Evey Milestone Of The Five-Star Property Owner Aspiration And How To Complete It In The Sims 4: For Rent

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One of four aspirations added with The Sims 4: For Rent expansion pack centers on your Sim acquiring rental properties of their own and being the very best landlord they’re able to be. Buy a property or two, find some tenants, build relationships, and help your units thrive.




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You’ll be handling several types of emergency or maintenance, though, and boosting your rental rating and being a good landlord can be much harder than it sounds. In this guide, we’ve got a handful of tips to help you complete the Five-Star Property Owner aspiration as the best landlord you can be.

Five-Star Property Owner Aspiration Overview

two sims shaking hands outside a rental unit the sims 4 for rent landlord find tenant fill vacancy

The major attraction with The Sims 4: For Rent expansion pack is the new ability to become a landlord and experience the ins and owns of passive income via property ownership.

The Five-Star Property Owner aspiration encourages any Sim who chooses it to explore the glorious world of property management.

You’ll be buying rental properties across the new world of Tomarang (or elsewhere, if you’ve tweaked the lot traits elsewhere), dealing with finding and managing tenants for your units, and handling any maintenance or emergency events that come along with being a landlord.

Best Traits And Tips For The Five-Star Property Owner Aspiration

Since the Five-Star Property Owner aspiration deals quite a lot with your tenants as you move through the milestones, it may be helpful to have the Outgoing trait to maximize all that socializing.

a tenant agreement in the sims 4 for rent for the linh-sadya family at sungai point in tomarang

Additionally, properties are liable to experience maintenance events that break items in the home, flood it with plumbing issues, and more. In these cases, a Handy Sim is likely to shine over others with their Handiness skill.

It’s worth being mindful that buying rental properties can be pretty expensive, so you may also want to have another career in mind for your Sim before they buy any properties other than their own.

In these cases, unless you’re willing to use cheats to secure the funds or have been playing in a legacy family, it’s best to earn as much money as you can before investing in rental properties.


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Every Milestone Of The Five-Star Property Owner Aspiration

sungai point residential rental property tomarang the sims 4 for rent buy a rental

In the table below, we’re detailing the entirety of the Five-Star Property Owner Aspiration. This includes each milestone individually, every goal for that milestone, and some helpful tips and hyperlinks to our The Sims 4: For Rent guides to help you check off each task.

Five-Star Property Owner Milestones And How To Complete Them




Property Pupil

Have a Unit Occupied by a Tenant.

After buying your first residential rental property, you’ll likely have a couple of people already living there, If not, then for this goal, you need to fill a vacant unit with a tenant via the “Fill Vacancy” menu.

Handle a Maintenance Event

When you receive a notification about a maintenance event taking place at one of your rental units, head over to the lot to check out the problem. From there, either fix it yourself if your skills are high enough or call one of two professionals to come over and take a look at the issue. Handling it yourself requires the Handiness skill, as you’ll be fixing broken appliances just like you would at home.

Perform an Inspection Pass

Visit one of your rental units and head inside. While there, interact with any major appliance that can break (stoves, ovens, toilets, showers, etc.) and check them for maintenance. Anything that breaks at your home and must be repaired or replaced is liable to be checked for this milestone.

Shrewd Manager

Handle an Emergency Event

Separate from Maintenance Events, these are larger-scale issues that present a larger danger to the Sims in your units. Either send a Contractor Crew out to fix the issue, or go over to your rental property and address the problems on your own with your Handiness skill.

Have a Unit with a Rating of 3 or Higher

By improving your rental units in Build/Buy mode before leasing them out, maintaining good relationships with your tenants, and handling any issues that come your way with the property, you’ll increase your rating. Have at least one unit that ranks above three stars.

Have Two Units Occupied by Tenants

Own a property with at least two distinct rental units, and have both of them filled with tenants at the same time. If you’re playing in Tomarang and have purchased the Sungai Point property, there are two families living there when you buy the building, so this milestone completes automatically.

Perform 3 Inspection Passes on Rentals

Return to your units again and, like before, perform maintenance and inspections on appliances throughout the home that may be liable to break.

Proprietary Legend

Achieve a 5-Star Rating on a Unit

The best units are typically the largest and will be decorated with expensive, high-quality furniture. You’ll also need to be sure to stay on top of maintenance or emergency events and foster good relationships with your tenants. Rent can’t be too expensive for the space, which should be in a well-decorated environment and offer the highest-quality amenities.

Become Good Friends with a Tenant

After meeting any Sim that lives in one of your rental units, progress their relationship to Good Friend or higher by normal means of socializing. This can be done during maintenance visits, if your landlord Sim has time to chat, or you can dedicate time to spend with them like normal social relationships.

Have Three Units Occupied By Tenants

These don’t need to be in the same building if you own a few rental properties. You’ll need to have three tenants simultaneously to complete this goal.

When you complete the final task in the Five-Star Property Owner aspiration in The Sims 4: For Rent, your Sim will earn the Home Manager Maven trait.

On the whole, this vastly improves your ability to be a good landlord! You’ll handle maintenance or emergency events with more success, leading to higher unit ratings and better relationships with all your tenants.


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