Call Of Duty Devs Really Didn’t Like Christopher Judge’s Joke At The Game Awards

Christopher Judge’s joke about his 2022 speech at The Game Awards being longer than Modern Warfare 3’s campaign hasn’t gone down so well with some Call of Duty developers.



Last night’s Game Awards had a bit of a problem with its presenters, who mostly took up a lot of time on stage while award winners were left with a sparse 60 seconds to celebrate their accomplishments at an event that was supposed to be about them. Although most of the presenters were celebrities who felt like they’d been forced there, Christopher Judge (who played Kratos in the Norse God of War games) at least felt like he belonged and had some fun with the occasion.


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One way that Judge had fun with the audience was making fun of his own long speech at The Game Awards 2022, which then led to a drive-by on Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3. After joking about sticking to a script and not speaking for too long this year, Judge said, “My speech was actually longer than this year’s Call of Duty campaign”, before laughing it off and noting that Activision is now “another company he won’t work for”.

Although the joke got a big laugh from the audience, it seems that it’s not gone down quite so well with the developers behind Call of Duty. As pointed out by Twitter user charlieINTEL, several developers who have worked on the series currently and in the past shared their dislike of the joke on social media after it was made.

One developer, who previously worked at Infinity Ward for Modern Warfare, said, “‘funny’ but yeah the metrics that CoD absolutely destroys all of the God of War games (probably combined tbh) in is also equally laughable (if not more)”, while another current developer said, “Imagine having $hort user engagement once your game is consumed… can’t relate”.

Developers aren’t the only ones who weren’t impressed with Judge’s joke. Barry Sloane, who portrays Captain Price in the rebooted Modern Warfare trilogy, tweeted, “That Christopher Judge writes all his own material I hear. Talented”, before putting a clown emoji. Judge hasn’t responded to any of the complaints about his joke as of the time of writing, only acknowledging the jokes that have been made about him and his long speech last year.


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