Who Is Ada Wong In Resident Evil?

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The Resident Evil series is home to many mysteries that have kept fans scratching their heads since they first entered the world of survival horror. Of all the puzzles Capcom has hidden in the series’ spooky lore, none are more mysterious than the enigmatic anti-hero Ada Wong.




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Despite being one of the most popular Resident Evil characters, little is known about Ada Wong. She appears several times as either an antagonist, ally, or love interest to Leon Kennedy, which has led fans to question her motives and allegiances. So, who exactly is she, and what is she after?

Who Is Ada Wong?

Resident Evil 2 - Ada Wong talking to Leon Kennedy in the Raccoon City Police Department

Ada is a mercenary recruited by several clients throughout the series, some known and some unknown, to spy on organizations specializing in bioweapon development and steal their research.

As a spy, she’s a master of combat, deception, and stealth with full proficiency with a gun, crossbow, and grappling hook. The name “Ada Wong” is just an alias, and her real name is a mystery.

Resident Evil 1 - John's letter to Ada Wong

While her first appearance is in Resident Evil 2, she’s mentioned by name in the first Resident Evil.

While exploring Umbrella’s underground laboratory as either Jill or Chris, you find a letter written by a recently deceased researcher named John addressed to his girlfriend, Ada.

Ada even plays a small role in one of Resident Evil 1’s puzzles. When trying to hack into Umbrella’s database via John’s account, the password you must enter is “ADA.”

Their relationship is confirmed by Ada herself in the original version of Resident Evil 2. Shortly after meeting Leon in the Raccoon City Police Department, she mentions that she’s looking for her boyfriend, John.

This turns out to be a cover story for her true mission. As revealed by Annette Birkin near the end of Leon’s story, Ada only dated John to gain information about Umbrella’s T-virus research, and she’s now after a sample of the more powerful G-virus to sell to an unknown buyer.

However, Ada’s plan is slightly retconned in the remake of Resident Evil 2 to remove any mention of John.

What Is Ada Wong’s Plan In Resident Evil 2?

Resident Evil 2 Remake - Ada Wong talking to Leon Kennedy in the R.P.D.

In Resident Evil 2 Remake, Ada poses as an FBI agent to get Leon’s cooperation, saying that she needs a sample of the G-virus to prove Umbrella’s involvement with the zombie outbreak.

Much like the original, she gets caught and threatens Leon to hand over the virus at gunpoint. However, her true intentions are up for debate since she’s unable to bring herself to shoot him.


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This is not the first time Ada has expressed potential feelings for Leon. She saves him multiple times from Mr. X and bandages his wound after he gets shot by Annette Birkin.

She even kisses him as they descend into Umbrella’s underground lab, though whether it’s genuine or an attempt to manipulate him is a mystery.

Before Leon can get answers, Ada is tragically shot by Annette and falls into the abyss under Umbrella’s lab. While at first, it seems like she’s dead, she miraculously survives the fall and returns briefly during the final fight with Mr. X to toss Leon a rocket launcher.

Ada suffers two fates in the original Resident Evil 2. In Leon’s A scenario, her apparent death plays out the same as the remake. However, in the B scenario, she supposedly dies after being attacked by Mr. X.

Her actions during the final boss are the most puzzling in the story. Every act of kindness toward Leon until that point can be justified as an attempt to earn his trust.

Given that her cover is blown, this is the only instance where she has nothing to gain by saving him, which questions her true feelings.

WARNING: Spoilers for Resident Evil 4 Below

What Are Ada Wong’s Motives In Resident Evil 4?

Resident Evil 4 Remake - Ada Wong holding a key

Ada and Leon would meet again in Resident Evil 4, six years after their encounter in Racoon City. This time, Ada is hired by Albert Wesker to infiltrate a cult named Los Iluminados and retrieve a sample of the parasitic species, Las Plagas.

Much like in Resident Evil 2, her motives are questionable, given that she saves Leon several times despite being ordered to kill him. Her true intentions differ depending on the version you play.

Ada Wong In The Original Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4 - Ada Wong threatening Leon Kennedy

Even though Ada helps Leon a few times, like giving him a ride to the island and rescuing him from Bitores Méndez, she is much colder and more ruthless in the original.

After Leon saves her from Osmund Saddler, she holds him at gunpoint and demands he hand over the Las Plagas sample. She then escapes in a helicopter before rigging the island to explode with Leon still on it.

She’s not entirely merciless, though, as she tosses him a set of keys to a getaway boat before taking off, implying that she somewhat cares for his well-being.


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Her true motives are exposed in the Separate Ways mode, revealing that she’s a double agent hired by a group known only as “The Organization” to betray Wesker and give the sample to them instead.

However, most of these details are changed in the remake, leading to a very different depiction of the character.

Ada Wong In Resident Evil 4 Remake

Resident Evil 4 Remake Separate Ways DLC - Ada Wong telling the helicopter pilot to change course

The Separate Ways DLC for Resident Evil 4 Remake shows a more introspective side of Ada. Throughout the story, she reflects upon the morality of her mission, wonders what Wesker plans to do with the parasite, and contemplates the consequences of working with him.

She’s much more lenient with Leon as well, simply taking the parasite sample before he can grab it instead of threatening him to hand it over. She even offers him a ride in her helicopter, only throwing him the keys when he declines.

The biggest change happens at the end of the Separate Ways DLC. After escaping the island, she calls Wesker and asks what he plans to do with the Las Plagas sample. While he doesn’t disclose the details, he mentions he intends to kill billions of people.

Deciding she’s no longer willing to support Wesker’s diabolical plan, she refuses to give him the sample and forces the helicopter pilot to change destinations. She then looks out the window to see Leon escaping the island, indicating that perhaps her encounters with him have changed her heart.


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