How To Complete The MySims Legacy Challenge In The Sims 4

Long before The Sims 4, a series of games brought The Sims to players in fun-sized form. With just a Wiimote and a love for all these mini, die-hard Sims fans of late 2007 experienced the joys of MySims, an adventurous series of story-based video games complete with tiny avatars.




The Sims 4: Legacy Challenges, Explained

Here’s how to participate in legacy challenges and how to make your own in The Sims 4.

From the medieval villages of MySims Kingdom to the headquarters of MySims Agents, players enjoyed the humor and hijinks of The Sims in cuter ways than ever before. To pay homage to its adorable predecessor, The Sims 4 included 20 MySims figures in the game for fans to collect.

What Is The MySims Legacy Challenge?

Many MySims characters are shown celebrating, including Yuki, Buddy, DJ Candy, and Chaz.

The MySims Legacy Challenge, created by alexis3142, is a challenge inspired by the wacky yet lovable characters introduced by the MySims series. For each generation, your heir will embody the traits of a beloved MySim character, spanning a grand total of 19 generations.

By the end of your legacy, you will need to meet each generation’s goals and collect all 20 MySims trophies, which can be found by using treasure maps to dig for treasure around the world of Sims 4. This challenge isn’t for the faint of heart, though, and the creator herself still has yet to finish it.

Generation One: Chef Gino

MySims character Chef Gino is shown against a white background, throwing a pizza.


Master Chef


Chef or Restaurant Owner



Gourmet Cooking

Chef Gino is a melodramatic culinary wonder introduced to fans in the original MySims game. You might remember building him a world-famous pizza restaurant in your town! He hasn’t changed much since the days of MySims, as he’s still striving to master the culinary arts.

To get started, create your Sim based on Gino’s image or take your founder’s look in a different direction — it’s up to you!

How To Complete Gino’s Collections

Beyond his talent in the kitchen, Gino is also an excellent collector. By the end of this generation, your Sim will need to complete the experimental food prints collection and unlock the 27 City Living recipes.

There are 20 experimental food prints to collect, which can all be found at the Chez Llama restaurant from the Dine Out game pack. Chez Llama is an experimental restaurant, so all 20 dishes served there are experimental foods.

Order one of their meals, wait for it to arrive, and click on the food to select “Take A Photo,” which collects a print of the dish. To learn the recipe, simply eat the entire plate of food (your Sim will need to be Cooking level five or higher) with all 20 Chez Llama dishes.

To unlock the City Living recipes, you’ll need to buy and eat food from food stalls in San Myshuno, and they can be found in Center Park and in the plazas of each district. Below, we’ve listed each dish you’ll need to eat and which stall it can be found at:

Food Stalls



Egg Rolls

Mapo Tofu with Pork

Sweet and Sour Pork

Sweet and Sour Eggplant


Goi Cuon

Banh Mi





Bean and Cheese Burrito

Chicken Burrito

Spinach Wrapped Veggie Burrito

Tomato Wrapped Veggie Burrito





Pufferfish Nigiri









Pork Adobo




Bhel Puri

Generation Two: DJ Candy

MySims character DJ Candy is listening to music against a white background.


Party Animal


Live off of royalties from licensed songs


DJ Mixing


Instrumental Skill of Your Choice

With an oh-so-cool entourage and a cloud of booming music following her everywhere she goes, nobody embodies the term “party animal” quite like DJ Candy! She has appeared in all six MySims games, first tasking players in MySims to build her dance club, Club Candy.

How To Earn Money From Songs

DJ Candy can’t be held down by a full-time job, and instead, she creates chart-topping songs and uses the royalties to fund her eclectic lifestyle! The two ways to earn money from your music in The Sims 4 are licensing songs and releasing tracks.

To license music, your second-generation Sim first needs to write a song (unlocked at level eight instrument skill). Once your composition is complete, you can license the song by clicking on your Sim’s mailbox (this can only be done once your Sim reaches level nine instrument skill).

Your Sim will earn between §100 and §1000 per day for one week at 10:00 am each day. You can only license one song per instrument every week, so being well-versed in many instruments will certainly pay off!

With the Get Famous expansion pack, you can upload electronic music to the internet and receive royalties while earning fame at the same time. This is obviously the most canonical choice for DJ Candy, but it also gives your second-generation Sim the chance to rake in even more dough.

Unlike licensing songs, you can release a track once daily rather than once weekly. If you consistently release tracks, you might catch the eye of a record label and receive a contract! Get started by buying the Mix Master Music Station and then producing some music.

