How Top Beat Maulosseum Rank D In Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince

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As Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince slowly ramps up its difficulty, there’s no better reflection of this transformation than the Endor Colosseum and (arguably even more so) the Maulosseum. Our previous Maulosseum guides have covered as much ground as we can muster with the idea in mind that you’re either looking for a few pointers, or intentionally playing through the game underleveled.




Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince – All Monsters In Terrestria

Terrestria, the first area you can explore in DQM: The Dark Prince, is home to a great number of interesting monsters to find.

Not so much by the time you hit Rank D. At this point, it’s that much easier to get hit by surprisingly harder foes. The best solution is to synthesize the right monsters, but we’ll go into detail on the whole nine yards.

Maulosseum Rank D Overview

Ossie the Dragon Quest Monsters Announcer

Rank D at the Colosseum is very much a themed package. Our toughest battles were the first and second, and having casters with powerful spells will spare you some extra difficulty. The importance of a healer with at least Midheal can’t be overstated, as the Metal Slime Knight and Skeleton Swordsman pack a physical wallop, and there are some enemy spellcasters as well.

In short, take a team with elemental magic, especially Fire and Ice (Frizz and Crack techniques and their successors). Don’t change your healer’s tactics at any point, and your monsters should be relatively safe through the onslaught.



First Battle

Wild Slime

Pasty Pastry

Metal Slime Knight


Second Battle

Skeleton Soldier


Skeleton Swordsman

Mummy Boy

Third Battle

Shivery Shrubbery

Living Statue



How To Beat Maulosseum Rank D

Round One: Slime Time

Gooey Louis and the Slimes in Dragon Quest Monsters

Your first match will be rather well-themed: it’s Slimes, the whole way through. The Metal Slime Knight will rather predictably do some decent physical damage, even before it’s potentially buffed to increase its attack stat. Conversely, the Cureslime will likely raise the entire party’s stats, the Wildslime will seek to debuff yours, and the Pasty Pastry is… to be honest, kind of an afterthought here.

Inflicting Stun or Sleep on your enemies will tip the fight in your favor. Just don’t expect them to hit every target, given the relatively low accuracy of debuffs for the stockpile of monsters you’re likely to have in your arsenal now. Having a dedicated healer (taking a cue from your opponent’s playbook here in the first round) is a must, and be sure to set them to prioritize healing or else there’s a not-inconsiderable chance they won’t get the memo and heal you when needed most.

This is doubly important if the heavy physical hitter, the Metal Slime Knight, gets its attack raised. It’ll do enough damage to shave off nearly half a target’s HP, presuming that target (like your healers, typically) doesn’t have a solid defense stat.

Rounds Two And Three: Flogging And Flaming A Dead Team

Zom B Hotay is flogging a dead horse in Dragon Quest Monsters

Your worst nightmare in the second round is the Skeleton Swordsman, who can dish out enough damage per strike to make the Metal Slime Knight look like his subordinate. Buffing your team’s defense is highly advised, and don’t even think about switching your healer’s strategy to something less task-oriented.

Fire spells are your best friend here, as they can soar into the three-digit range with ease against most of your undead opponents. In general, this quartet of terror is easily wiped by magic, though bear in mind, they’re going to hit you fast and hard until they’re sent back to the grave. Having a full team of casters is not a bad idea at all.

Fire continues to soothe the soul in the final round, where it will decimate the Shivery Shrubbery. But having a Water spell is equally important to obliterate the Magmalice before its own magically oriented attacks become a problem. The Living Statue’s Knuckle Sandwich doesn’t tend to strike for as much damage as the previous rounds’ Metal Slime Knight and Skeleton Swordsman, at least in our experience – those Midheals should serve you just fine.

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