The Best Supernovas In One Piece

In One Piece, a Supernova, also known as a Super Rookie, is any rookie pirate who has managed to earn a bounty over 100 million bellies. For the most part, though, it’s used to refer to the Eleven Supernovas, every member of the Worst Generation except for Blackbeard, who burst onto the world scene just before the Summit War.



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Despite being grouped together, the Supernovas aren’t equal, each with their own bounty and reputation. Read below to find out how they’re ranked.

A warning for you if you’re fresh from the live-action show. There be spoilers in these here waters.

11 Urouge

Urouge from One Piece, in his swollen muscular form.

Urouge the “Mad Monk” is Captain of the Fallen Monk Pirates and a rare example of someone from a Sky Island sailing the regular oceans. With an unnamed Devil Fruit that lets him convert damage he takes into physical strength, he’s no slouch in a fight.

Known primarily for beating Charlotte Snack, one of the Sweet Generals, this fight was never seen. With no big wins that we’ve gotten to witness and a relatively straightforward Devil Fruit, it’s hard to rank him above any other Supernova.

10 Capone Bege

Capone Bege from One Piece smoking a cigar.

Capone “Gang” Bege is a mafia boss turned pirate captain with a whopping bounty of 350 million bellies. His Devil Fruit, the Shiro Shiro no Mi, makes him a Castle Human. He can shrink people down and store them in the castle that is his body and even transform himself into a giant fortress.

His strength is as a schemer, not a fighter. He can come up with impressive plans capable of taking down even an Emperor, but most of the other Supernovas could take Bege down so long as he doesn’t get the drop on them.

9 Scratchmen Apoo

Scratchmen Apoo from One Piece using his power to turn his body parts into musical instruments.

The ridiculously named Scratchmen Apoo has a much better moniker: the “Roar of the Sea.” He also has an unusual Devil Fruit ability. He ate the Oto Oto no Mi, allowing him to turn his body parts into musical instruments and play them with destructive effects.

It’s powerful and best for surprise attacks, being used to injure even the likes of Zoro and Luffy. It has some major weaknesses, but covering your ears is enough to stop his attacks from landing. And when most opponents at the Supernova level and above have Haki that lets them predict attacks, it’s easy to silence Scratchmen Apoo.

8 X Drake

X Drake from One Piece wielding his axe and saber

Former Rear Admiral, Supernova, undercover agent, Captain of SWORD – “Red Flag” X Drake has no shortage of titles. He’s a fearsome fighter whose Zoan Devil Fruit grants him great strength and the ability to transform into a dinosaur.

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While his Devil Fruit doesn’t quite compete with the Mythical Zoan types, X Drake shouldn’t be underestimated. He is able to clash with even Sanji and Zoro during the Wano Arc, after all. His ability to infiltrate the Beast Pirates goes to show that he has great deceptive skills and the patience to play the long game.

7 Basil Hawkins

Basil Hawkins from One Piece shuffling his tarot cards.

Basil Hawkins has one of the most unusual sets of powers of any One Piece character. He has access to cartomancy, voodoo magic, and his Devil Fruit, which lets him create and control straw. With all of these traits combined, he can use his skills to create voodoo dolls of people who take damage in his place, control battle with his tarot cards, and transform into a gigantic straw monster.

Straw isn’t the best material for combat, but overall, Basil Hawkins uses his suite of abilities to great effect. Ultimately, his weakness is his pride. When he predicted his own low chance of survival, he was unable to admit he had picked the wrong side, seeing things through until his presumed death.

6 Killer

Killer from One Piece, ready to fight with his Punisher hand blades.

One of only two of the Eleven Supernovas not to be a captain, Killer is instead part of the Kid Pirates under Eustass Kid. With a personal bounty of 200 million bellies, he’s part of a crew known mainly for destruction and civilian casualties, marking him as someone not to be taken lightly.

Killer is also one of only two of the Worst Generation to not have a Devil Fruit power, showing just how impressive he is. He’s killed enough with his twin blades, the Punishers, to wound Kaidou. He’s confident that with them, he could even beat Zoro, which is no small claim.

5 Eustass Kid

Eustass Kid from One Piece without his prosthetic arm

First introduced with a bounty even higher than Luffy’s, it’s worth remembering that Kid has a high bounty largely thanks to attacking civilians. He fights alongside the Straw Hats during the Wano Country Arc but is a prime example of an immoral pirate.

Even with his bounty inflated by striking against innocent targets, Kid is a heavyweight in One Piece. His Devil Fruit powers give him control over magnetism, which he has used to fight successfully against Kaidou and even defeat Big Mom alongside Trafalgar Law.

4 Jewelry Bonney

Jewelry Bonney from One Piece, clutching her hat to her head.

Jewelry Bonney, known as the “Big Eater,” holds the distinction of being the only female Supernova and is the daughter of Bartholomew Kuma. These things immediately make her stand out, but it’s her Devil Fruit power that sets her above so many of the other Supernovas.

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Her power lets her manipulate the aging process of anything, even herself or other people. She can turn enemies into harmless babies or fragile elderly versions of themselves. She even gets to choose which version of an older or younger self she changes someone into, selecting from different timelines. She could age Luffy into a timeline where he’s already Pirate King or return Silvers Rayleigh to his prime as The Dark King. People always return to their natural age, but this power is still potentially game-changing.

3 Trafalgar Law

Trafalgar Law from One Piece using his Ope Ope no MI power - room.

“The Surgeon of Death,” Trafalgar D. Water Law is a former Warlord of the Sea and holds one of the most coveted Devil Fruit powers in existence, often called the “Ultimate Devil Fruit.” The Ope Ope no Mi lets Law create zones where he can freely control the physical arrangement of anything, including human anatomy.

His greatest feat is taking down Big Mom, an Emperor, alongside Eustass Kid. Although this is impressive, the most interesting aspect of Law is his potential. He could use his Devil Fruit to grant another person eternal youth, although it would cost him his own life. This makes Law and his power highly sought after by both pirates and those in the World Government.

2 Roronoa Zoro

Zoro biting his swords hilt in the One Piece anime

“Pirate Hunter” Zoro is well on his way to achieving his dream of becoming the world’s greatest swordsman. With his unique Three Sword Style, he’s gone toe to toe with some of the strongest characters One Piece has to offer. Determined to never lose and help Luffy fulfill his dream, Zoro continues to defeat more and more powerful enemies.

Without a Devil Fruit power, Zoro relies on his incredible physical condition, sword skills, and Haki. The thing that allows him to continue advancing, though, is his humility and willingness to learn from those around him. He picked up the Foxfire Style of Kin’emon incredibly quickly after seeing how useful it could be and even humbled himself by asking Dracule Mihawk to train him during the time skip.

1 Monkey D. Luffy

Monkey D. Luffy in Gear 5 Form

Straw Hat Luffy stands atop the other Supernovas for more reasons than you might think. He’s incredibly strong, of course. His Devil Fruit means he’s more powerful than anyone would have expected. Luffy is number one because of his ability to befriend and make allies just about everywhere he goes.

When compared to other Supernova crews, the Straw Hats are stacked with powerhouse players like Zoro, Sanji and even a former Warlord in Jinbe. Entire nations like Alabasta would probably come to his aid if they thought he needed it, and that’s to say nothing of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet.

As a Warlord of the Sea, he can go toe to toe with even Marine Admirals, but it’s his influence and impact over the world as a whole that makes Luffy so special.

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