Hideo Kojima’s OD Reveal Featured A PT Reference

Hideo Kojima’s OD reveal at The Game Awards 2023 contained a not-so-subtle reference to PT, the long-dead demo for his cancelled Silent Hills project.



Last night’s Game Awards contained a bunch of surprising game announcements including Dragon Ball Sparking: Zero, Hello Games’ Light No Fire, and Visions of Mana, among many others. One thing that wasn’t a surprise, however, was the appearance of Hideo Kojima, who has popped up at several of Geoff Keighley’s shows over the years. Even if Kojima showing up wasn’t a surprise, he did finally reveal his project that he’s working on with Xbox, which is currently titled OD: A Hideo Kojima Game.


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The brief trailer didn’t reveal too much to us beyond showing off some of the actors who are going to be starring in the game and confirming that Jordan Peele is involved, but it did make it very clear that it’s going to be a horror title focused on “all players and screamers”. Not only was this apparent by the spooky teaser, but it was also hinted at with a nod to Kojima’s last attempt at a horror game – Silent Hills.

As Kojima walked on stage to present his game and reveal more details about it, he entered through a creepy-looking door. This might not seem notable, but a closer inspection reveals that it’s actually the same door that was seen in PT when you first spawn into the basement, with the same colour, shape, and light positioned above it.

The size of the light is a little different, but it’s clear that the door is meant to evoke the same one used in PT and hint at the tone of the project. It’s a cute reference that shows just how much Kojima has wanted to make a horror project over the years, as he’s seemingly hung onto some of the content that was going to be featured in Silent Hills.

It’s not yet clear if the door is going to play an actual role in OD or if it’s just a stage gimmick that’s supposed to be calling back to the developer’s previous work, but it’s worth noting that a door can be heard being opened in the teaser, which leads to Sophia Lillis’ character letting out a massive scream. That certainly implies that it’s going to feature in the game somehow.


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