Once you’ve mixed the song, select “Burn Track” to name it and put it into your inventory. Select the track in your inventory and hit “Release Track.”

Generation Three: Elmira Clamp

MySims character Elmira Clamp reads a book on a white background.






Research and Debate


Elmira Clamp is a snooty curmudgeon who appeared in MySims Kingdom, MySims Agents, and MySims Party. Although she was a librarian in the MySims series, your third-generation Sim will take on the equally academic role of a professor as she completes the Academic aspiration.

Ways To Build The Logic Skill

Naturally, Elmira is a master of logic, and unlike more repetitive skills like Painting and Instruments, you can build the Logic skill in many ways! To maximize your skill building, make your Sim gain a Focused moodlet before performing these actions:

  • Play chess
  • Use a microscope
  • Solve a puzzle
  • Read Logic skill books
  • Use a telescope
  • Interact with an observatory
  • Play cards
  • Paint a mathematical diagram

Generation Four: Ol’ Gabby

MySims character Ol' Gabby looks at a horsehoe.


Angling Ace







Ol’ Gabby is a no-frills scavenger who enjoys tinkering, fishing, and being crotchety, first introduced to players as a retired wandolier living on Cowboy Junction island in the MySims Kingdom. Just like the original Ol’ Gabby, your fourth-generation Sim must love to work with his hands and get ‘er done.

Between building furniture, making repairs, and reeling in some big catches, Ol’ Gabby’s generation is sure to keep you busy.

Generation Five: Hopper

MySims character Hopper is down on all fours.


Country Caretaker






Hopper is a little boy in a frog suit who stole the hearts of many fans during the days of MySims. He appeared in every MySims game other than MySims Racing and MySims SkyHeroes, to our dismay.

Hopper is just a little boy, so he doesn’t have a career. Instead, he spends his days collecting frogs, insects, and village fair ribbons!

The village fair ribbons of the Cottage Living expansion pack are often bugged! Some players choose to use the cheat “bb.showhiddenobjects” cheat to get the ribbons out of Buy Mode. Alternatively, you can collect something else he might like, such as magic beans or geodes.

Generation Six: Violet & Poppy

MySims characters Violet Poppy stand together, with Poppy holding a flower and Violet standing with her arms crossed.


Good Vampire (Violet)

Freelance Botanist (Poppy)


None (Violet)

Florist (Poppy)


Vampire Lore (Violet)

Pipe Organ (Violet)

Gardening (Poppy)

Flower Arranging (Poppy)

Your sixth generation of the MySims legacy will include Sims Violet and Poppy, two polar opposite sisters who love each other a lot despite their differing interests.

Violet is a dark and brooding goth girl who secretly has a big heart. Her younger sister, Poppy, is a happy-go-lucky youngster with a green thumb.

How To Level The Vampire Lore Skill

The Vampire Lore skill is all about collecting information on those who live in the shadows, and even though it has a total of 15 levels, it’s fairly easy to master and pays off in fun and interactive ways. First, have Violet head to a computer and select the “Vampire Secrets” menu.

Have her learn enough to get to level two, where she will then need to learn from the top-secret Encyclopedia Vampirica. You can only find these books under the Vampire Secrets menu on the computer, so don’t go looking in the bookstore.

Book Title

Skill Levels

Encyclopedia Vampirica Vol. I

1 – 6

Encyclopedia Vampirica Vol. II

7 – 10

Encyclopedia Vampirica Vol. III

11 – 13

Encyclopedia Vampirica Compendium

14 & 15

Generation Seven: Dr. F

MySims character Dr. F pours vials of chemicals into one another.


The Curator


Mechanical Engineer




Dr. F is a classic mad scientist type, constantly whipping up crazy creations in his laboratory. His most loved invention is a robot named T.O.B.O.R., which was a robotic crash test dummy.

Not only is he a curating mechanical engineer, but he is also a skilled collector of crystals, elements, metals, and microscope prints.

Your seventh generation will be one of the more difficult levels to complete, as Dr. F has many skills, accolades, and collections. You may want to use a Potion of Youth from the rewards store to prolong his life and give you more time to meet all of his requirements.

Generation Eight: T.O.B.O.R.

MySims character TOBOR frolicks against and orange and white background.


Nerd Brain




Rocket Science

Fitness or Logic

T.O.B.O.R. isn’t the biggest fan of humans, but it’s understandable, considering his work as a crash test dummy. In MySims Kingdom, gamers helped T.O.B.O.R. piece his body back together after a particularly disastrous experiment!

