How To Find Knotroot In Lego Fortnite

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Exploring and finding new materials to use for crafting is all part of the fun and magic of Lego Fortnite. But while some items may be simple to find, others can be a little trickier to locate.




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You finally upgraded your workbench and are ready to craft new, sturdier tools and weapons. You open the menu to see one of the required resources for some of them is Knotroot Rod. What is knotroot, where can you find it, and how do you make it into a knotroot rod? Follow along here, where we’ll tell you all you need to know about knotroot!

Where To Find Knotroot

Lego Fortnite: Standing outside a cave

Knotroot are just what the name indicates: knotted roots. They can be found inside the caves scattered around the map.

However, you won’t be able to harvest knotroot with your Common Forest Axe. Before you go into the caves, you’ll need to craft an Uncommon Forest Axe. You can do this at your workbench with three Bones and three Wooden Rods.

Additionally, bring torches, a sword, and a shield, as the caves are both dark and full of skeletons, spiders, scorpions, rollers, and more.

As you start looking for caves, be careful not to end up in an ice cave. Entering an ice cave without proper protection will drain your health in a matter of seconds.

How To Make Knotroot Rods

Lego Fortnite: Crafting Knotroot Rods in the Lumber Mill

Once you have as many knotroots as you can get, head back to your village.

With the knotroots in your inventory, open the Lumber Mill and select the Knotroot Rods recipe just like you did for the Planks and Wooden Rods.

Once they’re finished, retrieve them from the mill. You’ll now be able to craft sturdier tools and weapons.

What Can You Make With Knotroot Rods?

Lego Fortnite: Uncommon Pickaxe recipe

Among the new recipes that you can make with knotroot rods, you’ll find:



Pickaxe (Uncommon)

3 Knotroot Rod, 3 Bone

Shovel (Uncommon)

3 Knotroot Rod, 1 Plank

Longsword (Uncommon)

5 Knotroot Rod

Recurve Crossbow (Uncommon)

8 Knotroot Rod, 1 Drawstring

Dynamite (Rare)

1 Blast Powder, 3 Knotroot Rod

2nd Crafting Bench Upgrade

12 Knotroot Rod, 15 Marble Slab, 6 Sand Claw, 3 Sand Shell


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