Where To Find Scorpion In Disney Dreamlight Valley

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Disney Dreamlight Valley allows you to interact with classic Disney characters to build new friendships and live in harmony with everyone, including the iconic villains. With so many characters moving around, you’re always needed to help out. Lending a hand can often reap unique rewards or progress the plot.




Disney Dreamlight Valley: Acts Of Care Quest Walkthrough

The Forgotten needs your help with some gifts.

In Eternity Isle, new characters are awaiting your return, and they also need help (whether or not some of them will admit it). As the ruler of Dreamlight Valley, it’s up to you to offer support and build strong relationships with the different villagers you come across. You never know when you’ll find a new ally.

How To Help Gaston Regain His Strength

When you first find Gaston, he’s a bit delirious. He’s been left in the desert for so long that he can’t quite think straight and needs help gathering supplies to refresh himself. You’ll need to gather the following for him:

  • Three Green Spiky-Leafed Plant? (Agave)
  • One Flexing Spider-like Thing? (Scorpion)
  • Four Sweet Brown Raisin Things? (Dates)

These can all be found in the Glittering Dunes around you. Fishing in the quicksand will help you gather a scorpion, so keep an eye out for sparkling orange bubbles.

Once you have everything, bring the food back to Gaston so he can regain his strength.

How To Unlock The Wastes

After Gaston feels better, follow him back to his camp. He tells you about a vault that has the Jewel of Time hidden within, though the key is lost. You’ll need to find clues to lead you to the key.

There are three clues in his camp:

  • Coconut Husks. When facing Gaston’s tent, turn around and head to the alcove on your left. The coconuts are on the ground.
  • Paint Palette. This clue is sitting on the stack of wooden boxes to your left when facing Gaston’s tent.
  • Homemade Glue. This clue is inside the chest next to Gaston’s tent.

Give the clues to Gaston and talk to him about his shipwreck. It’s in the Wastes, and you’ll need to unlock that area. You’ll have to gather 4,000 Mist to unlock the Wastes. Once you do, meet Gaston by the wrecked ship.

Gaston isn’t much help searching for the key, so you’ll have to look yourself.

Check the quicksand in the Wastes and you’ll come across something surprising.

While not the key, Gaston has a strong reaction to you finding Coconut LeFou.

Return to Gaston with what you find and he’ll tell you how fruitless the search is. He actually found a piece of the key, not knowing what it was, and threw it into a time rift in the Plains.

How To Find The First Half Of The Scarab

Using your Hourglass, search the desert near the Plains for the Desert Scarab Piece. When you find it, speak to Jafar to get more information about the second piece. With new information, head back and check in with Gaston.

This wraps up the quest, and you’ll have to wait until Gaston feels more like himself to continue.


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