MTG– Every Drop In The 2023 Secretversery Secret Lair Superdrop, Ranked By Value


  • The Secretversery Super Drop offers six unique Secret Lairs with cool card interpretations and artwork from talented artists, making them valuable additions to players’ decks.
  • The Paradise Frost Secret Lair features tranquil snowy scenery illustrated by ELK64, creating a dream-like world on these Snow basic lands.
  • The Through The Wormhole Secret Lair showcases essential Commander cards with a stunning outer space motif, including the highly sought-after Arcane Signet.



Another Secret Lair Super Drop means Magic: The Gathering fans will have all sorts of chances to upgrade their decks with some extra cool cards. This Super Drop is in honor of the 2023 Secretversery, bringing six special Secret Lairs together for a limited time.


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All the Secret Lairs in this Secretversery Super Drop are super cool and feature some incredible artists, allowing them to interpret cards however they like. Each Secret Lair here comes with their own unique collection of cards, making some of them more valuable overall to players.

Note: The value of these Secret Lairs is taken from TCGplayer’s Market Value based on the regular, non-foil version of the most recent printing of the card on December 6, 2023, and may change in value over time.

6 Showcase: The Lost Caverns Of Ixalan


Showcase The Lost Caverns Of Ixalan Cards

A throwback to the last time Magic visited Ixalan, this Secret Lair takes five classic legendary creatures, one from each faction on the plane, except for the Sun Empire, and gives them the special showcase treatment from The Lost Caverns of Ixalan. Joining this Showcase Secret Lair are illustrators Chun Lo, Michael Walsh, Pig Hands, Richard Luong, and rishxxv.

These are all incredibly cool interpretations of these characters and are especially nice if you run any of them as your commander in a deck. Kumena, Tyrant of Orazca, and Elenda, the Dusk Rose are particularly powerful pieces, but you can’t go wrong with Admiral Beckett Brass, Captain Lannery Storm, or Vona, Butcher of Magan.

5 Paradise Frost


MTG Secret Lair Paradise Frost

Basic land Secret Lairs, even if they’re Snow basic lands, are very hard to gauge how valuable they will be over time and the Paradise Frost Secret Lair is no different. Looking at the other Secret Lairs designed around Snow lands, there’s a high chance that it’ll balance out somewhere between $30 to $50 total, but based on Snow lands in general, the end value is relatively low.

But that’s not why you’re picking up this Secret Lair, you’re doing it for the tranquil snowy scenery illustrated by ELK64, the artist for of these lands. Each card features an almost dream-like world, with a serene animal gently taking in the world around them.

4 Through The Wormhole


MTG Secret Lair Through the Wormhole

An utterly breathtaking Secret Lair from illustrator Dani Pendergast takes essential Commander cards and sends them to the stunning beauty of outer space. This Secret Lair comes with an x Arcane Signet, Lightning Greaves, Sol Ring, Thought Vessel, and a Command Tower, all with a space motif.


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The coolest card from this drop has to be the Arcane Signet, though the blazing Lighting Greaves tracing fire across the rings of a planet is also an amazing design. It’ll be hard to figure out which Commander deck you want to slip these cards into since you’ll want to run them in practically every deck.

3 Gift Wrapped


MTG Secret Lair Gift Wrapped

A very distinct Secret Lair that Magic hasn’t quite seen before, the Gift Wrapped drop features scenic and abstract artwork from Jessie LeDoux. These cards are inspired by festive holiday gift-wrapping paper, with some friendly faces hidden among the designs.

All the cards in this drop are solid additions to just about any deck that can run them, but the two highlights are definitely going to be Giver of Runes and Homeward Path. Giver of Runes gives protection to another creature you control protection from the color of your choice, or from colorless spells if you choose while Homeward Path ensures your opponents will never steal your creatures from you thanks to its ability.

2 Tales Of The Time Stoppers


MTG Secret Lair Tales of the Time Stoppers

Inspired by vintage fantasy comic books, illustrator Micha Huigen takes some of the most powerful cards from Magic’s history and gives them their own Secret Lair collection. This drop is all about cards that let you take extra turns, denying your opponents a chance to do anything while you have all the time in the world to set up your next play.


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Among these cards, Nexus of Fate is a particularly powerful card. It has only been printed one other time, and that was as a Buy-A-Box promo for Core Set 2019, making it a fairly limited card at the time. If you take a close look at Time Reversal, you’ll notice that the creature in the art is a six-winged, heron-headed centaur with a lion’s tail, which is exactly the type of fantasy adventure Magic needs.

1 Mycosynthwave


MTG Secret Lair Mycosynthwave

Look at the trippy vibes of this Secret Lair, all neon colors, vibrant suns, and more curves than the multiverse can handle. The Mycosynthwave takes several cards from the Mycosynth, a strange metallic fungus has spread over the inside of the artificial plane Mirrodin, which then became New Phyrexia, and now is mostly in ruins.

Two of the three cards in this Drop are incredibly powerful, Mycosynth Golem and Mycosynth Lattice, while the third card, Mycosynth Wellspring can be put to good use in any deck that sacrifices artifacts for extra benefits. The Mycosynth Golem gives all your artifacts affinity for artifacts, more or less making them all free to cast if you have enough out. And then Mycosynth Lattice makes everything in play an artifact, everything not in play becomes colorless, and all lands for all players tap for any color. Both are wickedly powerful cards that can spin the game in your favor and are well deserved for their own unique Secret Lair.


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