The 10 Best Indie First-Person Shooters


  • Indie-developed first-person shooters offer unique and innovative content that stands out from the competition.
  • From gritty World War II battles to supernatural chaos, these games provide a range of experiences with impressive graphics and special effects.
  • Whether it’s cooperative teamwork or solo skill, these FPS games challenge you to overcome obstacles and defeat enemies in immersive environments.



The first-person shooter genre comes in many forms, from multiplayer PvP and co-op to single-player campaigns. The themes for these action games can vary but often include horror elements, realistic war combat, or over-the-top set pieces.


6 Underrated First-Person Shooter Games

The first-person shooter genre is home to some of the best video games ever made.

First-person shooters need to incorporate something unique to stand out from the competition. For the most innovative content in the genre, look no further than titles produced by indie developers. Whether it’s realism, special effects, or off-the-wall gameplay, these indie games are worth checking out.

10 Hell Let Loose

Hell Let Loose Soldeir In Camp

Developer Team17 has crafted a hardcore and visceral look into World War II. Hell Let Loose is an online PvP multiplayer that puts you on a chaotic battlefield with up to 100 players across a realistic environment.

You can choose from various units, such as infantry or armor, and tackle the conflict from different perspectives. The gritty atmosphere, with buildings turned to rubble, smoke, flames, and rounds flying across the map, makes for a tense experience.

9 Squad

Infantry soldiers moving alonside a tank after a beach landing squad

Squad takes you to the modern battlefield with a strategy-based online tactical shooter. Success in this game relies on cooperative teamwork, so playing as a lone wolf isn’t an option.

Matches are 50 versus 50, and you must maintain voice contact with your squad and do tasks like constructing fortifications. Between the team commander, squad leaders, and your fellow soldiers, you must forge a plan for victory in this realistic shooter.

8 Trepang2

The first-person view of the player firing dual-wielded handguns at a group of armed mercenaries from above in Trepang2.

Trepang2 is a sci-fi-themed frenetic action game that gives you the satisfying tools to dish out bloody carnage on your enemies. To describe this game as gory is an understatement, but it offers you a hero-power fantasy like never before.


17 Most Underrated Indie Games

From challenging action to mind-bending puzzles and emotionally charged narratives, these titles showcase the creativity and passion of indie devs.

With super strength, enhanced speed, cloaking, and slow-motion abilities, you advance on a quest for revenge. Sparks, debris, and gore fill the screen in this non-stop action experience that doesn’t hold back.

7 Killing Floor 2

GeForce Now rifle firing at an attacking brute killing floor 2

Killing Floor 2 drops you into an apocalyptic Europe that’s overwhelmed by sadistic clones bent on destruction. With widespread communication down and cities in chaos, you join other mercenaries to combat the threat of Zeds with force.

This game boasts a persistent blood system that sends pieces of your enemies flying after you deal critical damage. You can play six-player online co-op, test your skills solo, or compete in 6v6 Humans versus Zeds Deathmatch.


about to battle a floating enemy in a dungeon room BPM Bullets Per Minute

Imagine a fantasy-based first-person shooter with a pulsing heavy metal soundtrack where you must fight and move to the beat. BMP: BULLETS PER MINUTE tasks you with shooting, jumping, dodging, and reloading in time with the music to stay alive.

Playing as a Valkyrie, you fight with an arsenal of powerful weapons and drive back the evil minions of the underworld. Not only is movement tied to the music, but each dungeon environment is random, so you never know what to expect.

5 Serious Sam 4

The opening prologue to Serious Sam 4 with a huge battle.

Serious Sam 4 turns the action and attitude to the max as you lead a ragtag group of mercenaries against an alien horde. Part homage to classic FPS games and something all its own, this title from developer Croteam ups the anti.

Take on an impressive number of enemies with shotguns, rifles, and the ever-popular XM214-A Minigun. This game touts a new Legion System, which can populate battlefields with thousands of aliens trying to blast or smash you into oblivion.

4 Bright Memory: Infinite

A rooftop with lightning, rain, and beautiful red trees in the distance in Bright Memory.

One of the most chaotic FPS experiences, Bright Memory: Infinite features guns, swords, and combo attacks. Your character is in the middle of a mysterious supernatural event and fights off waves of towering enemies bent on destruction.

With impressive graphics and special effects, this game is even more remarkable when you discover a solo developer made it. Please don’t go into this one thinking it’ll be a cakewalk, as the complex blade techniques and ancient warriors will test your skill.

3 Isonzo

Isonzo: Rifleman Observing Mortar Soldier Firing

Isonzo gives you a glimpse into parts of World War I, rarely visited in games with historical environments from Italy. This multiplayer PvP puts you on the Italian front, where your team fights through eleven distinct battlefields.


Isonzo: Guide To Levelling

Getting all the best unlocks can take a little time, so to speed things up here’s a handy guide to leveling in Isonzo.

This game requires much more than good accuracy to overcome defeat. Fight using authentically modeled WWI weaponry, use flares to signal for support, and alter the terrain for the best advantage.

2 Post Scriptum

First person view of soldiers engaging in combat in Post Scriptum

Post Scriptum is similar to Hell Let Loose in that both vied for the most realistic World War II PvP shooter. This title features historical events that will lead you through many theatres of battle, with 40+ vehicles and nine large maps.

In this multiplayer war simulation, teamwork is vital, and you’ll need to do your part in carrying out orders from the commander. This game has a challenging learning curve, especially if you’re coming from something like Call of Duty, but it is well worth it.

1 Choo-Choo Charles

Choo-Choo Charles: Using The Heavy Machine Gun On Charles

Choo-Choo Charles takes place on an island, and you have an old train that you can upgrade with scraps located in the environment. But there is a terrifying and evil enemy train engine with the face of a clown and giant spider legs trying to end you.

Your only hope is to upgrade your train and fight Charles with mounted guns on the back of your engine. You never know where Charles will strike next as he isn’t bound to tracks and can come from any direction in the darkness.


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