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Though there are plenty of layers to the gameplay in The Sims 4, the traits you assign to your Sim when you first create them are strong enough to influence everything they do. Adult Sims have three traits each, and with a sprawling spread to choose from, every Sim experiences life differently.




The Sims 4: Autonomy, Explained

Do you want to control every aspect of your Sim’s life? Then this is the setting that you want to edit.

Whether it’s the innate traits you give your Sim on creation, reward traits from completing aspiration or working hard in careers, or childhood traits that stick with smaller Sims for life, traits can shape your entire experience. Here’s a detailed look at every trait in The Sims 4.

What Are Traits?

fitness traits in create a sim mode

Traits Overview

In The Sims 4, emotions are more varied than ever before, with Moodlets introduced in this series entry. And while normal gameplay can impact moodlets, your Sims are more prone to certain emotions depending on their traits.

While they may inform the ones that occur naturally in-game, traits and emotions are not the same thing as your Sim’s preferences, which must be set in a different menu.

Though townie Sims appear with their traits already set, you can choose up to three traits for Sims you make yourself in Create-a-Sim. Any Sims you download from the gallery will also have a set of traits.

Adult Sims have three trait slots by default, but they may earn additional traits based on life experiences. More on that below!

Overall, traits combine to form your Sim’s unique personality. For example, Sims with perfectionistic traits will behave much differently than sloppy Sims, while hardworking Sims are more driven in their goals than lazy ones.

Because of this, you’re truly able to make hundreds of combinations from the list of all traits in The Sims 4, which only broadens as you accumulate expansion packs.

Image depicts a popup in The Sims 4 as part of the Self Discovery system prompting the player to swap a Sim trait for a new one.

Unless you use the Retraiting Potion (or cheats), you cannot change your Sims’ three base traits on the UI or via the “Modify Sim in CAS” option.

You can, however, work toward swapping them through behavioral changes. For example, if a Mean Sim continues to do nice things, you may have a chance to swap the Mean trait for the Good one.

Traits Come In Four Categories

Since players may struggle to keep traits in line without them, traits fall into one of four categories when you’re assigning them in Create-a-Sim.

These categories are:

  • Emotional Traits, which deal with your Sim, their feelings, and how likely they are to feel different things.
  • Hobby Traits that can help your Sims advance in their goals and hobbies more quickly.
  • Lifestyle Traits, which inform how your Sim approaches the world around them.
  • Social Traits that flesh out your Sims’ interactions with other Sims and animals.

sims 4 horse ranch championship rider aspiration umber grove traits in full edit mode

By choosing traits from across several categories, you may help make your Sim feel more varied. Additionally, if you’re not sure what you’d like your Sim to be like, you can always use the randomize option to select three traits at random.

Certain traits are exclusive to packs. Whether it’s full expansions, game packs, certain stuff packs, or even a few of the kits, you’ll be unable to access these traits without the packs they’re tied to.

What Are Reward Traits?

There are also traits available in The Sims 4 that are inherited traits based on things like completing aspirations, career advancements, Satisfaction Point rewards, and more.

the sims 4 satisfaction points reward store, showing potions

Though these traits are not available to select in Create-a-Sim, Sims can still earn these traits as a result of your gameplay decisions and happenings.

They’re typically long-term goals during regular gameplay unless you’re using a few cheats – we won’t tell you what to do, just how to do it.


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All Basic Sim Traits

a musician sim conducting an orchestra in the create a sim menu selecting traits sims 4 entertainer career guide

In the tables below, we’ve elaborated on each of the traits you can assign to fully-grown Sims of any species. These are the traits available in CAS that can be chosen for Sims you’re creating, or given to Sims as they age up, which cannot be changed.

These appear in the order they appear on the trait selection page, and we’ve noted which traits are exclusive to expansion packs, too.

Emotional Traits





  • Perform better at work or school, and are more likely to get promoted or raise grades.
  • Gain negative moodlets when unemployed or if it’s been a while between promotions.

Base Game


  • Needs decay faster when Happy, and negative moodlets time out faster.
  • Higher chance of success when using friendly socials when Happy.
  • Generally become Happy more often than other Sims.


  • Gain the Playful moodlet when playing with Child Sims.
  • Gain the Happy moodlet when playing with children’s toys.
  • Gain positive moodlets from watching the Kids’ Network on television.


  • Less likely to experience negative moodlets tied to failures, like Angry or Sad.
  • More likely to fail at repairs, working out, or performing athletic feats.
  • Additional likeliness to break certain electronics.
  • Stumble sometimes when walking.


