How Many Resident Evil Films Exist?

The Resident Evil game series started and became really popular during the ’90s. In the 2000s, though, it transformed from a gaming series to a media franchise. This is mainly due to the release of several movies set in the Resident Evil universe.




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Some of them are loose re-telling of the games, while others are completely original tales. The most famous ones are the live-action releases that have come from the mind of Paul W. S. Anderson. Yet, there have also been some separate CGI ones that have nothing to do with Anderson’s works. Both sets of movies have their fans and critics. But how many of them are there in total?

There Are 12 Resident Evil Movies

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In total, there have been 12 movies based on the Resident Evil series. This number includes seven live-action releases and five CGI titles.

One of those CGI movies is called Biohazard 4D-Executer, which was the first RE film ever to be released as it came out in 2000. It’s also the least known, as it never made it overseas. It was a Japan-only release, and it was actually part of a theme park ride.

Biohazard 4D-Executer is also the only CG Resident Evil movie to not be a part of the game canon. Degeneration, Damnation, Vendetta, and Death Island are all part of the main Resident Evil timeline.

The live-action movies, however, exist in their own canon. Some are loosely based on games in the series but they don’t take place in the same universe.

8 Resident Evil Movies Had Theatrical Releases In The United States

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Only eight Resident Evil movies came out in theaters in the US. This number includes all the live-action titles.

Resident Evil Vendetta was the only CGI RE movie to land in US theaters, albeit it only had a limited release. The rest were only available on DVD, Blu-ray, and digital stores in the US. All the animated movies had theatrical releases in Japan.

According to BoxOfficeMojo, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter was the most successful RE movie at the Box Office, as it made $312 Million worldwide.


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