How To Make T.O.B.O.R. A Servo

With the Discover University expansion pack, you can make T.O.B.O.R. even more realistic as a Servo. If you make TOBOR a Servo, use the cheat “cas.fulleditmode” to edit family relationships so that he will still appear in your family tree. You will also have to adopt your ninth-generation child since Servos can’t reproduce.

Servos come with pre-determined aspirations and traits, but you can change these by using an active human Sim. Change T.O.B.O.R.’s traits by clicking him and selecting “Modify Servo Bot” and then “Reprogram Traits.” To change his aspiration, just navigate to “Select New Aspiration” in T.O.B.O.R.’s Aspiration panel.

Generation Nine: Chaz McFreely

MySims character Chaz McFreely looks snooty and stands alone.


Body Builder


Professional Athlete




Chaz McFreely’s head is almost as big as his ego. As a self-declared extreme sports champion, he only sees others as cheerleaders or chumps. He made appearances in all six MySims games, taking it to the extreme whether you like it or not.

Skip the gym and use fitness equipment at home to build the Fitness skill faster! Search for the Weight Machine, Punching Bag, Treadmill, Basketball, and Climbing Wall in Buy Mode.

Your ninth-generation Sim will be required to meet fitness goals for both his aspiration and career, so most of your time with this heir will be spent building the Fitness skill.


The Sims 4: Fitness Skill Guide

Level up your Sims’ careers and quads.

Generation Ten: Lyndsay

MySims character Lindsay swings from a jungle vine.


Jungle Explorer


Freelance Explorer or Archaeologist



Selvadoradian Culture

Fueled by a mix of curiosity and impulsivity, Lyndsay is a fearless explorer who first appeared in MySims Kingdom. She accompanied players as a close friend on their quest to improve the kingdom and the lives of its inhabitants.

Your tenth-generation Sim will embody Lyndsay’s swashbuckling energy as she strives to complete the Jungle Explorer aspiration and become an expert in Selvadoradian culture.

How To Complete The Omiscan Treasures Collection

By far, the most difficult task you’ll have to complete during Lyndsay’s generation is collecting the Omiscan treasures. These treasures can only be found in the special treasure chest located in the final room of the Selvadoradan jungle temple.

At the end of the temple, you’ll be rewarded with an Omiscan treasure, but you’ll have to repeat this process 13 times to collect all the treasures. This can take quite a while, but we have a secret method to speed things up.

Players are notified once completing the temple that they can try again the next in-game day, but you can actually try again immediately. All you have to do is travel to another lot, come back to the Belomisia Trailhead, and click on the temple to travel inside.

Generation Eleven: Buddy

MySims character Buddy waves to the viewer with a smile.


Strangerville Mystery


Covert Operator




Buddy is an endearing sidekick often dragged along in Lyndsay’s daring adventures. Once a lowly bellhop at the Town Hotel, he got a serious promotion when he became a special agent in MySims Agents!

Reimagined in the world of The Sims 4, Buddy tackles the Strangerville mystery and continues his career as a covert operator.


The Sims 4 Strangerville Story Explained: How To Solve The Mystery

Learn what exactly is going on in Strangerville, why the people are acting so strange, and how your Sim can be the one to stop it.

Generation Twelve: Morcubus

MySims character Morcubus looks menacingly into the camera.


Public Enemy


Crime Boss




Morcubus is a recurring antagonist in the MySims series, taking on a variety of sinister roles from corporate bigwig to haunted castle dweller. In reality, Morcubus is rarely seen committing heinous acts; instead, he chooses to play up his evil image in front of other characters.

How To Finish The Public Enemy Aspiration Faster

The Public Enemy aspiration can be pretty time-consuming, largely rooted in moving up the ranks as a criminal. Your Sim will climb the ranks faster if they go to work in a Playful mood; going up to a mirror and commanding Morcubus to ‘Pull A Silly Face’ is a great way to easily make him playful.

Your Sim will need to be mean to other Sims to advance in the Public Enemy aspiration, and you’ll unlock more mean interactions by developing a poor relationship with another Sim. Ideally, this Sim would be easily accessible, like a roommate or neighbor.

Your Sim will need to witness the death of another Sim. It’s pretty unlikely that your Sim will just stumble upon someone knocking at death’s door, so you’ll probably want to play God a little here by killing off a Sim while Morcubus is near them.

Generation Thirteen: Goth Boy

MySims character Goth Boy wears a grumpy expression.


