Pathfinder 2e Remaster: Leshy Heritages, Ranked

When immortal spirits of nature choose to inhabit a vessel created by a master of primal magic, a leshy is born. Being among the most interesting races in Pathfinder Second Edition Remaster, the leshy comes with a few fun options for you to play around with when it comes to heritages.




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Connected to nature, curious, and eager to experience the wonders of the world, these spirits are ancient, although they rarely recall past lifetimes. Their heritage represents the type of the vessel they inhabit and the benefits they gain from their new body. With several different options to choose from, this race gives you a chance to make important choices from the start of character creation.

9 Fungus Leshy

Fungus Leshy
Art via Paizo Inc.

Fungus Leshies feel most at home at the dark caverns and underground passages of the world. Their body is made of clusters of fungi, giving them the fungus trait, instead of plant. Like the other creatures who favor the underground, you can see in the dark with your darkvision.

While this heritage doesn’t do much for the in-game mechanics except give you darkvision, it can be one of the most fun ones to play. Imagine a society of cave-dwelling druids, giving life to an ancient spirit, summoning it into a vessel made of fungi, and releasing it to roam the caves and the outside world. There is a lot of fun to have there.

While darkvision is definitely useful, it is also possible to achieve with spells and other abilities. Therefore, the fungus leshy has a bit of a disadvantage when it comes to its signature ability.

8 Leaf Leshy

Leaf Leshy
Art via Paizo Inc.

The leaf leshy represents one of the most fun and creative ideas when it comes to all of the Pathfinder races. Since your body is made from mostly leaves, any eventual fall you take has the same effect on you as it would have on all the other leaves. Fall damage is of no consequence to you, and this gives you a chance to imagine some pretty interesting and funny scenes if it ever happens that your leaf leshy ends up falling from a great height.

This heritage gives you a lot of freedom when it comes to character creation and backstory. Your imagination is the only limit, as the leaf leshy can be found wherever there’s foliage to make a suitable vessel from.

7 Gourd Leshy

Gourd Leshy
Art via Paizo Inc.

This heritage brings with it another fun idea that combines flavor with in-game mechanics. You have a big gourd for a head, and since you are an immortal spirit and you don’t have a brain – you can use the space inside of your skull to store things. This ability makes objects much harder to steal, and if you have only one item stored, you can access it with ease, as part of your action to use the object.


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If you like quirky, fun characters, possibly with a gimmick, this heritage is for you. The first time you pull an item out of your gourd-like head is guaranteed to be a memorable moment for everybody at the table.

6 Vine Leshy

Vine Leshy
Art via Paizo Inc.

Elegant and slender, vine leshies have an unmatched ability to climb among their race. You don’t even need to have your hands free in order to start climbing since you can use the vines on your body for this endeavour. Depending on the adventure you’re having, this can be extremely useful.

The signature ability of this leshy heritage is pretty situational, but their unique look makes them a fun option for creative players. If you have a specific idea, or if you’re expecting climbing sessions often throughout your adventures, then the Vine Leshy is the choice for you.

5 Cactus Leshy

Cactus Leshy
Art via Paizo Inc.

This spine-covered leshy can use its body to defend itself. With the spines being used in an unarmed attack, they represent a finesse weapon, dealing 1d6 piercing damage on a successful hit.

If you’re looking for a little bit of desert flavor in your leshy roleplay, this heritage is an excellent choice. You have a chance to think about the natural magic in the desert and about all the creatures that roam your homeland. The Cactus Leshy is fun option for everyone who likes unique characters and isn’t too fond of crowds.

An additional way to do damage is always welcome, especially at early levels – and unarmed strikes are always fun to roleplay, making the Cactus Leshy a great choice for both fun and utility.

4 Seaweed Leshy

Seaweed Leshy
Art via Paizo Inc.

With your body made from seaweed, you feel as much at home underwater as you do on land. This affinity gives you both a swimming speed of 20 feet per round and the ability to breathe underwater. However, this does come at a cost, as your sea legs are a bit slower on solid ground.


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If you want to expand your choice of adventures, the Seaweed Leshy gives you a lot to work with. An excellent choice for an appropriately themed campaign and a solid option for any other story, this heritage has everything – utility, looks, and flavor.

3 Lotus Leshy

Lotus Leshy
Art via Paizo Inc.

A bit different from the Seaweed Leshy, but sharing their love of water, you come from a bit more tranquil, calm environment. Floating on the surface is your natural habitat, but you can also walk on still water and some other liquids. You can attempt to balance yourself on flowing water as well, but this is harder to do and it requires a Swim check.

The Lotus Leshy is once again an interesting choice of heritage which can prove useful in a lot of different situations. A lot of heritages have perks that can be very situational, but with water-walking and a character like this, you always have a chance to do something interesting, even if it’s just for roleplay.

2 Root Leshy

Root Leshy
Art via Paizo Inc.

With your body made from hard, sturdy roots, you have two more hitpoints than all of your other leshy cousins, giving you a more sturdy feel with this heritage. You can go without sunlight for two weeks before you begin starving, and you will have an easier time resisting attempts to push you around since you can use your roots to help you stay in place if you need to.

Playing a root leshy gives you the ability to roleplay a steadfast character and design a beautiful, unique look for yourself. The root leshy also gives you a lot of room when it comes to thinking of a backstory, which is always a good thing.

1 Fruit Leshy

Fruit Leshy
Art via Paizo Inc.

When talking about useful abilities, there are a few better than those that help you and your allies regain hitpoints. Choosing a fruit leshy grants you the ability to heal yourself or an ally, since every day at dawn, a fruit ripens on your vessel. A creature consuming this fruit regains 1d8 hitpoints plus an additional 1d8 for every two of your levels beyond the first.

If you want to tap into the druidic, nurturing nature of the leshy, then this heritage is perfect for you. However, even if you’re interested in playing an unusual combination of race and class, the additional healing is always useful. Every leshy is fun to play and build a character around, but the in-game usefulness is a great additional perk to have.


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