The Best Elf Heritages In Pathfinder 2e Remaster

Do you want to play as a member of an ancient race, with a love for beauty, kindness, and culture? Pathfinder Second Edition Remaster brings back the Elves of Golarion for you to make memorable characters, build stories around, and give your games some more grace, magic, and mystery.




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Elves are an ancient race with endless storytelling and roleplaying potential. Emotional and idealistic, smart and inquisitive, patient in their pursuits, and beautiful in their presence – they are aware of the long years ahead of them and they have built a culture around pursuits sometimes too detailed for those of a shorter lifespan. The Player Core book gives you six different heritages to choose from and they are all worthy of consideration.

6 Cavern Elf

A cavern elf fighting a spider
Art via Paizo Inc.

After years, decades, or maybe even centuries spent living underground, these Elves are accustomed to the dark and deep places of the world, gaining darkvision. While caverns might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Elves, there is still beauty to be found and potential to be unlocked in the tunnels and caves of every fantasy world.

Playing a Cavern Elf comes with a unique way to see the outside world and a lot of interesting roleplay possibilities. It is an interesting choice for heritage, especially for people who want to bring something different and unexpected to an already beloved and famous race.

Pathfinder Definitions:

  • Darkvision:
    You have the ability to see normally in complete darkness.

5 Arctic Elf

Pathfinder Lost Omens Character Guide Cover
Art via Paizo Inc.

These Elves spend their lives in the cold, frozen lands to the north. Over the years, they develop an amazing ability to adapt to their climate, granting you cold resistance equal to half your level and the ability to thrive in harsh conditions. Although these abilities might not be the most useful under all possible circumstances, they could be great if you pick the best adventure.


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Arctic Elves represent a cold, distant beauty, coming from desolate lands, living in conditions unsuitable for most other people. Choosing this heritage can give you a chance to explore some interesting themes and maybe tap into the more alien, foreign side of your race.

Pathfinder Definitions:

  • Environmental Cold Effects:
    Cold weather can be your enemy – causing fatigue or injuries during longer periods of travel.

  • Cold Resistance:

    points of resistance can help you reduce any cold damage you take.

4 Whisper Elf

An elf weaving spells
Art via Paizo Inc.

Unlike the Cavern and Arctic Elves, this Elven Heritage is based on a peculiar talent, instead of a place you hail from. Your ears are very sensitive and you are extremely alert to different sounds and noises. You can use this to your full advantage, by gaining a circumstance bonus to your Seek action. As long as you can hear the creature hidden from you, the ability to track them is in your genes.

Are you interested in playing an elf with a bit of a roguish charm, or maybe a talent for some courtly intrigue? Whatever seems interesting to you works, because Whisper Elves give you a lot of room in terms of roleplay and character creation. Whether you learned your skills through experience, or you had an inborn talent, you will find your use with any adventuring party.

Pathfinder Definitions:

  • Seek:
    You scan a selected area for creatures or objects.

  • Circumstance Bonus:
    This is a predetermined bonus you add to your check, depending on the situation you’re in.

3 Woodland Elf

Pathfinder Lost Omens Ancestry Guide Cover
Art via Paizo Inc.

If you’re a fan of the Wood Elves in any fantasy universe, this heritage is the right choice for you. You gain the ability to become a better climber than most, and you can use the forest terrain to your advantage, as you can hide in the foliage if you need to. The woods are your ally and this is a great choice for a lot of adventures.

Whether you’re from an ancient forest or a deep jungle, you’ve spent your life surrounded by the serenity of the deep woods and the beauty of your homeland. This heritage comes with a lot of interesting options for character building, giving you the ability to use both the wisdom of the Elven race and the primal skills learned by the people who spent their lives living in the wilderness.

Pathfinder Definitions:

  • Climb:
    You move up or down an incline, usually by attempting an Athletics check.

  • Hide:
    You take advantage of cover to become hidden, gaining a possible circumstance bonus, and making the GM roll your Stealth check against the opponents’ Perception.

2 Seer Elf

An elf mage casting a spell
Art via Paizo Inc.

With an inborn ability to feel and detect magic and the deeper mysteries, you gain the ability to cast Detect Magic at will. Additionally, you gain a better circumstance bonus for all of your checks to Identify Magic and Decipher Writing of a magical nature, which can often be very useful.


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If you’re interesting in playing an Elf in tune with the world of magic and if you want to draw inspiration from the Elven reverence of scholars, philosophers, mages, and artists, this could be the best heritage for you. While the in-game perks are great, the potential for a good story to tell could be even greater.

Pathfinder Definitions:

  • Identify Magic:
    You can spend ten minutes identifying the details when it comes to an object you know is magical.

  • Decipher Writing:
    You make an attempt to decipher the meaning of an obscure or complicated piece of writing.

1 Ancient Elf

Pathfinder Lost Omens Society Guide Cover
Art via Paizo Inc.

Although they reach physical maturity in their twenties, Elves are considered fully mature only after they breach the century milestone. If you choose the Ancient Elf heritage, the knowledge you gathered over the years shines through the ability to gain a Multiclass Dedication Feat for a different class. This ability represents the skills and the experience your elf has gathered over the past century or more.

Ancient Elves have been around for a while, and they’ve used their time to learn new things and explore the world. If you need an excuse for a long backstory and a wise character, they are an amazing choice. Moreover, the customization you can achieve with the multiclass dedication feat is great for more than just mechanics and this heritage guarantees a fun time at the table.

Pathfinder Definitions:

  • Multiclass Dedication Feat:
    You gain the ability to choose features from a different class and mix them with your own.


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