The Best POIs In Fortnite: Chapter 5

With the launch of Fortnite: Chapter 5, the island has been entirely revamped and turned into an Italian-inspired paradise. Complete with snowy mountains, rolling wineries, and a train that circumnavigates the entire map, there are many valuable locations where you can land.




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Similar to other battle royale games, each Fortnite map is filled with Places of Interest, (otherwise known as POIs) that have specific themes and contain the greatest amount of loot. If you are curious about which POIs are the most advantageous to land at in Chapter 5 season 1, then look no further.

Always check the map before you land, as several designated zones spawn higher-quality loot at the start of every match.

Open the map and check for any POI that has glowing gold letters, as this glowing text designates which areas spawn the best weapons.

While some POIs are simply better located than others, the availability of high-tiered loot can make landing at lower-quality POIs more advantageous.

11 Classy Courts

An image from Fortnite of the Classy Courts POI, which contains a medieval building and several tenis courts.

For a POI that is located in the most isolated, snow-covered location on the entire map, Classy Courts does not exactly match the chilling aesthetic it is located in. This POI is a single building that multiple tennis courts surround, all exposed to the chilling elements.

While the POI is certainly well-designed and even sports many chests on the tennis courts, this POI is completely isolated from other locations on the map. This does make it an ideal landing spot if you don’t want to immediately enter combat, but landing here can be quite uneventful if you are looking for a fast-paced match.

10 Rebel’s Roost

An image from Fortnite of the Rebel's Roost POI, which is an abandoned mansion in the snow.

Rebel’s Roost is yet another isolated area in the snow, but, this POI is made up of a single abandoned mansion. The interior of the house is quite cramped, as it sports multiple tight hallways and rooms that could be seriously dangerous without a shotgun.

While this area is still somewhat removed from other POIs, Rebel’s Roost has a weapon cache located inside the house. Just head up the front steps and follow the spray-painted arrows until you reach the cache, which you and your friends can loot for three high-value weapons.

9 Hazy Hillside

An image from Fortnite of the Hazy Hillside POI, which is a snow-covered village with multiple buildings.

The quaint town of Hazy Hillside is inspired by mountain villages and features multiple wooden houses all covered in snow. Just like all the other POIs that are located on the snowy portion of the map, this landing zone is somewhat separated from other areas, making it less advantageous to land here.


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However, unlike POIs such as Classy Courts, this area is significantly larger and contains a lot more loot for your entire team to equip. Furthermore, if you head to the Funky Fromage shop, you can find a vault and weapon stash in the alleyway across the street, which will provide you with some seriously powerful loot.

8 Pleasant Piazza

An image from Fortnite Pleasant Piazza POI, which is located in the center of the map. This POI is a small italian village with grind rails and multiple houses.

Pleasant Piazza is the first of many POIs in this chapter inspired by Italian architecture and aesthetics. This POI is a small town located towards the center of the map, meaning that it has multiple POIs surrounding it that you can travel to after looting the area.

Keep in mind that, because this area is so centrally located on the map, many different players will land here to instantly enter a massive fight, so only land here if you are up to the challenge. Sadly, while this location is certainly gorgeous to look at, this area’s weapon cache is located in a tunnel outside the POI, making landing here less advantageous.

7 Ritzy Rivierae

An image from Fortnite of the Ritzy Riviera POI, an Italian waterfront with a lighthouse and several boats alongside a couple of villas.

While this swanky village may be on the far left of the map, the beauty of this location and the valuable loot located here makes landing at this location completely worth it. This POI is another Italian location, this time complete with a small town center and multiple boats docked at the pier.

By traveling into the town center, you may come across some graffiti in the town square, which will lead you directly to a weapon cache inside one of the buildings.

6 Ruined Reels

An image from Fortnite of the Ruined Reels POI. This POI is made out of an abandonded ampitheater that now plays projected movies.

Ruined Reels is pretty much in the center of the entire map, which makes it an ideal landing location. Landing in the center means that you will always have to travel less to reach the next storm circle, and you have multiple POIs to rotate to after you are done fighting at Ruined Reels.

Similar to the old POI Risky Reels, this location features a massive movie screen that is located around an ancient amphitheater. There is also a weapon cache on the right side of the ruins, which can give you three powerful weapons right when you land.

5 Lavish Lair

An image from Fortnite of the Lavish Lair POI, which is a massive estate covered in snow.

Lavish Lair is the first of the remaining POIs that all contain a unique NPC boss that you can battle to unlock some seriously valuable loot and customization. This specific location is a massive estate in the middle of the snowy area of the map, and you should not underestimate the sheer size of this massive mansion.

The most important aspect of this POI is the boss fight; successfully defeating the boss will unlock a vault filled with loot and a table that allows you to customize your gun’s attachments. Furthermore, you also obtain a medallion by simply beating the boss, and while holding one of these items reveals your position on the map, it also provides you with consistent shield regeneration or increased maximum shields.

4 Grand Glacier

An image from Fortnite of the Grand Glacier POI, which is a large and incredibly fancy hotel in the mountains of the island.

Grand Glacier is the next POI on the list that includes an NPC boss fight, so only land at this stunning location if you are ready for instant combat. This snow-covered hotel only caters to the upper echelons of society, meaning that the interior is a complete maze of decadent rooms.

If you happen to get lost inside this hotel, you may have to use your pickaxe to create an opening to reach the boss or the underground vault. Unfortunately, this POI is located on the far right of the map, meaning that there are not many POIs that you can easily access from this location once you are done looting.

3 Fencing Fields

An image from Fortnite of the Fencing Fields POI. This POI is made up of a large winery complete with rows of plants, a fencing court in the middle of the POI, and several houses.

Fencing Fields is yet another Italian-inspired POI that is centrally located on the map, making it an ideal location for teams that enjoy quickly rotating to a new battle. This location is unique, because it is inspired by a winery and features rows of plants that can be farmed for shields.


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In the center of the POI is a fencing court that is surrounded by multiple houses and NPCs. Similar to the other top locations this chapter, Fencing Fields features an NPC boss battle against Nisha, who uses her sword during combat.

2 Snooty Steppes

An image from Fortnite of the Snooty Steppes POI, which is a massive Italian town on the coast. This POI is made up of boats on the water and about a dozen different large houses on a cliffside.

In Chapter 5 of Fortnite, Snooty Steppes takes the prize of the best-looking POI in the entire game. This city is located on the edge of a cliff and features multiple buildings that look out towards an ocean filled with sailboats.

On top of the gorgeous views, this area sports a large amount of loot inside every house, grind rails in between different buildings, and a boss fight with the Peter Griffin NPC. If you are lucky enough to travel to the highest house in the POI and defeat this boss, then he will drop a mythic pump shotgun along with his medallion.

1 Reckless Railways

An image from Fortnite of the Reckless Railways POI, which is a small town that contains a very large train station in the center.

The most advantageous POI to land at in Chapter 5 of Fortnite is Reckless Railways, as this location offers everything you need to prepare yourself for a victory. Located towards the center of the map, this train station is surrounded by different POIs, meaning that you will be able to easily travel around and defeat players.

Furthermore, this POI also features a connection to the train tracks that circumscribes the map, so you may be able to board the train after looting this area. Finally, there is also another NPC boss in this area, which drops a Medallion and a Mythic SMG that deals significant amounts of damage.


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