Best Amigos In Far Cry 6

While Far Cry 6 provides you with plenty of gear and weapons to take on the oppressive regime run by dictator Anton Castillo, you’ll find that there are plenty of animal companions who are just as fond of revolution as you and your fellow guerrilla fighters. It appears the proletariat isn’t the only class that needs liberation from its chains.




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Each furry, feathery, or scaly friend in the game has unique abilities and different synergies. If you’re having a tough time figuring out which Amigo to use, or you need a general idea of what each animal companion can do, you’re in the right place.

This list includes Amigos from both the base game and every DLC that adds new animal companions.

Amigos were ranked based on unique mechanics, how effective they are at defeating or distracting various enemy types, and overall practicality.

7 Chicharron

A rooster with a spiked, black choker, and a teal, white, and black mullet standing under a street light.

While this flashy, eccentric rooster puts up a good fight, using its wings to fly, quickly close short-range distances, and take down your enemies, there’s a lot that could make Chicharron better. Part of the problem boils down to Chicharron’s abilities.

Take the Roid Rage unlockable ability, for instance, which doubles Chicharron’s damage and increases his attack speed, but only after his health drops below 70 percent. On paper, this sounds good, but is only truly practical for common enemies, as Chicharron struggles with armored enemies.

If you want to roll with this rockstar rooster, unlock his extra abilities as soon as possible. You’ll likely have the most success with this Amigo using his Angry Bird ability to launch himself at unsuspecting, unarmored enemies.

6 Guapo

A yellow and black-spotted crocodile with a blue and white shirt on crossing a dirt road.

Guapo is one of the first Amigos you come across in the game. A handsome and loyal friend of Juan Cortez, Guapo is an incredibly durable crocodile with unlockable abilities that, when paired together, make him a fearsome, tanky bullet sponge.

Fully unlocking Guapo’s three extra abilities, Body Regulation, Cornered Beast, and Reptile Metabolism, grants:

  • Automatic health regeneration in combat.
  • Extra damage resistance when below half health.
  • An enhanced auto-revive that brings Guapo to almost full health.

The reason why Guapo doesn’t rank higher in light of these impressive stats is because he only favors a ‘loud’ playstyle, which is limiting and undesirable if you prefer a quieter, stealthier approach.

5 Chorizo

A split image of a black and brown weiner dog wearing a tool belt posing at a beach, and a first-person view of the same dog being pet.

While this charming little pup is the only Amigo that doesn’t do any actual fighting, that doesn’t mean he’s useless. In fact, Chorizo’s ability to distract enemies, and tag and dig up extra resources gives this Amigo a surprising amount of utility.


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By default, Chorizo will use his Attention-Seeker ability to distract enemies, which is incredibly useful for passively moving enemies to different parts of a camp or outpost. Paired with the first unlockable ability, Bloodhound, you’ll be able to quickly scout what resources the enemy has without raising an alarm.

While the other two unlockable abilities, Yes, You Can and Keen Senses, aren’t a necessity, it’s nice to get free healing for Chorizo simply by petting him, and occasionally getting free resources that he digs up.

4 Boom Boom

A content-looking dog with grey and white fur sitting in a blue car.

If you thought Chorizo was useful, make some room for Boom Boom, because he offers a wonderful blend of utility and combat ability. While his built-in ability only allows him to retrieve resources from dead enemies, his unlockable abilities are what make him shine.

If you completely max out Boom Boom by getting all of his abilities, he’ll be able to:

  • Mark human and animal enemies for you from incredible distances.
  • Permanently and passively soak more damage.

Combined with a sniper scope or a pair of binoculars, you and your trusty animal sidekick will be able to quickly scout enemy positions, and put up a good fight if things end up going south.

3 Champagne

A first-person view of a large, white, predatory cat with a pink nose and white whiskers being pet.

If you’re the kind of player who focuses on resource generation and management in video games, like the owners of vast, powerful enterprises and businesses in The Outer Worlds, you should use Champagne, as this Amigo is a money-making machine, though she is only available as part of the VICE Pack DLC.

Champagne’s default ability, Status Symbol, lets her collect more money from the dead. If you unlock the Greed Is Good ability, she’ll be more effective in combat the more money you have in your pockets. Champagne’s last two abilities, Predatory Instinct and Sonic Snarl, let her instantly loot enemies that have been taken down silently, and knock down enemies that have damaged her with a mighty roar. With this Amigo, you’ll be able to buy any weapons or equipment your heart desires.

2 K-9000

An intimidating hound with glowing red eyes and teeth, and reflective, metallic skin wearing a collar with a QR code on it.

If your edition of Far Cry 6 includes the season pass, you should have access to K-9000, a metallic, intimidating looking hound included in the Blood Dragon Set. From the get-go, K-9000 is incredibly strong, as this Amigo is completely immune to fire and poison damage, and resistant to bullet damage.


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Once K-9000’s extra abilities are unlocked, this dog will start to feel more like the Terminator’s cousin, as he’ll be able to:

  • Tag turrets, cameras, alarms, and tripwires.
  • Deal additional damage to enemies you’ve marked.
  • Self-destruct upon taking lethal damage, harming all enemies caught in the blast radius.

Given all these powerful perks and passive benefits, you can’t possibly go wrong rolling with this Amigo.

1 Oluso

A first-person view of a black panther with bright blue eyes looking like it's ready to pounce.

Oluso tops this list because, for lack of a better term, this Amigo is overpowered. Once completely maxed out, it isn’t that rare to see Oluso go on a silent rampage, completely wiping out entire encampments while you sit back and watch the show.

By default, Oluso will take down your enemies quickly and silently with the Shadow Striker ability. Paired with all three unlockable abilities, Oluso will have a higher takedown success rate, force enemies that observe successful takedowns to flee in terror, and most impressively, become immune to damage, difficult to spot, and regenerate health once dropping below half health.


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