Every Milestone Of The Villainous Valentine Aspiration And How To Complete Them In The Sims 4: For Rent

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Breaking up is usually pretty hard to do, but with the new Villainous Valentine aspiration added with The Sims 4: For Rent expansion, breaking up is actually all your Sim wants to do. Determined to cause romantic chaos wherever they go, Villainous Valentines are determined to break every heart in town.




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With a plethora of unfaithful goals on deck for the Villainous Valentine aspiration, Sims who choose this will be taking their infidelity one step further from the Serial Romantic aspiration. While that aspiration focuses on finding love for yourself eventually, the Villainous Valentine aspiration is all about breaking hearts.

Villainous Valentine Aspiration Overview

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With only a single major milestone to hit, you may be thinking that the Villainous Valentine aspiration in The Sims 4: For Rent will be a cakewalk, but there’s quite a lot of romantic turmoil to cause before you complete it!

Though the aspiration looks short, each milestone requires quite a lot of socializing, specifically using romance interactions with other Sims to woo them into falling for you.

The most chaotic of lovers may find themselves thriving with the Villainous Valentine aspiration, as it’s all about ending relationships and breaking hearts. Your Sim may not be too worried, but the Sims they’re dating sure will be!

Overall, you’ll be doing quite a number of dastardly tasks, like cheating on your romantic partners and even ending established relationships between other Sims – villainous, indeed.

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For this reason, you’ll find the Villainous Valentine aspiration in the Deviance category instead of the Love one – there’s very little love involved in this aspiration, actually!

Helpful Traits, Rewards, And Skills For The Villainous Valentine Aspiration

As you may be expecting, a Sim with the Villainous Valentine aspiration will be doing a large amount of socializing to complete their milestones, so any Outgoing Sims are more likely to thrive.

With so much romance on the line, you’ll do well to avoid any traits that make socializing more difficult for your Sim, like Loner or Socially Awkward. Unflirty may be the absolute worst trait for this aspiration.

Romantic or Self-Assured Sims will have an easier time with their exploits, as they’ll be far more prone to flirting and becoming Confident enough to keep their head held high throughout all the impending drama.

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And since Evil Sims thrive when the surrounding Sims are in bad moods, Evil Sims may enjoy the amount of anger, sadness, and discomfort that goes into being such a romantic rebel.

Finally, the Noncommittal trait may also help here, as it provides a Happy moodlet for Sims when they end their relationships in the name of their own freedom.

If you’ve earned enough Satisfaction Points at any point during the Villainous Valentine aspiration, you’d do well to buy the Beguiling trait from the Reward Store for those Sims.

With this trait purchased, Sims are able to put other Sims into Flirty moods much easier, which will help if their heart is your (temporary) target.

As for your Sim’s skills, there isn’t much that goes into breaking hearts, but with so many relationships to build and maintain, you’ll be working on your Charisma skill fairly often whether you mean to or not.


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Every Milestone In The Villainous Valentine Aspiration

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Though there aren’t too many distinct milestones in the aspiration, the table below details every milestone, goal, and helpful information for each level of the Villainous Valentine aspiration.

Villainous Valentine Aspiration Milestones




Villainous Valentine

Get Caught Cheating 10 Times.

With so much flirting going on for your Villainous Valentine Sim, you may not even need to try to achieve this goal. The more you flirt and the more Sims that are enamored with or are dating your Sim, the more likely it is that you’ll be caught cheating on them. Have an established boyfriend or girlfriend witness your Sim flirting with or kissing someone else on 10 individual occasions.

Achieve “Ex” Status With 5 Other Sims.

After asking another Sim to be your boyfriend or girlfriend, you can break up with them at any time to end the relationship. This will mark them as your Ex in your relationships tab, and Villainous Valentine Sims want to end their relationships 5 individual times.

Break Up 10 Couples.

When flirting with Sims out in the world, you may occasionally find when you Ask if Single that you’ve been hitting on a taken Sim! That doesn’t matter to a Villainous Valentine Sim, though. To complete this task, you’ll need to ask 10 Sims to leave their partner for you, and have them successfully agree to end their established relationship.

Completing each of the tasks in the Villainous Valentine aspiration will reward your Sim with the Twisted Heart trait.

Any Sim with the Twisted Heart trait not only experiences shorter Sad and Embarrassed moodlet durations, but they’re also liable to replenish additional Social needs by choosing mean or mischief interactions.


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