Players Share Their Traditions And Superstitions

When it comes to video games, especially MMOs, players often create their own traditions and superstitions. One that will always stay with me was from Final Fantasy 11, where everyone believed that facing a specific compass direction when crafting — with the required direction depending on the crystal element you were using — would increase your chances of success or a high-quality result. I still don’t know if that was actually true. I did it every time, though; I was too afraid to jinx myself out of a bit of luck.



Sometimes, the traditions we create become superstitions, turning into things we did for fun at first, but then they become something we must do because we think it will affect our chances if we suddenly stop. I’ve written about this before, but in Final Fantasy 14, when our Free Company has to pick different doors in the Shifting Gymnasion Agonon, we have one player spin in the middle, and the others say when to stop. Whichever way they are facing when they stop is the door we pick to move forward.


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I spoke with other Final Fantasy 14 players about their in-game traditions and superstitions to see what kind of customs everyone has, whether any are widely shared among players, and to enjoy the little quirks of cute routines that others have.

A top-down view of The Shifting Gymnasion Agonon Arena, showcasing the roulette wheel and battle area in Final Fantasy 14

Cotota Gharl tells me they have their own tradition for choosing how to progress in dungeons, “For choose your path dungeons, I’ve got a deck of cards. If I draw a red card, we go right. If we got a black card, we go left. We let the heart of the cards decide, and it’s saved us multiple times! I recently swapped to a new deck, and that still needs to be trained.”

Unsurprisingly, a lot of traditions revolve around rolling for loot. We’re all worried that we won’t get any luck when it comes to rolling for the coveted gear we want, so we all have different beliefs about how to increase the odds. One player tells me how they use the ritual prayer emote before rolling in the hopes of getting good luck, while a player called Lucy says, “Before rolling Need for loot, I hover over the pass button as if to trick the system [into thinking] that I didn’t want the loot anyway — doesn’t work most of the time. But when it does, I’m stoked.”

Another player called Lynn tells me, “I sometimes avoid rolling for loot I’ve got less use for in the hope that I’ll get a better roll for the loot I actually want. I know it doesn’t work, but when I do get lucky, it still feels good.”

An image of Menphina from Final Fantasy 14's Euphrosyne raid, using the ability Midnight Frost, summoning deadly ice at her heels.

It’s funny how some in-game traditions mirror those we have in real life, with a player called Sifa telling me that she uses her family birth years for her Cactpot tickets, the in-game lottery. It’s a common habit for most of us in the real world whenever we try our luck, so following the same trend in our virtual lives makes perfect sense when you think about it.

Raids and duties are another common area where people have different customs and traditions. Fuja, a member of the Synacademy group that does raids on minimum iLevel, always takes a commemorative picture for their yearbook when they clear raids. While Lynn says, “Before doing roulettes, I always go and send my retainers on ventures. The head canon is that once that is done, everyone has ‘[gone] to work for the day’. Subsequently, I don’t log off until a venture is done, so I can relieve them from duty.”

Multiple players say they do stretches in real life before settling down with a raid to help them feel relaxed or focused, while a player called ValiantNautiq likes to warm up their character instead, hitting striking dummies before queuing for a roulette. A player named Shikai likes to relax before raiding in a different way, telling me they chill out in Sharlayan or Gridania to listen to the background music and get in the right headspace. Another says they prepare 30 minutes before the raid even starts and used to create a unique new glamour for each raid day with their static.

Lalafell with pig minion.

Players have a lot of cute things in common when it comes to traditions. Petting any Lalafells they see, jumping in excitement to greet players, and always saying hello when entering duties. Many players also share that they like to give sprouts a little extra attention, ensuring new players get any help they need, giving them items to help them get started, and not rushing them through duties so they can enjoy them properly.

Many of us have this idea of ‘paying it forward’ with sprouts. We remember a player who helped us when we were new, so we want to pass the torch and do the same. Then, in turn, we’re encouraging those players to pass this tradition along as well. It’s nice to think some of these customs we come up with are shared this way, with other players taking them on and doing the same, much like real-world traditions.

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