How To Solve The Cave Of Wonders Puzzle In Disney Dreamlight Valley

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Disney Dreamlight Valley is known for the nostalgic cast of characters you can interact with, but there are also innovative puzzles for you to solve. With each puzzle, you can uncover more secrets about Dreamlight Valley and Eternity Isle. There are plenty to discover, and they’re just waiting for you to find them!




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While puzzles aren’t for everyone, the Cave of Wonders holds many mysteries. The treasure inside is worth the effort, and it brings you one step closer to fixing the time rifts that plague the island. Hurry through the cave to reach the treasure and be a hero!

How To Find The Cave Of Wonders

To find the Cave of Wonders, speak to Gaston and put the two pieces of the scarab together. It comes to life when you do, so follow it closely as it leads you to the Wastes. There, the cave will emerge from the sand.

Talk to Gaston and inform him that you’ll be going in alone. He takes this surprisingly well and doesn’t put up much of a fight. Head inside the cave to get one step closer to the Jewel of Time stored within.

How To Solve The Cave Of Wonders Puzzle

Once you enter the Cave of Wonders, speak to Jafar. He’ll give you instructions on how to solve the light refraction puzzles within.

Puzzle One

For the first puzzle, head to the left of the cave entrance and clear the way. You can pick up the coil on the ground and insert it into the nearby slot. This will power the lever towards the center of the room. Activate it and move up the stairs.

Puzzle Two

There are two rooms: one to the left and one to the right. The room on the right holds another puzzle. You must rotate the tiles on the floor to direct the flow of energy to power the coil. Make sure that each one is rotated to help connect the energy to the center.

When done correctly, the floor will light up and you can collect the coil and insert it into the slot in the main chamber.

The room to the left has several parts to it. Pick up the mirror laying on the ground and place it on the open spot by the room’s entrance. Then, pull the lever in the center of the room.

Clear a path to the second lever, and pull that one as well. The light should refract back into the main room now. Head back there and activate the lever towards the room on the right. This should open the path.

Enter the innermost chamber of the Cave of Wonders and collect the Jewel of Time. You can now leave and report your findings back to Gaston.


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