Painter Extraordinaire


Freelance Artist



Goth Boy is as angsty as he is fashionable. As a self-proclaimed ‘child of the night,’ he can often be found lurking in his creepy house or writing bad poetry.

In MySims Racing, he opens his own tattoo parlor. His artistic talent translates well into the MySims legacy challenge, where your thirteenth-generation Sim will make his way through freelance artistry.

Generation Fourteen: Jenny

MySims character Jenny smiles as she looks at a spaceship figurine.


Best-Selling Author





Before there were movies based on Harry Styles fan fiction, there was Jenny. Jenny is a fan fiction connoisseur and creator with a borderline unhealthy obsession with the sci-fi hit Starcruiser X.

Jenny’s work performance will soar if she works while Inspired! Taking thoughtful showers, viewing art, star gazing/cloud gazing, and listening to a child’s make-believe story are just a few actions that will make your Sim Inspired.

Although her work never got published during her appearances in MySims, MySims Agents, or MySims SkyHeroes, she finally hit the big time in the MySims Legacy Challenge! Your fourteenth-generation Sim is a best-selling author whose readers can’t get enough of Jenny’s wild alien fan fics.


The Sims 4: How To Build Writing Skill

How To Write And Sell Novels In The Sims 4

Generation Fifteen: Yuki

MySims character Yuki stands with her arms open, probably ready to bite a face.


Mt. Komorebi Sightseer or Extreme Sports Enthusiast


Salary Person



Snowboarding or Skiing

Yuki’s defining character trait is her affinity for nibbling on faces. Yep, Yuki is a face-biter! She appeared in every MySims game with the exception of MySims racing, chomping on cheeks everywhere she went.

Face-biting isn’t Yuki’s only hobby in the MySims Legacy Challenge. She also enjoys snow sports and collects Simmies, a simulated version of the popular Gachapon capsule toys found in Japan.

Simmie vending machines may seem harmless enough, but Yuki might become frustrated and climb the vending machine. If this happens more than once, the vending machine will kill her! Having Jenny write the Book of Life for Yuki is a great precaution to ensure this doesn’t thwart your legacy.

Generation Sixteen: Leaf

MySims character Leaf stands proudly with his hands on his hips.


Musical Genius






Leaf is a 15,000-year-old elven rock star — bet you’ve never met one of those before! Gamers first met him in MySims Kingdom, where he defended the Forest of the Elves, but met him once again as a potential recruit in MySims Agents.

Your sixteenth-generation Sim will live out Leaf’s rocker dreams as he aspires to become a musical genius!

Unfortunately, the challenge requires Leaf to possess the Lazy trait, making it difficult for your Sim to work hard. Buying the Carefree reward trait from the Rewards Store will result in fewer Tense moodlets when a Lazy Sim is forced to work.

Generation Seventeen: Zombie Carl

MySims character Zombie Carl holds his worm friend in his hand, smiling with one tooth.


Fabulously Wealthy





What Zombie Carl lacks in liveliness, he makes up for in loyalty. Despite his spooky exterior, Zombie Carl is a very kind and caring friend. He’s most often found with his trusty friend, Chesby the Worm, in the depths of his graveyard swamp.

He struck some hard times throughout the MySims series, serving as a butler in MySims Agents and being stuck in a dreary swamp during MySims Kingdom. It seems his luck has turned around in the MySims Legacy Challenge, thanks to his high-paying job as a doctor!

Generation Eighteen: Trevor Verily

MySims character Trevor Velify takes a knee, dramatically looking up to the sky.


World-Famous Celebrity





In true Shakespearean fashion, Trevor Verily brings the drama wherever he goes. He’s a true performer at heart with a passion for the arts and applause.

Nailing a performance is one thing, but maintaining fame is another. While acting alone will bring your Sim fame, you’ll want to boost his image by participating in other fame-accruing activities, such as licensing songs, posting to social media, and romancing celebs.


The Sims 4 Get Famous: How To Succeed As An Actor

The active acting career in Get Famous requires charisma and skill. Here’s everything you need to know about making it as an actor or actress.

Generation Nineteen: Gonk

MySims character Gonk stands with a wooden club.


Beach Life


Environmental Manager



Your nineteenth and final Sim is a blast from the past! Gonk is a lovable caveman from the Uncharted Isle. Although disinterested in most human activities, he has an insatiable hunger for everything tasty.

Seashells can be collected on the surface and in the waters of Sulani, but diving for seashells will prove more fruitful than looking on the surface.


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