Here’s How Disney Lorcana’s New Location Cards Work

We’re only a few weeks past the Rise of the Floodborn release, but Ravensburger has already revealed the next expansion for Disney Lorcana. Coming to local game stores February 23, Into the Inklands will bring us out of the Great Illuminary and into the vast inklands that make up the world of Lorcana, as we seek out the missing lore that was swept away by the mysterious flood of mixed ink.



To help us explore the world, Into the Inklands will introduce a brand new card type called Locations. Today, on the official Discord server, lead game designer Steve Warner explained how these new cards will work.

So far we’ve only seen one Location (and had another teased in Moana’s home of Motunui). Forbidden Mountain, Maleficent’s Castle is a two cost, inkable card. During the Q&A, Warner explained each feature on the card. The cost symbol in the corner works the same way as any other card. Locations have an ink cost that you have to pay to put them in play. Some locations are inkable, and some aren’t.


Disney Lorcana Goes Back To The ’90s For Its Third Set, Into The Inklands

New Location cards, DuckTales, and TailSpin all headline Lorcana’s adventurous third set, Into the Inklands.

Every location has a Willpower value. Your opponent can challenge or use action to deal damage to locations just like characters. When a Location’s Willpower is reduced to zero, that location is banished. Locations are effectively always exerted even on the turn they’re played, so they can always be challenged.

The other number on a Location, to the left of the Location’s name, is its move cost. This is the amount of ink you must exert in order to move a character to a location. There are various benefits characters can receive from being at locations, either from their own card text or from an ability that the location itself provides. Peter Pan, Lost Boy Leader and Minnie Mouse, Funky Spelunker, two of the new Into the Inklands cards already revealed, both interact with locations in different ways. Warner says many of the details and intricacies of Locations will become clear as more Into the Inklands cards are revealed.

Forbidden Mountain, Lorcana

Characters can move between locations if you have multiple locations in play (and pay the movement cost), but once you have moved a character to a location, they can’t simply leave unless they have another location to travel to. “Once they’re at a location they’re there, except in some special cases,” Warner says. There’s no limit to the number of characters you can have at the same location, however only your own characters can move to your locations; your opponent’s characters cannot.

With the introduction of a new type of card that can be challenged, it’s important to pay special attention to the abilities of other cards. For example, Bodyguard characters only protect other characters, not locations. And while there may be cards that can heal a location, characters like Rapunzel, Gifted with Healing can only heal locations. Reckless characters, like Gaston, Arrogant Hunter, must challenge if able, which includes Locations.

A new card type is the most exciting development in Lorcana since the reveal of Enchanted cards, and I can’t wait to see what kind of impact Locations have on the game in the next expansion. Warner says Into the Inklands won’t be the last time we see Locations either, so it seems like this is going to be a core card type for Locana going forward. Hopefully we won’t have to see some more classic Disney Locations. Here’s hoping we’ll get to visit San Fransokyo sooner rather than later.

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