The Best Green Removal Spells In Commander

Green’s squarely in last place when it comes to creature removal in Magic: The Gathering. Red, white and black are the primary removal colors, with blue relying on counterspells and bounce spells to deal with creatures. Green though? There are options, but they’re not usually as clean as simply destroying or exiling a creature.




Magic: The Gathering – The 10 Best Removal Spells In Commander

Check to see if these removal cards fit your deck.

The main way green removes opposing threats is through fight spells. Not only do these require you have a creature in play that’s bigger than the threat you want to remove, but they also have the failcase of completely fizzling out if your creature gets removed in response. Still, green has a few reliable Commander cards to help with the struggle.

10 Master Of The Wild Hunt

Amadeus? Nope, Just Wolf Gang

MTG - Master of the Wild Hunt

Master of the Wild Hunt is less of a focused removal spell and more of a pack leader siccing their gang of Wolves on whatever you please. It takes time to accumulate said Wolves, but any other Wolf-makers you control can contribute to the cause.

This card’s experienced something of a role-reversal; it used to be a $15-$20 card that was sought after and performed well in Commander. Now it’s a bulk-bin rare in terms of value and just one of other plentiful options for the format.

9 Green Slime

Like That Spongebob Episode

MTG - Green Slime

Green specializes in artifact and enchantment removal as a way to compensate for its weakness when dealing with other creatures. Green has no shortage of mass artifact/enchantment sweepers, but Green Slime’s one of the best ways to remove a single problematic permanent.

The trick is lining up Green Slime against an activated/triggered ability, shutting down that ability and destroying the permanent it came from. If that source happens to be an artifact/enchantment creature, even better. It’s a great way to stop those pesky Smothering Tithes and Rhystic Studies for good.

8 Ram Through

And Instant With ‘Trample’

Ram Through

Nearly every modern set has a couple dedicated fight spells, with more and more emphasis on ‘bites,’ or one-way fights that have your creature deal damage without receiving any. The original bite spell was Rabid Bite, with Ram Through as one of the best iterations of this effect.


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Trample is a phenomenal ability that allows you to stomp all over your foes. Get those big creatures in and start decimating the field.

The ‘excess damage’ clause is a funny way of saying this is a one-way fight spell with trample, letting you clear a creature out of the way and send all the extra damage at that creature’s controller. If your commander is a large trampler, you might want to consider Ram Through.

7 Primal Might

Might… What?

MTG - Primal Might

Primal Might’s easy to understand, sufficiently powerful, and has a Dinosaur in the art. Not much to hate. It’s an upgraded Prey Upon, the original fight spell that made the term ‘fight’ an official Magic term in 2011. It scales well beyond that depending on what pay for X.

It’s like a Fireball effect that lets you convert your mana into damage for a turn. You’ll almost always be able to remove a blocker, it’s just a matter of finding the right trampler or evasive creature to target to maximize the +X/+X effect for the turn.

6 Kogla, The Titan Ape

100 Percent Original IP

MTG - Kogla, the Titan Ape

King Kong – er, uhh… Kogla is one of myriad different creatures that fight as part of an enters-the-battlefield effect. The Titan Ape’s one of the largest creatures in this vein, with Thorn Mammoth and Voracious Hydra as similar mono-green options.

Kogla gets the nod due to its extra abilities. A 7/6 should have no issues picking off small-to-medium sized creatures, but Kogla sticks around to crush an artifact or enchantment on every attack as well. The activated ability even provides protection for Kogla and any random Humans you have lying around. Kind of like another giant famous fictional ape…

5 Feral Encounter

What Big Creatures You Have

MTG - Feral Encounter

The textbox on Feral Encounter isn’t doing it any favors. To summarize, this digs for a creature, then sets up a bite effect at the beginning of your next combat. The biter doesn’t have to be the one you found in your top five, but it definitely can be if you cast it before combat.


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If everything turns out right, Feral Encounter represents a great 2-for-1, replacing itself with whatever creature you found and removing an opposing creature from play. There’s the chance the first part misses completely, but that shouldn’t happen often.

4 Song Of The Dryads

Flora And The Machine

MTG - Song of the Dryads

One of the best ways to deal with an opponent’s commander is locking it away underneath an aura. Enchantments like Grasp of Fate and Ossification don’t quite get the job done, since the opponent can always choose to reroute their commander to the command zone.

Song of the Dryads doesn’t give your opponent that option. It turns whatever you target into a dinky land, but leaves it on the battlefield without changing zones, so no shenanigans can take place. It does ramp an opponent, but compare it to Path to Exile or Assassin’s Trophy in this regard.

3 Berserk

Not The Manga

MTG - Berserk

Berserk’s utility as a removal spell is kind of a second, hidden mode for the card; the primary use is doubling up a creature’s power and trampling an opponent to death. That makes for a highly effective combat trick, especially at the cost of a single mana.


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However, the real fun is pointing Berserk at an opponent’s creature that’s attacking someone else entirely. Not only will you double that creature’s power and possibly present a lethal attack against player #3, but player #2 loses the attacking creature in the exchange as well.

2 Beast Within

There’s A 3/3 Inside All Of Us

MTG - Beast Within

Beast Within is considered a green Commander staple, as a catch-all that removes any permanent from play. Realistically, it’s more of a necessary evil since green just doesn’t have that many unconditional ways to get a creature off board.

It’s also something of a color pie break; green is more than capable of destroying permanents and replacing them with tokens, but that’s usually limited to noncreature permanents. Most green removal keys off of the power of creatures you control instead, and the Beast Within style effects have mostly been relegated to white.

1 Legolas’s Quick Reflexes

A Powerful 1-Mana Package

MTG - Legolas's Quick Reflexes

Legolas’s Quick Reflexes pushes what a one-mana spell is capable of. Reach means your target can block just about anything, hexproof lets you shrug off removal, and split second all but guarantees things go your way. And this is all just the defensive capabilities of the card.

Proactively, you can untap a creature and tap it down again to bite (shoot?) an opposing creature. Simply attacking does the trick, and hexproof mitigates the usual risk of removal like this. If you can find extra ways to untap and tap your creature, the damage effect will trigger each time.


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