How To Get The No Easy Prey Trophy In Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora

There’s a lot to discover and explore in the world of Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora, and you might have missed some of it due to the vast open world the game offers. Whether you’re engaging in battles with the RDA or simply appreciating the stunning scenery, the game provides plenty to keep you occupied.




Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora – Hunting Guide

A hunter must hunt.

In terms of trophies, there’s the typical challenge of completing 100 percent of the game. While some trophies are relatively easy to achieve, one stands out as less clear: the No Easy Prey trophy. To earn this, you must hunt and kill a non-feral Thanator, a dangerous predator that you may or may not have encountered in the game yet.

Before attempting to earn this trophy, make sure you’ve reached a minimum Combat Strength level of 15.

This is because the animal you’re hunting is at level 20, and having a Combat Strength level of at least 15 or higher will increase your chances of success.

Where To Find A Non-Feral Thanator

A picture from the Hunter Guides showing all the information related to the non-feral Thanator Avatar Frontiers of Pandora

In order to locate a non-feral Thanator, head to Gossamer Lakes, situated northwest of the Kinglor Forest, precisely south of the Mentor’s River.

Refer to the map below for guidance on its location:

A circle showing the location of a non-feral Thanator on the map Avatar Frontiers of Pandora

Before embarking on this hunt, it’s advisable to have a meal that boosts your damage or reduces damage from wildlife.

In addition to that, make sure you have all your healing options stocked, as the Thanator hits hard and can quickly lead to your demise.

Upon reaching this area, you’ll observe the edges of your screen turning white, your Na’vi senses become unusable, and you’ll hear heartbeats; these are clear signs that you are within the Thanator’s territory.

Now, move around the area, and pay attention to the growing intensity of the heartbeats.

An arrow showing the edges of the screen turning white indicating that the player is within the vicinity of a non-feral Thanator Avatar Frontiers of Pandora

When they become louder, it’s a cue that the Thanator is close. At this point, the Thanator will attack you at any point, so be prepared and use your bows or spears to defeat it.

The Shortbow is an excellent weapon choice because it shoots three arrows quickly, matching the speed of the Thanator, which is already quite swift. This ensures effective combat against the agile predator.

Player defeated the non-feral Thanator Avatar Frontiers of Pandora

After defeating the animal, not only will you earn the No Easy Prey trophy, but you’ll also receive three exquisite materials for your crafting and cooking needs.


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