  • More likely to become Inspired, and build Fun from creative activities like painting.
  • Share Creative Ideas with other Sims while Inspired, or Propose Crazy Scheme if not.
  • Become upset after not doing a creative activity for a while.


  • Ability to talk to themselves and inanimate objects.
  • Frequent moodlet switching, entirely at random.
  • Likely to autonomously shower in the rain if Seasons is installed.
  • Share Conspiracy Theories with other Sims.


  • More likely to become Focused, and prefer chess or reading to other options for Fun.
  • Gain negative moodlets when not mentally stimulated.
  • Share Brilliant Ideas with other Sims.
  • Solve Hard Problems, a Logic-building skill only for Genius Sims.


  • More likely to be Sad, and experience more powerful negative moodlets than most Sims.
  • Quicker creative skill gain when skill-building with the Sad moodlet.
  • Share Melancholy Thoughts with other Sims.


  • More likely to be Playful.

High Maintenance

  • Occasional negative moodlet gain from minor problems listed on the individual moodlets.
  • These moodlets can be cleared by performing wellness activities.

Spa Day


  • More likely to be Angry, especially when unsuccessful at work, in romance, or being pranked.
  • Do not calm down when other Sims use the Calm Down interaction.

Base Game


  • Gain positive moodlets when in the basement of any lot.
  • Accuse other Sims of spying, and become Scared around Sims that are whispering.
  • Share Conspiracy Theories with other Sims.



  • More likely to be Flirty.
  • Negative moodlets when this Sim doesn’t partake in romantic social interactions for a while.
  • Higher chance of success when using romance socials.

Base Game


  • More likely to be Confident.
  • Propose Crazy Scheme to other Sims.


  • Negative moodlets from bugs, fishing, vomit, violence, or death.
  • Become nauseous after privacy invasions, instead of Embarrassed.

Outdoor Retreat


  • All Flirting interactions have been renamed to more hesitant-sounding iterations.
  • Gain negative moodlets when being flirted with by Flirty Sims, or when witnessing flirting in public.
  • Give other Sims negative moodlets when they try to flirt with the Unflirty Sim.

City Living


  • More effective at mentoring other Sims.
  • Less likely to become Angry or Uncomfortable, and moodlets last a shorter duration when acquired.
  • Learn all skills faster, and earn increased Satisfaction Reward payouts.
  • Remember past memories on occasion, which aren’t always good.

For Rent

Sims 4 base game don lothario chatting up a sim

Hobby Traits




Art Lover

  • Gain positive moodlets from viewing art or finishing paintings.
  • Admire Art and Discuss Art with other Sims.

Base Game


  • Gain positive moodlets from finishing books.
  • Analyzing Books puts this Sim in an Inspired mood.
  • Discuss Favorite Authors or Discuss Latest Book with other Sims.
  • More likely to read when Fun is low than watching TV or using electronics.

Dance Machine

  • Gain positive moodlets when at bars, lounges, or clubs.
    • Can use the Party Time social to become Energized at these locations, too.
  • Become Bored if it’s been a while since they last danced.
  • Build the Dancing skill faster.

Get Together


Become Happy when consuming food and drinks of high quality. Become Uncomfortable when consuming food and drinks of normal, poor, or spoiled quality. Can watch cooking shows on TVs to become Inspired. Discuss Fine Cuisine or Discuss Favorite Recipes with other Sims.

Base Game


  • Become Happy when playing video games or reading sci-fi books.
  • Easier time locating rare collectibles.
  • Gain a Tense moodlet when they haven’t played video games for a while.
  • Discuss Geek Things with other Sims.

Loves the Outdoors

  • Gain positive moodlets when going outside, but negative moodlets for staying inside too long.
  • Enthuse About Nature with other Sims.


  • Become Happy when fabricating things on the:
  • Become Sad when they haven’t fabricated in a while.
  • No negative moodlets when failing a repair or craft.

Eco Lifestyle

Music Lover

  • Gain additional Fun while music is playing.
  • Become Inspired when listening to music, but Tense when it’s been a while since they heard music.
  • Gain a Happy moodlet when playing a musical instrument, which increases at higher skill levels.

Base Game

Recycle Disciple

  • Gain positive moodlets when recycling, looking for bits, or looking through trash.
  • Gain negative moodlets when it’s been too long since they recycled, and may throw away nearby furniture.

Eco Lifestyle

sims 4 write songs how to write a song sim playing guitar in her pajamas

Lifestyle Traits





  • More likely to become Energized, and can exercise on the ground without being Energized.
  • Gain negative moodlets when it’s been more than one day without exercise.
  • Live a few days longer at the end of the Elder life stage than non-Active Elder Sims.
  • “Pump Up” actions with other Sims.

