What’s The Difference Between Just And Unjust Evictions In The Sims 4: For Rent?

When you’re renting out residential units in The Sims 4: For Rent, it’s always most peaceful when your tenants are current on their bills and are following all the unit rules, but what should you do if they decide to live by their own rules? If those rules violate yours, evict them.




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While you can technically evict any tenant at any time, unjust evictions can incur lawsuits and fines for your landlord Sim. When someone violates a rule and refuses to pay up for their misdeeds, though, you’re able to justly evict a tenant in The Sims 4: For Rent.

How To Justly Evict Sims In Your Rental Properties

evicting a tenant at their home the sims 4 for rent

When renting out residential property in The Sims 4: For Rent, you may occasionally have tenants that break their lease agreement in some way while they’re residing in your building.

Before you rent a unit out to new tenants, you can set several rules all tenants in the unit must follow, lest they be hit with a fine for breaking the rules.

You may need to stay on top of this, though, with consistent visits to the property you own, just to be sure that everything is running as it should be and to dish out fines to any rule-breakers.

a landlord sim about to deliver a fine to a front door the sims 4 for rent evict

When this happens, you can either post a fine in their mailbox out in front of the unit, slide it under their door by interacting with the front door of the unit, or hand it to the tenant directly when you see them.

Just be aware that tenants may laugh and refuse to pay their fines when confronted. This is likely to put your Sim in a Sad mood.

You may also find that, when you get paid your rent money, some tenants may not pay their rent in full, which also counts as a violation.

a tenant laughing while her landlord asks for fine money the sims 4 for rent how to evict someone

This can be checked on the rental property screen in the Owned Businesses tab, as can any fines your unit is currently breaking after a visit.

When a tenant has broken a rule and subsequently refused to handle it with you via fines or talking, then you’re able to open the lease agreement for that unit, and you ought to see the option to Justly Evict at the bottom of the agreement.

When this happens, it’s considered a fair and valid eviction. You’ll likely lose relationship points with the tenant, and the unit rating may go down, but the unit is vacated and you’re able to find a new tenant.

Unjust Evictions Might Get You Sued

a tenant agreement highlighting the unjustly evict option the sims 4 for rent eviction

Those enjoying the chaos that’s always just a few steps away in The Sims 4 will be happy to know that you can technically evict any tenants at any time you choose.

Whether you’d like to change the lease agreement for the next tenant to earn more cash, have found a devilish Secret about your tenant, or just don’t like the family living there, you can click the “Unjustly Evict” button located at the bottom of the lease agreement at any time.

If the tenants haven’t done anything to violate their lease agreement, any attempt to evict them will be considered unjust. Technically, nothing stops you from clicking the button and waving goodbye.

When this happens, you’ll lose a good amount of relationship with any tenants in the unit you’re vacating, and your unit rental rating will go down a considerable amount.

Additionally, sometimes, tenants you’ve evicted unjustly might sue you for breaching your lease agreement the same way you may have fined them for breaking theirs.

This occurs as a pop-up notification that tells you your landlord Sim is being fined in Simoleons for their violation of the agreement. The money will be taken automatically should this occur.


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