Honkai Impact 3rd is reworking its Gacha system with better drop rates

Honkai Impact 3rd as one of the earlier HoYoverse games is coming with big changes as it features some exciting news of a revamp to its gacha system. The anticipated adjustments are expected to notably improve gacha rates, making the process of gearing up characters more cost-effective for a broader player base. These changes have been recently revealed by Marisa Honkai, who is known as one of the bigger content and guide creators of the game. With news that Honkai Impact 3rd is reworking its Gacha system, we will delve into details of the changes and drop rates.

Honkai Impact 3rd gacha rate changes

This gacha rate changes in Honkai Impact 3rd signify a strategic move by the developers, HoYoverse, to ensure the game remains competitive and aligns with contemporary player expectations. These adjustments appear to be a proactive response to the evolving landscape of gacha gaming, particularly in the wake of the success of Genshin Impact and Honkai: Star Rail, both of which stem from the same creators.

When is Honkai Impact 3rd gacha rate changes coming

Honkai Impact 3rd is coming with the introduction of a major update, showing a significant milestone for the game. The latest update of Honkai Impact 3rd Version 7.1, has been recently released. These anticipated gacha changes are expected to be implemented in Honkai Impact 3rd’s Version 7.3, estimated to arrive in February 2024.

Honkai Impact 3rd Valkyrie gacha and acquisition changes

Acquiring Valkyries in Version 7.3 involves featuring S-rank Senadina, A-rank Coralie, and A-rank Helia battlesuits. These Valkyries are part of the same expansion supply, with Senadina and Helia being the highlighted characters, resulting in a higher drop rate for these specific Valkyries. During the event, players can secure a complimentary Coralie card, obtainable on the first day of the event.

Honkai Impact 3rd valkyrie
Image via HoYoverse

Furthermore, both Helia and Coralie battlesuits are accessible in the Asterite shop, priced at 500 Asterite per fragment, with a weekly cap of 25 fragments. Additionally, players have the option to acquire Helia and Coralie fragments through open-world tasks. These changes are great as obtaining valkyries becomes easier for most players once these changes are implemented.

Additionally, some Valkyrie Guarantee Adjustments are starting from version 7.3 onward, the Valkyrie guarantee has been lowered from 100 to 90 pulls. While the soft pity was previously at 75, this small change is helpful for a lot of players as the pity required will now cost fewer crystals.

Honkai Impact 3rd Stigmata gacha and acquisition changes

Signature Stigmatas for new characters is now fully farmable within a designated time gate. The crafting cost involves 600 Ether fuel and 2 Source Prisms. Upgrading these new Stigmatas will now be Source Prism gated.

Honkai Impact 3rd stigmata
Image via HoYoverse

Source Prisms can be acquired from login rewards, and events, and are farmable. Additionally, players can obtain them by dissolving the 14.5% Stigmatas.

Honkai Impact 3rd Signature Weapon, gear banners, and dupe system changes

Guaranteed Signature Weapon

One of the standout changes in Honkai Impact 3rd Version 7.3 is the introduction of a guaranteed Signature Weapon after 60 pulls. This alteration ensures that players will have a higher chance of obtaining the signature weapon for their chosen Valkyrie, enhancing the overall gacha experience.

Changes to Gear Banners

In a significant shift, Version 7.3 brings about a notable transformation in Gear Banners. The removal of off rates marks a departure from the previous system, providing players with a more focused and rewarding experience. The Stigmata rate has seen a substantial increase from 3.7% to 14.5%, elevating the chances of acquiring signature gear.

Honkai Impact 3rd gear banner
Image via HoYoverse

Additionally, the introduction of shared pity across Gear Banners allows players to accumulate progress that carries over to future banners, offering a strategic and persistent approach to acquiring desired items.

New Weapon Dupe System

Version 7.3 introduces a Weapon Dupe System, allowing players to obtain up to 2 dupes for their weapons. Notably, A-rank weapons can now be timegate-farmed for their signatures, presenting a more accessible avenue for players to enhance their arsenal. It’s crucial to highlight that this system is specific to new weapons and does not impact older ones, ensuring a balanced and progressive system for players.

Version-specific Selectors

A noteworthy addition to the update is the inclusion of version-specific selectors. In each version, players will receive a selector, providing them with the opportunity to acquire the Signature Stigmata of the newest character. This feature allows them to directly influence and tailor their collection based on the latest additions to the game.

Additional Changes

Beyond the aforementioned key updates, Version 7.3 incorporates various other changes, including a rework of battlesuit shards. While these adjustments may not be as immediately impactful as the others, they contribute to the overall refinement of the gameplay experience. You can refer to this post for a structured summary of all the gacha changes coming in version 7.3 of Honkai Impact 3rd:

For more in-depth details, you are encouraged to explore the provided sources for comprehensive insights into the comprehensive changes introduced in this version.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the cumulative impact of Version 7.3 changes to Honkai Impact 3rd’s gacha system presents a substantial shift towards a more player-friendly experience. The introduction of a guaranteed Signature Weapon at 60 pulls, coupled with the removal of off rates and a significant increase in the Stigmata rate on Gear Banners.

This collectively enhances the odds of obtaining desired items. The new Weapon Dupe System introduces a streamlined approach to strengthening weapons, particularly for A-rank gear, making it more accessible for players.

Are you excited that Honkai Impact 3rd is reworking its Gacha system? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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