Base Game


  • Does not panic when fires break out, and will automatically try to extinguish them.
  • Gain happy moodlets when on excursions or adventures, even to locations tied to other expansions.
  • Become Inspired when eating gourmet meals, but Bored when eating quick meals.
  • Become Bored when building the same skill or performing the same action too many times in a row.

Snowy Escape

Child of the Islands

  • Call events with island spirits.

Island Living

Child of the Ocean

  • Immune to death by drowning.
  • Gain Fun faster when boating, scuba diving, snorkeling, or swimming.
  • Gain negative moodlets from fishing or consuming meals made with fish.

Child of the Village

  • Become Energized when socializing with others in Tomarang or attending events in the world.
  • Become Sad when it’s been too long since they’ve been to Tomarang or spoke to other folks there.

For Rent


  • Find better items in dumpsters, and become Energized by big discoveries in the trash.
  • Discomfort with traditional careers and expensive furniture, but never with sleeping in other Sims’ houses.
  • Willingness to consume expired food and preference for cooking with ingredients.
  • Ask for Discounts at food stalls.

Eco Lifestyle


  • Become Famished instead of Hungry when the Hunger need dips too low.
  • Willingness to consume food found in trash cans.
  • Likely to automatically eat or get snacks, resulting in frequent weight gain.

Base Game

Green Fiend

  • Become Inspired when partaking in green activities.
  • Become Embarrassed when the utility bill is too high.
  • Become Happy when on a Green Street, whether living or visiting.

Eco Lifestyle


  • Ability to steal items of varying sizes and prices from neighbor’s homes, keeping the item they swipe.
    • Cannot steal when being observed, lest they be caught.
    • Cannot steal again until the moodlet from the previous theft wears off.

Base Game

Lactose Intolerant

  • Get gas when consuming any dairy product.
  • Theorize About the Milky Way with other Sims.

Cottage Living


  • Become Happy when watching TV or sitting on comfortable furniture.
  • Become Tense when performing chores and Extremely Fatigued when exercising.
  • Leave dishes around unless instructed to clean (as well as clothing, if Laundry Day is installed).
  • Can nap on regular chairs.

Base Game


  • Gain positive moodlets from acquiring new items from Build/Buy, but negative moodlets if it’s been a while since you redecorated.
  • Brag About Possessions to other Sims, or complain about their own household items.


  • Far more likely to clean autonomously, and will not leave dishes (or laundry) around.
  • Become Uncomfortable in dirty environments.
  • Cleaning Frenzy action leads to impressive cleaning and a Happy moodlet after.


  • Gain skills twice as fast, at the cost of building relationships much slower.
  • Become Angry when socializing with other Sims with the Overachiever trait.
  • Humble Brag to other Sims.

High School Years


  • Take more time to produce work, but consistently produce higher-quality work when finished.
  • Become Embarrassed when they make something of lower quality.
  • Become Focused after creating a masterwork in their skill of preference.

Base Game


  • Positive moodlets when caring for ranch animals, but negative ones when not at a ranch for too long.
  • Occasionally produces an extra bottle when making nectar.
  • Gain positive moodlets from hosting ranch events.

Horse Ranch


  • These Sims never flush toilets, wash their hands, clear dishes, or put laundry in hampers (with Laundry Day installed).
  • Their environment becomes dirty faster, and the Slob Sim is unbothered when they’re not hosting anyone.
  • Become Embarrassed when having guests in dirty environments.
  • Ability to pee in the shower while showering.

Base Game


  • Become deeply Uncomfortable when consuming meals made with meat.
  • Sometimes become Happy when eating vegetarian-friendly meals.
  • Autonomously choose vegetarian-friendly options from fridges and food stalls.
    • If at the Ravenous level of Hunger, Vegetarian Sims will eat meat dishes if they’re the only food available.
  • Discuss Vegetarian Benefits and Enthuse About Vegetarianism interactions with other Sims.

sims 4 charisma skill mirror practice speech a sim talking to herself

Social Traits




Animal Enthusiast

  • Gain positive moodlets from interacting with chickens, cows, and llamas.
    • This also extends to Cats and Dogs from their pack if both are installed.

Cottage Living


  • Become Happy when near other Sims with the Bro trait, and can Bro Hug or Bro Bump them.
  • Become Confident when watching sports on a TV.

