The Best Addons For WoW: SoD


  • Season of Discovery in World of Warcraft: Classic is a major success with packed zones and surviving servers.
  • Leatrix Plus and Leatrix Maps are must-have addons for quality-of-life features and map needs.
  • Questie, WeakAuras, Auctionator, Atlas Loot, and DeadlyBossMods are essential addons for gameplay and Auction-House usage.



World of Warcraft: Season of Discovery is a major success. Blizzard’s risky bet of adding new content to WoW: Classic is paying off big-time. All zones were packed with people on launch day and, miraculously, the servers survived! This happened partially due to Season of Discovery having the biggest realms ever created in the 20-year history of World of Warcraft.


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The first phase of SoD lets you play all the way to level 25 with an entirely new system: Rune Engravings. All classes have gotten 12 of these, which can slightly or dramatically change the way your character will play. To get you ready for the journey, or to improve the one you’re already on, we made a list of the best addons to use in World of Wacraft: Season of Discovery.

This list isn’t ranked. All the addons here are useful for different occasions or objectives and a lot of them benefit from each other.

7 Leatrix Plus And Leatrix Maps

A Bundle Of Quality-Of-Life Features!

World of Warcraft Leatrix Maps

These are technically two addons, but we grouped them into a single entry because they serve the same purpose. Leatrix makes some of the best quality-of-life addons in World of Warcraft, and these remain a must-have for your journey in Season of Discovery.

  • Leatrix Plus
    brings a seemingly endless list of options (completely customisable) that range from automatically accepting and delivering quests, repairing your gear, selling your junk items and much more.

  • Leatrix Maps
    is the best quality of life addon you can have for all your map needs. This will impact both your mini and normal map, allow you to change zones, reveal unexplored areas and a lot more.

Both Leatrix addons are an incredible package of qualify-of-life features that will make your journey through Azeroth much more pleasant.

6 Questie

If You Had To Choose A Single Addon, This Is The One

World of Warcraft Questie

World of Warcraft: Classic has no built-in quest-tracker, map icons for objectives or even for quest givers. Questie brings all of this and more into your game, letting you focus on the gameplay instead of having to scour through the quest-text searching for where you’re meant to go or which crocolisks you need to kill a hundred times to get a single medallion.

Questie is a life-changing addon for Season of Discovery and is also very group-friendly. The addon will automatically write your quest progression in the chat, so you don’t need to constantly remind your companions that you still need two more X or Y items. You can check the extensive list of features on the addon’s Curseforge page.

5 WeakAuras

Daunting At First, Too Useful To Pass On

World of Warcraft WeakAuras Addon Menu

Installing WeakAuras for the first time is a scary experience. You’ll see a lot of things you don’t understand, and you might be overwhelmed at first. The thing is, there’s no need for that! You technically do not need to learn to create your own weak-auras at all to use the addon, because exists. If you need something, you will almost surely find it there without the need to learn to make it yourself.

If you do have the patience and interest, you can obviously create and customise your own WeakAuras and, once you do, you’ll never stop doing it. This addon is incredibly useful for basically all levels of play and will become an essential tool in your arsenal.

4 Auctionator

Auctioning Has Never Been This Easy

World of Warcraft Auctionator Addon Menu with tooltip

Auctionator is pretty much what it says on the tin: it makes the life of a casual Auction-House user a million times better. It will tell you what your items are worth, it will help you sell them faster.


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This addon is your own World of Warcraft accountant, and you’ll never want to go back to the times when you didn’t have it.

3 Atlas Loot

Nothing Matters More Than Sweet Loot

World of Warcraft Atlasloot Addon Menu

If you’ve ever played Retail WoW, you’ll likely be familiar with the Dungeon Journal. It shows you information on every Raid and Dungeon in the game, including fight mechanics and loot-pools for all bosses. Well, the Dungeon Journal wasn’t a thing back in 2004, so it isn’t present in Season of Discovery either.

That’s what makes Atlas Loot a must-have. Although it doesn’t have the fight-side of the Journal, it has a very detailed list of all the loot present in every dungeon and raid available, and comes with some sweet bonuses!

2 DeadlyBossMods

Your Personal, Ever-Present Bodyguard

World of Warcraft DBM Addon Menu

DeadlyBossMods (DBM) is one of the most downloaded addons in World of Warcraft, and for good reason. This is an encounter helper, a tool that will tell you when boss mechanics are coming, what to do in fights and when you need to run for your life.

If it is extremely useful even in Retail WoW, imagine how much of a must-have it is in a game with no Dungeon Journal explaining fight mechanics before you get into them. It is highly customisable and there are a ton of guides available to help you tailor it to your preferences.

1 RestedXP

An Incredible Addon With A Caveat

World of Warcraft RestedXP

RestedXP is technically not a free addon. You can use it for free until level 20, which in Season of Discovery is only five levels shy of the cap.

You’ll have more than enough time to decide if it is worth it for you to acquire the full version of the addon after the hours you spent with it getting to level 20.

RestedXP is fantastic. Although it technically is a speed-running addon, it doesn’t play like one unless you want it to. It is essentially a GPS reminiscent of more modern game quality-of-life tools, with small explanations about what you have to do in certain situations. It will give you a detailed route to follow, step-by-step, from quest to quest and from zone to zone.

It works extremely well and will save you a ton of time, while not making you feel as if you’ve rushed through it all. RestedXP is your extremely experienced tour guide through the seemingly endless areas of Azeroth.


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