How To Beat Endor Rank D In Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince

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If you’re reading this, there’s a decent chance you’ve reached Rank D at the Colosseum in Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince. And if so, congrats! Things are going to ramp up a bit now, relative to the prior ranks, so guides like these become that much more imperative.




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Colosseum Rank D Overview

Dragon Quest Monsters Colosseum Rank D Overview

Overleveling will help a ton, of course – though given the auto-battling nature of the Colosseum, it’s still no surefire way to win. Synthesizing the right monsters can give you a greater edge in battle, so we’ll talk shop on that front for sure.



First Battle



Hawk Man


Second Battle


Palooka Pawn

Stone Golem


Third Battle



Dangler Fish


Don’t be shocked: you’ll face three consecutive fights again in Rank D, and once again, your party will be fully healed between bouts. Put plainly, everything’s business as usual – except for the identities of your foes, of course.

How To Beat Colosseum Rank D

Lickity Lydia in Dragon Quest Monsters The Dark Prince

The Wyvern will likely poison you when it strikes, so it’d be a grand idea to bring someone who knows Squelch, with their healing tactics prioritized accordingly. (It’s generally good thinking to bring a dedicated healer to these fights, regardless.)

The first thing we noticed during the Endor Rank D matches is that the monsters seem to be a fair bit faster than their Rank E brethren. Don’t be surprised if they all move faster than you, especially in the first round. And if they don’t, hey, that just means you’ve got some serious winners on your side in the agility category.

Several of your enemies will use debuffs like Sweet Breath in an effort to slow you down, but these attacks will not be sufficiently accurate enough to seriously impair you for long (unless you’re extremely unlucky; they only ever seemed to hit one to two of our monsters here).

Take someone along who can Stun the enemy to keep these fast-hitting foes from using it to their advantage. You’ll want at least one party member with target-all spells; the sooner you get rid of the Stone Golem in the second match, the better. It hits like a brick, and will likely have its attack raised via a buff from a teammate.

In the final round, the biggest physical threat is the Coralossus, which can strike for nearly as much as the Stone Golem. Expect the Mortoad and Spinchilla to use target-all spells on a regular basis, so having that healer with Midheal will be a must for smooth sailing. The Coralossus will have the Spiky Skin trait, damaging physical attacks on impact, so all the more reason to load your team up with spells in this rank.

The Coralossus can also use Anchor Man to deal damage nearly into the three-digit range, so try to bring along monsters with a couple of hundred hit points at minimum.

With a party built to our broad specifications above, you shouldn’t have much difficulty surpassing Rank D, impressing the Endor Colosseum crowd all the more so with Psaro’s match-upsetting antics!


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