Base Game

Cat Lover

  • Become Happy when near cats, especially their own.
  • Enthuse About Cats with other Sims.
  • May autonomously introduce themselves to cats on the lot, if they don’t already know them.

Cats & Dogs


  • Several new socials that leave nearby Sims feeling a range of emotions, anything from Bored to Playful.
  • Learn the Comedy, Mischief, and Video Gaming skills faster than normal.
  • Rarely become Embarrassed.
  • Immune to dying of laughter.

For Rent

Dog Lover

  • Become Happy when near dogs, especially their own.
  • Enthuse About Dogs with other Sims.
  • May autonomously introduce themselves to dogs on the lot, if they don’t already know them.

Cats & Dogs


  • Gain positive moodlets when in proximity to Sims in bad moods.
  • Gain negative moodlets when interacting with Sims that have the Good trait.
  • More likely to autonomously choose mean or mischievous social interactions.
  • Become Happy when declaring new enemies.
  • Discuss Evil Plans with other Sims that have the Evil trait.
  • May occasionally laugh maniacally, especially when declared enemies pass away.

Base Game


  • Become Happy when interacting with Sims in their family, but Sad if it’s been too long since they have.
  • Soothe or Express Love to calm down toddlers in bad moods.


For Rent


  • Gain negative moodlets when interacting with Evil Sims or hearing another Sim yell out of Anger.
  • Gain positive moodlets from being near Sims in good moods, donating to charity, or volunteering.
  • More likely to autonomously choose friendly social interactions.
  • Help Out other Sims to reduce how long the other Sim experiences a negative emotion when in a bad mood.
  • Discuss World Peace with other Sims.
  • Autonomous crying at all gravestones they pass.

Base Game

Hates Children

  • Gain several negative moodlets when in proximity to children, especially if made to interact with them.
    • Infants and Toddlers give a Tense moodlet, while Children give an Angry moodlet.
  • Gain positive moodlets when staying away from children for a while, or from being mean or mischievous with children.
  • Sims will refuse any Try for Baby interactions unless Dazed, and will then have a Tense moodlet after the act.
  • Sims that can get pregnant are Happy when their pregnancy tests come back negative.
  • Similarly, they’ll be Tense the entire time they’re pregnant, and have the same reactions to their own children as they would others.

Horse Lover

Horse Ranch


  • Become Happy when in a group with two or more other Sims.
  • Become Sad when away from friends for too long.
  • Share Insider Story with other Sims who aren’t in their Club.

Get Together


  • Become Confident when spending time with their loved one, but Tense if they don’t see them for more than a day.
  • Gain negative moodlets from seeing a loved one talk to another Sim (or even from being near a couple when not with their loved one), and can Complain About Love Life.
  • Talk It Out and Share Insecurities with other Sims.

Base Game


  • Gain positive moodlets when spending time alone, and never get the “Lonely” moodlet.
  • Gain negative moodlets when spending time around people.
  • Relationships build slower, but the Social Need decays slower.


  • Become Tense when using Flirty interactions with any Sim other than their loved one, and can Confess to Cheating.
  • Become Confident after being faithful to their loved one for some time.
  • Become Angry when hearing arguing from friends, family, or loved ones.


  • Become Happy when using mean or mischief interactions, and will choose these autonomously more often than friendly social interactions.
  • Become Confident after winning fights.
  • Laugh when witnessing other Sims experiencing something bad, and will react poorly to pets showing affection.


  • Become Happy when ending romantic relationships or quitting jobs.
  • Gain negative moodlets from remaining at the same job for too long.
  • Unlikely to accept marriage proposals or offers to Try for Baby.


  • Become Tense after not participating in gossip or learning new Secrets for too long.
  • Several extremely personal socials, that this Sim does not have the boundaries to avoid asking.
  • Learn the Photography and Writing skills quicker.

For Rent


  • Gain positive moodlets from positive conversations, but gain negative ones when alone for too long.
  • The Social need decays quicker, but relationships seem to build quicker.

Base Game

Party Animal

  • Become Happy when at a party of any kind.
  • Perform Party Tricks, Rave About Parties, and Remember Past Parties with other Sims.
  • Perform a Vibe Check on other Sims.

High School Years


  • Become Angry when witnessing Sims behaving inappropriately, and Uncomfortable when quitting a job.
  • Become Happy when wearing their Formal outfit.
  • Cannot pick fights with other Sims.
  • Bow in greeting.
  • Some romance interactions have been given different names.

Snowy Escape


  • Gain negative moodlets when not interacting with other Sims for a while, or from having their birthday forgotten.
  • Fish for Compliments from other Sims.

