How To Hunt In Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

As you play Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora, you’ll notice a massive, beautiful world filled with things to explore from locations to discover, outposts to infiltrate, and quests to complete. You also have a variety of equipment, including different weapons and gear pieces to tackle the game with.




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While all of this is good, you still need to go out of your way to acquire certain materials for crafting your own equipment and cooking your own meals. One crucial aspect of this process is hunting. Hunting animals provides you with crafting materials and cooking ingredients essential for both crafting and cooking, but there’s more to it than just killing an animal.

How Does Hunting Work

Player holding his bow and about to hunt the animal in front of him Avatar Frontiers of Pandora

In this game, there are various animals to hunt. Some act as predators and attack when they spot you, while others will run away if you get too close. To succeed, you need to be stealthy and approach from a distance to avoid alerting them.

The animals are categorized into different tiers: Young, Adult, and Mature. The higher the tier, the better materials and ingredients they can drop.

Before delving into the hunting process, there are a couple of things to note.

The recommended hunting weapon is the Heavy Bow, known for delivering high damage and accurate shots from a distance. However, using your Long Bow is also an option, especially if it deals more damage.

It’s crucial to avoid using RDA weapons or special ammunition when hunting animals, as it will diminish the rewards you receive from them.

A menu in the Hunter's Guide showing information about an animal Avatar Frontiers of Pandora

When you’re on the hunt for specific materials or an animal, your go-to resource is the Hunter’s Guide. It’s the best place to pinpoint which biome the animal resides in and where you can find rarer versions of it.

Not only that, but the guide provides valuable insights into how the animal reacts to proximity, whether they come in packs, or if they have heightened hearing. Considering all this information is important as it significantly eases the hunting process.

Furthermore, you have the option to Pin the animal in the Hunter’s Guide, allowing for a special highlight when using your Na’vi senses.

A map picture showing different biomes Avatar Frontiers of Pandora

Once you’ve learned about the animal’s biome, return to the map. Press the up button on the D-pad or C if you’re on PC to switch the view to the biomes on the map. This step is essential for determining the specific area where you should head to hunt down the animal.

With information about your animal and a chosen weapon in hand, it’s time to begin the hunt.

Typically, you’d scan the biome to spot the animal. However, using your Na’vi senses allows you to identify a scent trail. This feature helps you track the specific location of the animal.

Inspecting a scent trail with your Na’vi senses ensures you’re following the correct trail, guaranteeing you’re hunting the desired animal.

Player inspect an animal scent trail Avatar Frontiers of Pandora

Once you’ve located your target, maintaining a distance or positioning yourself on a higher platform is your way to go. Getting too close may prompt the animal to flee. But even if it does, you can still track them down by following their scent trail.

After spotting your animal, use your Na’vi senses to inspect it and gather information about the materials it drops; determining whether they are Superior or Exquisite. Beneath each material, you’ll find a range of material bonuses as well.

Player inspecting a Hammerhead Titanothere for the Hammerhead Horn material Avatar Frontiers of Pandora

While still using your Na’vi senses, pinpoint the animal’s weak spots, marked as yellow spots. Hitting these spots guarantees a Merciful kill, ensuring better hunting outcomes and higher-quality materials.

Another important aspect of hunting is achieving a Clean Kill, accomplished by landing a single shot on the animal’s weak spot to kill it.

This ensures that you receive the maximum bonus from the materials you collect.

Now, your task is to target their weak spots using the Heavy Bow to hunt the animals and gather all the materials you need for your crafting and cooking endeavors.


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