of the screen, showing a door opening with ‘Broadcasted Special Code’ text. It should be noted that all activated commands give this prompt, even when you’re closing doors or disabling turrets for a few seconds.

All Terminal Commands

A screenshot from Lethal Company of the category prompts from the terminal, incuding Moons, Store, Bestiary, Storage, and Other

Having a list of the terminal’s commands is invaluable in Lethal Company. While there are several commands you can currently use on the terminal to help in your work, there will likely be more added in the future.




Opens the screen with all the available moons you can travel to and tells how much the company is buying for.


Opens the menu with all purchasable tools, decorations, and ship upgrades.


Shows all the animals you scanned with the Right Mouse Button and allows you to view their details.


Shows any decorations in your ship’s storage and allows you to pull them out by typing the name.

View Monitor

Turns the main monitor’s map cam on or off

Switch [Player Name]

Switch the camera between all active employees.

Ping [Radar Booster]

Cause the specified radar booster to make a noise.


Tells you how many treasures are located on the planet you’re on.

[Door or Turret Code]

Activates and deactivates security doors and turrets with the code located on the map monitor.


Secret command that allows access to hidden lore files.

Secret Commands

A screenshot from Lethal Company showing the character holding a sticky note that reads,

Like all good games, Lethal Company has secrets that you can find on the different planets, as well as your ship, that will give you access to files. You’ll access these files by entering the name “Sigurd” into the terminal and hitting enter.

You get one log at the start and must find the rest by chance on the moons while you’re doing your work.

After this, you’ll begin finding lore tapes around the world that give you more insight into previous employees and how they fared under the employ of The Company before you. From then on, you’ll access all the gathered logs through the Sigurd command. After that, simply type the log you want to access and hit enter.


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