Get Famous


  • Become Confident when socializing with other Snobs.
  • Gain positive moodlets from Critiquing Work, and experience different moodlets regarding their surroundings.
  • Become Bored with low-quality items.

Base Game

Socially Awkward

  • The Charisma skill builds slower than usual.
  • Gain negative moodlets when made to be social, but positive moodlets when able to socialize or make friends.

High School Years

Everything listed above is a normal Sim trait that’s accessible for any Sim once you have the expansion pack with which it came.


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All Reward Store And Career Traits

A small menu listing different traits or potions Sims can buy with Reward Points in The Sims 4

Next up, we’re detailing all the traits that you can either buy with Satisfaction Points from the Reward Store or earn via career advancement.

Satisfaction Reward Store Traits



Cost (Points)


Always Welcome

Able to cook, bathe, and sleep at other homes without consequence.


Base Game

Gym Rat

Hygiene doesn’t deplete at the gym, and Fun increases.


Learn other Sims traits upon introduction.

Speed Cleaner

Clean faster than normal.

Great Storyteller

Stories told, no matter the size, are always successful.

Outdoor Retreat

Heat Acclimation

Less affected by hot weather.


Cold Acclimation

Less affected by cold weather.


Never get wet when it rains.

Inspired Explorer

Build skills and relationships quicker off the home lot.


Base Game


Can teach other Sims any skill this Sim has mastered.

Morning Sim

Build skills faster when building them in the morning.

Night Owl

Build skills faster when building them at night.

Speed Reader

Read books quicker than normal.

Storm Chaser

Gain positive moodlets from storms instead of negative moodlets.


Free Services

All one-off service calls are fulfilled at no charge.


Base Game


Crafted items sell for more Simoleons.

Stove and Grill Master

Chance to cook higher-quality meals on stoves and grills.

Outdoor Retreat

Creative Visionary

Better chance at producing masterworks in the Writing or Painting skills.


Base Game


More likely to be promoted at work.


Lower bills for the household this Sim lives in.


The Social need decays slower.


These Sims never experience any Embarrassed moodlets.

Steel Bladder

The Bladder need decays slower.

Incredibly Friendly

Friendly introductions start you with a higher relationship.

Outdoor Retreat


Feel no negative effects of hot weather, and cannot burn from the weather.


Ice Proof

Feel no negative effects of cold weather, and cannot freeze.


Able to put other Sims in a Flirty mood.


Base Game


The Hygiene need decays slower.



These Sims never experience any Tense moodlets,


Begin careers a few promotions ahead of other Sims.


More likely to become pregnant, or have twins or triplet pregnancies.

Great Kisser

Boost the Charisma skill a bit every time this Sim kisses someone.

Paranormal Investigator

Become a freelance Paranormal Investigator.

Paranormal Stuff

Hardly Hungry

The Hunger need decays slower.


Base Game

Professional Slacker

These Sims will never lose their job or be demoted.


Gain all skills quicker.

Seldom Sleepy

The Energy need decays slower.

Super Green Thumb

Any plants that this Sim is gardening will be fertile and prosperous.

Needs No One

The Social need does not decay.



These Sims remain Confident for longer and are less likely to be Scared.


Forever Fresh

The Hygiene need does not decay.

Forever Full

The Hunger need does not decay.


Never Weary

The Energy need does not decay.

sims 4 horse ranch championship rider aspiration details in the aspiration menu

Aspiration Bonus Traits By Category


Aspiration Category



Animal Affection


Build relationships quicker with animals.

Cats & Dogs

High Metabolism


Gain weight slower than other Sims from eating or inactivity.

Base Game



Build skills faster while Inspired.



More success with mean interactions.



Build relationships quicker with family members.

Essence of Flavor


Make food and drinks of better quality innately.

Business Savvy


Earn more per hour in any job.

Quick Learner


Build all skills quicker.

Home Turf


Become Happy when in the neighborhood where they live.

City Living, Island Living, Snowy Escape, For Rent, Strangerville, and Bust the Dust



More successful with romance interactions.

Base Game



More likely to find rare collectibles.



Build relationships quicker with friends.

Prepared Voyager

Star Wars

Needs fill a bit while traveling.

Journey to Batuu



Build relationships quicker with other teens.

High School Years

Spa Membership


All fees are waived at the spa.

Spa Day

Lunar Confidant


Begin with higher or lower relationships, based on the kind of introduction given.


Above are the traits given when choosing an aspiration in a specific category.

Traits earned for completing an aspiration are in the table below.

