Zero Has Been In Development For 5 Years

Spike Chunsoft has reportedly been working on Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero since 2018.

Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero has reportedly been in development for at least five years, which means that Spike Chunsoft has been working on it since 2018.



Dragon Ball fans have been waiting for a new Budokai Tenkaichi game for more than a decade now, something that was finally confirmed to be happening earlier this year with a brief reveal trailer. Just a few days ago at The Game Awards 2023, we got a new trailer that showed off gameplay footage and generated a ton of excitement from fans who seemed surprised at just how good it looks.


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A lot of the surprise seems to stem from the fact that we only heard about a new Budokai Tenkaichi game earlier this year and had no idea how long it was in development. As it turns out, Sparking: Zero has actually been in the works for quite some time, which goes some way to explaining just how great it looks.

This news comes from IGN, who managed to interview Spike Chunsoft producer Jun Furutani about the game’s reveal. In the article, it’s mentioned that Sparking Zero has been in development for five years now, which means that Spike Chunsoft has been working on the game in some capacity since at least 2018.

Sparking: Zero isn’t the only game that Spike Chunsoft has worked on in that time, as it was also finishing up Jump Force before its 2019 release before moving on to One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows.

Considering most anime fighting games seem to only get a few years of development time, five years is a pretty impressive amount of time to have been cooked for. It’s unlikely that Sparking: Zero was in full development for all that time since Spike Chunsoft has worked on a few games since then, but it’s seemingly been a project for the studio for quite some time. I guess that explains how it’s going to have a “historic” roster size.

Funnily enough, this new bit of information has caused Dragon Ball fans to get a newfound sense of respect for XenoVerse 2, which has been being updated since its launch in 2017 and caused a fair amount of fatigue over just how much DLC was released. Now, fans are actually thanking XenoVerse for being around for so long to allow Spike Chunsoft the necessary time to develop the Budokai Tenkaichi game we’ve all been asking for.


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