Lethal Company: How To Disable Turrets

In the nightmarish realm of Lethal Company, you’ll encounter a horde of terrifying creatures, from sightless hounds to eerie ghost girls. Yet within this horrifying menagerie, there’s an unlikely danger that may not stalk you menacingly or chase you down at blinding speeds, but it’s every bit as deadly, if not deadlier—turrets.




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You can disable these mechanical menaces relatively painlessly, but only with precision; one wrong move could leave you riddled with bullet holes. This guide covers exactly how to neutralize (or, in the worst-case scenario, outsmart) this lowkey yet lethal threat, so that you can continue fulfilling your Company quotas unscathed.

At the time of writing, “Lethal Company” is still in Early Access. Changes and updates may occur, but rest assured, we’ll monitor developments and update this guide as needed.

What Are Turrets?

Lethal Company - An Inactive Turret

Turrets appear randomly in the abandoned buildings where you’ll find most of your loot in Lethal Company. These tripod machines will scan around them in a fan shape for any players.

Though they can be easily spotted and discerned in the light, they can spawn in complete darkness, making them easily lethal for a player without a flashlight.

Once they detect a player, they’ll glow orange and start emitting a whirring sound for a few seconds before riddling the player with a volley of bullets that usually results in an instant death for the victim.

Solid floors, walls, pillars, and doors will stop the bullets of a turret, but grates will not. Be careful where you hide!

How To Disable Turrets

The easiest and most surefire way to neutralize a turret is to have a friend back at the ship disable it for you.

Using the radio, you’ll be able to communicate with someone observing the monitor from your ship—which we’ll refer to as the operator of your Company squad.

The operator will be able to see the ID number of the turret near you on the screen, as demonstrated in the video above. After that, they just need to enter the ID number into the terminal to disable the turret.

Do note, however, that the turret will only be disabled for a few seconds—more than enough for you to sprint past, but make sure you don’t linger!

Though it might be tempting to lead that rampaging Thumper into a turret, don’t! Turrets do not target monsters, and you’ll just be putting yourself in more danger.

How To Bypass Turrets

Lethal Company - An Activated and Firing Turret

Not enough people on your squad for a terminal operator? Or maybe the last thing you heard from your operator’s radio was screaming and snarling?

With the following methods, it’s possible to bypass turrets even without a friend at the terminal, but it’s significantly more risky.

  1. Keep out of its range. If you were lucky enough with the turret spawn, the radius of its scan might not cover the whole hallway. Keep behind the turret as it scans, and it won’t be able to detect you.
  2. Hit the turret. Though they cannot be destroyed, hitting the turret with a weapon or two-handed item like the stop sign will send it into a frenzy where it shoots in a predictable 360-degree clockwise round. You can keep behind it as it shoots in a circle to get past it.
  3. Sprint past. If all else fails, you can take advantage of the second it takes for the turret to charge up and shoot you, to dash past it. Because it will follow you once it’s detected you, we don’t recommend this method unless you know for certain that you can get behind cover before it starts shooting.


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