A close up of a Sim from The Sims 4 eating grilled cheese. Edited in the image is a notficaiton from the game showing the Sim has unlockde the grilled cheese aspiration

Aspiration Rewards



Aspiration Category



Animal Whisperer

Friend of the Animals


  • Gain relationships with animals faster.
  • Train animals quicker.

Cats & Dogs

Long Lived

Body Builder


  • Live longer during the Elder life stage.

Base Game

Survival Instinct

Extreme Sports Enthusiast

Snowy Escape

Grand Champ Trainer

Championship Rider

  • Train horse skills faster, and sell horses for more Simoleons.
  • Better at riding horses, and both the Sim and their horse become Confident after practice.
  • Give Competition Advice to other Sims.

Horse Ranch


Painter Extraordinaire


  • Create emotional artwork even when not in that specific mood.

Base Game


Bestselling Author


Musical Genius

  • Learn songs that can influence other Sims.

World-Renowned Actor

Master Actor

Get Famous

Muse of the Maker

Master Maker

  • Lower costs when fabricating.

Eco Lifestyle

Sacred Knitting Knowledge

Lord or Lady of the Knits

  • Can mentor other Sims to knit, and can make unique knitting items.
  • Immune to the Sweater Curse, and can remove it from other Sims.

Nifty Knitting


Public Enemy


  • Always successfully cause other Sims to become Angry, Jealous, or Sad.

Base Game


Chief of Mischief

  • Can sabotage almost any item in-game.

Twisted Heart

Villainous Valentine

  • Quicker to bounce back from Sad or Embarrassed moodlets.
  • Gain positive moodlets from mean or mischief interactions.


Successful Lineage


  • Learn a skill when your child learns that skill.

Matriarch or Patriarch

Big Happy Family

  • Children of this Sim build skills faster when in this Sim’s presence.

I Am the Master

Vampire Family


Role Model

Super Parent

  • Gives extra character value scores when near their own toddlers and children.


Fresh Chef

Master Chef


  • All meals are high-quality when prepared by this Sim, and they never expire.

Base Game

Potion Master

Master Mixologist

  • Can create emotional drinks.

Melt Master

Grilled Cheese

  • Summon Grilled Cheese at any time.
  • Paint a special Grilled Cheese painting.

Nectar Know-It-All

Expert Nectar Maker

  • Bladder need decays slower when consuming nectar.
  • Negative emotions impact less strongly.
  • May craft nectar that’s already pre-aged without needing to age it.

Horse Ranch


Fabulously Wealthy


  • Receive a bonus check every week to the household funds.

Base Game


Mansion Baron

A True Master

Master Vampire




Nerd Brain

  • Instantly fix broken objects.

Base Game

Higher Education


  • Earn more when publishing or Contributing Knowledge.
  • Gain skills faster on the Electromagnetic Research Archive Machine.

Discover University

Museum Patron

Archeology Scholar

  • Can donate artifacts to the museum.
  • Become Confident at museum lots alone, and Flirty while at museums on dates.

Jungle Adventure


Renaissance Sim

  • Write skill manuals on skills you’ve mastered.

Base Game

Slinger of Spells

Spellcraft & Sorcery

Realm of Magic


Computer Wiz

Base Game

In the Know

City Native


  • Larger discounts when haggling with vendors.

City Living

Hero of Strangerville

Strangerville Mystery

  • Can tell other Sims the story of Strangerville and how you bested the monster.
  • Receive fanmail from the locals for your efforts.



Beach Life

  • Never experience Tense moodlets.

Island Living

Worldly Knowledge

Mt. Komorebi Sightseer

  • Negotiate a Discount at market stalls, and gain positive moodlets when ordering from them.
  • More successful social interactions during events.

Snowy Escape

Fast & Fastidious

Perfectly Pristine

  • No longer lose fun while cleaning or receive negative moodlets.
  • Can become Focused while cleaning, and clean faster than normal.
  • Power Clean and Power Vacuum interactions.

Bust the Dust

Filth Dweller

Fabulously Filthy

  • No negative moodlets from filth, become Happy in dirty environments.
  • Can befriend dust bunnies.


Serial Romantic


  • Romantic interests never become jealous when they see this Sim with someone else.

Base Game



  • Additional interactions unlocked with spouse or partner.


Outdoor Enthusiast


  • Sims enjoy camping and receive happy moodlets while doing so.

Outdoor Retreat


Freelance Botanist

Base Game

Angler’s Tranquility

Angling Ace

  • Fishing can help remove negative moodlets.


