How To Get The Alumni Ring In Remnant 2

Here is how to get the Alumni Ring in Remnant 2.

Remnant 2 provides you with a variety of gear and equipment to help you face its challenges. This equipment includes both ranged and melee weapon options, in addition to many accessories. Accessories, from rings to amulets, are designed to enhance and complement your character build, adding specific abilities and bonuses to give you an advantage in combat.




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In this game, you’ll find various rings, including the Alumni Ring. While most rings are discovered randomly during exploration due to the game’s randomly generated features, the Alumni Ring follows a different pattern. To obtain this particular ring, you’ll need to progress through a specific storyline in Losomn.

How To Get The Alumni Ring

The Alumni Ring description Remnant 2

You can find the Alumni Ring in Losomn, specifically if Morrow Parish is your starting location. This happens because the final boss in that area becomes the Nightweaver, and you need this boss in order to unlock this ring.

If Morrow Parish isn’t your starting point, you can reroll Losomn in Adventure mode until you get it.

A picture of Losomn map showing Marrow Parish Location Remnant 2

In Morrow Parish, advance through the area by following the doors marked with an exclamation mark, signifying the progression of the storyline in this location. Continue until you reach the end of Losomn where you will have to fight and defeat the Nightweaver.

After defeating her, head back to the Marrow Sanatorium checkpoint, situated just before entering the Tormented Asylum.

Right: Map picture showing the location of the Alumni Ring - Left: Player standing next to the Alumni Ring loot Remnant 2

Close to this checkpoint, you’ll notice a purple loot near some graves. Pick it up to get the Alumni Ring.

This ring boosts all your elemental damage by 10 percent.


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