Complete List of WoW Classic Season Of Discovery Servers

Here’s a complete breakdown of the different server types in WoW and a list of all the Season of Discovery servers.

The original version of World of Warcraft launched on November 23rd, 2004, and the MMO has evolved from those early days. Today there are modern retail servers for the most recent version of the game, along with those for the popular expansion Wrath of the Lich King, Hardcore, and the newest offering from Blizzard, Season of Discovery.




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Season of Discovery is another incarnation of Classic World of Warcraft, and although it takes place in the same setting as Old Azeroth, it has a few interesting twists. Every so often the term “Classic plus” comes up in the gaming community, and so far it seems as if Season of Discovery is based on or inspired by some of those ideas.

What Are The Different Types Of Servers?

The World of Warcraft Classic launcher screen, including advertisements and promo art for Blizzard games and merch.

There are different kinds of servers in World of Warcraft, no matter what version you’re playing.

These differences are also present on the retail, Hardcore, and Wrath of the Lich King servers along with the ones designated for Season Of Discovery, and determine certain factors that determine what kind of world you want to play.


This used to be called PvE, or Player versus environment. Players either switch manually to PvP or automatically engage in cross-faction combat.

RP (Roleplaying)

A role-play server in which players focus on acting in character, although these rules are very loosely enforced. The same rules as a Normal server apply to PvP combat.

PvP (Player versus Player)

With few exceptions, every character on a PvP server is a target for a player on the opposite faction. The focus of these servers is player-versus-player combat, and leveling on these servers tends to be more difficult.

RPPVP (Roleplay Player versus Player)

These servers combine PvP plus RP, creating an environment that compels players to interpret their roles in character and the inherent danger that everyone is in while exploring the open world.

The Classic Servers

World of Warcraft Classic key artwork featuring several characters and classes facing Onxyia.

There are three tabs under the Realm Selection screen after choosing World of Warcraft Classic. The name of the server is on the left of the screen, followed by the type of server, the number of characters you have on that server, and finally, on the far right, the population level.

Low-population servers have the fewest players, followed by Medium, High, and Full. Locked servers are the only ones that do not allow new characters, including transfers.

  • Seasonal. This is the tab of choice for those interested in the Season of Discovery.
  • Classic Era. These are the “vanilla” era servers, which is the original version of Azeroth released in 2004.
  • Hardcore. Characters that die on Hardcore servers cannot be resurrected. That includes Priests or Druids, by jumper cables, or at graveyards.

The Season Of Discovery Server List

The server list in the Realm Selection menu in the World of Warcraft Classic launcher.

There are eight servers in total designated for the Season of Discovery, and a few are already either full or locked because of the game’s popularity. This is done to stem the tide of new characters to an already crowded server and is often done temporarily or on a rotating basis.

The Mountain Time Zone covers one of the most populous areas of North America and includes the vast area covered by the Rocky Mountains.

That includes the Canadian province of Alberta, the central-western portion of the United States, and portions of northern Mexico. Australian Eastern Daylight Time is used in Canberra, New South Wales, Tasmania, and Victoria.

Name Of Server


Time Zone

Chaos Bolt


Mountain Time Zone (MST)

Crusader Strike


Mountain Time Zone (MST)

Lava Lash


Mountain Time Zone (MST)

Living Flame


Mountain Time Zone (MST)

Lone Wolf


Mountain Time Zone (MST)



Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT)



Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT)

Wild Growth


Mountain Time Zone (MST)


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