The Curator

Treasure Hunter

Jungle Explorer

Jungle Adventure

Master Mixer

Purveyor of Potions

  • Potions consumed by this Sim are rarely unsuccessful.

Realm of Magic

Influential Individual

Eco Innovator

  • Can cheer on other Sims, or cancel them.

Eco Lifestyle

Nature Conversationalist

Country Caretaker

  • Animals live longer and are generally happier throughout their lives.
  • Higher yield from crop harvests.
  • Free grocery delivery, and discounted bills when living in Henford-on-Bagley.

Cottage Living


Joke Star


  • Additional joke interactions unlocked.
  • Never fail at using joke socials.

Base Game


Friend of the World

  • This Sim’s relationships do not decay.

Perfect Host

Party Animal

  • Automatic boost to the score of any social event thrown by this SIm.


Neighborhood Confidante

  • Never have boring conversations, and discover other Sims’ traits faster.

Natural Leader

Leader of the Pack

  • Earn Club Points for their club faster.
  • Can overtake the leader in a club.

Get Together

Regained Humanity

Good Vampire


Unstoppable Fame

World-Famous Celebrity

  • Fame will no longer decay, even if the Sim steps back from the limelight.
  • No poor reactions to paparazzi Sims.
  • One additional Fame Perk point.

Get Famous

A Gift of Credits

Hope vs. Order

Star Wars

  • Receive a payout of Credits.

Journey to Batuu

Heroic Presence

Paragon of Hope

  • Build the Charisma skill quicker.
  • Can Inspire other Sims.

Sleight of Hand

Galactic Privateer

  • Can safely pickpocket other Sims.
  • Never get caught cheating at Sabacc while on Batuu.

Supreme Authority

Enforcer of Order

  • Less likely to experience death by anger.
  • More likely to win fights.
  • Can convince other aggressive Sims to stand down when they use angry socials.


Drama Llama


High School Years


Goal Oriented


Live Fast


Admired Icon

Calming Aura

Zen Guru


  • Glows with an aura that soothes nearby Sims in bad moods.

Spa Day

Clear Perspective

Inner Peace

  • Having a Moment of Clarity prevents negative moodlets for three hours.

Self-Care Expertise

Self-Care Specialist

  • Clients pay more for services.

Werewolf Ally

Werewolf Initiate



Refined Lupine

Emissary of the Collective

Chomp Champion

Wildfang Renegade

  • Turning Sims into werewolves no longer gives the other Sim uncomfortable moodlets.
  • This Sim that’s been turned is far more likely to join your pack.

Threatening Presence

Lone Wolf

  • Make other Sims Scared, occasionally causing them to faint.

Lunar Link

Cure Seeker

  • Keep werewolf benefits while reverting to a human Sim.

The traits in this category must be earned, but they’re no less valuable as traits!


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Child And Toddler Traits

A toddler talking with a child in The Sims 4

Since the youngest Sims among us get their own set of traits for while they’re in the Infant, Toddler, or Child stage of life, we’re giving them their own category, too.

Additionally, since Child Sims have their own set of aspirations to choose from, we’ll be detailing the childhood aspiration traits below as well.

Infant Traits





  • Prefer to be handled by Sims they know.
  • Take longer to adjust to new Sims or places.

Base Game


  • Become overstimulated easily, but rest peacefully after being soothed.
  • Choosy about which foods they eat, and may develop diaper rash more easily.


  • Less likely to cry, get upset, or become bored.
  • Less likely to explore without a family member.


  • Harder to calm down when in bad moods.
  • Easier to entertain.


  • Become Angry when put into a high chair, crib, or if put down by an Adult.
  • Become Playful more often, but have a hard time sleeping as a result.


  • Become Happy more often.
  • Require more socialization, but love to socialize.

An infant Sim messily eats food

Toddler Traits





  • Has an easier time building relationships.
  • Gain negative moodlets from a low Hunger or Energy need, or when playing rough.

Base Game



  • Become Sad when experiencing low needs.
  • Learn all skills quicker while being mentored.
  • More likely to experience the “Left Behind” moodlet.


  • Become Angry more often, and are more likely to cry or Throw a Fit.
  • Become Happy when soothed by another Sim.


  • Can use the potty faster, and prefer to learn skills alone than with a mentor.
  • Gain negative moodlets when being picked up or held.


  • Gain the Thinking skill quicker, and become Happy when building it.
  • Become Sad if they go a while without learning something new.


  • Gain the Imagination skill faster.
  • Become Playful more often, and are more likely to autonomously tell jokes.


  • Gain the Movement skill faster.
  • Gain positive moodlets when exploring, and are likely to be Energized.
  • Become Sad if left inside for too long.

Sims 4 Growing Together sleepover with sleeping bags and children of all ages

Child Aspiration Rewards





Creatively Gifted

Artistic Prodigy

Build adulthood Creative skills earlier and more easily.

Base Game

Mentally Gifted

Whiz Kid

Build adulthood Mental skills earlier and more easily.

Physically Gifted

Rambunctious Scamp

Build adulthood Physical skills earlier and more easily.

Socially Gifted

Social Butterfly

Build adulthood Social skills earlier and more easily.

Practiced Host

Slumber Party Animal

Friendly or funny socials always succeed when performed at parties.

Growing Together


Mind and Body

Confident and Focused moodlets last longer than normal.

Pack Animal

Playtime Captain

Gain relationships more quickly with friends while training.

Idea Person

Creative Genius

Build the Painting, Programming, and Writing skills faster.

Don’t forget about your tiny Sims when it comes to trait selection! Plenty of youth traits in The Sims 4 will follow your Sims for the rest of their lives.


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Other Traits

A family celebrates Winterfest with Father Winter and gift in The Sims 4. Two parents sit together on the couch, while their two children open presents. One of the children talks to Father Winter.

A family celebrates Winterfest with Father Winter and gift in The Sims 4

Finally, we’ve got a handful of traits that don’t fit neatly into the categories above that can still be assigned to Sims in one way or another. These traits are detailed below.

Inherited Traits





Father Winter’s Baby

Earn 50% more Satisfaction Points when completing whims.

Father Winter must be this Sim’s father.


Sulani Mana

Summon Volcanic Bombs and increase plant quality.

Sim must be an Island Elemental or the child of one.

Island Living

Weak Bloodline

One additional point earned with each Spellcaster rank advancement, 10% reduction in overloading, and faster EXP gain.

Sim has a Spellcaster parent.

Realm of Magic

Strong Bloodline

One additional point earned with each Spellcaster rank advancement, 20% reduction in overloading, and faster EXP gain.

Sim has a Spellcaster parent with the “Weak Bloodline” trait.

Ancient Bloodline

One additional point earned with each Spellcaster rank advancement, 50% reduction in overloading, and faster EXP gain.

Sim has one or more Spellcaster parents with the “Strong Bloodline” or “Ancient Bloodline” trait.

Dormant Wolf

This Sim can become a werewolf.

Sim has at least one werewolf parent.


Greater Wolf Blood

Werewolf Growth is much faster.

Randomly assigned to Sims with one or more werewolf parents.

Kristof and Wolfgang of the Moonwood Collective talk in the middle of Moonwood Mill.

All Other Traits In The Sims 4





Food-Based Traits

Chopstick Savvy

Sims can successfully consume food using chopsticks.

Eat with chopsticks multiple times to practice, until the Sim is a natural.

City Living and Snowy Escape

Spice Hound

Sims are happy after eating spicy food, and never find food to be too spicy for them to eat.

Eat spicy dishes repeatedly to build a tolerance.

City Living


This Sim will never die of old age (but they can still be killed by other means).

Consume a Potion of Immortality.

Realm of Magic


Sims can recover from being “Overbucha’d” faster, and will become Focused when creating quality products at the Juice Fizzer.

Eco Lifestyle

Mountaineer Traits

Middling Mountaineer

A small improvement in the success of future mountain-climbing excursions.

Complete the second part of an excursion at the silver rank.

Snowy Escape

Capable Mountaineer

Decent improvement in the success of future mountain-climbing excursions, better rock-climbing abilities, and improvement in outdoor activities overall.

Complete the second part of an excursion at the gold rank, and the third part at the silver rank.

Expert Mountaineer

Large improvement in the success of future mountain-climbing excursions, better rock-climbing abilities, and improvement in outdoor activities overall.

Complete a gold-rank excursion.

Werewolf Traits

Werewolf Ally

This Sim will not be alarmed by werewolves.

As a non-werewolf, accept a werewolf Sim’s diplomacy.


Friend of the Wildfangs

Access to the pack’s hangout location, and unique socials with pack members.

Become a friend of the Wildfang pack by invitation from their Alpha, or invite someone else to join the pack.

Friend of the Moonwood Collective

Become a friend of the Moonwood Collective pack by invitation from their Alpha, or invite someone else to join the pack.

As you can see from the wealth of choice you’ve got regardless of expansion packs, traits in The Sims 4 can be used to completely customize your Sims, their lives, and your gameplay overall.


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