Everything You Need To Know About Warzone In Season One Of Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Since its debut, Warzone has made a splash in the Battle Royale scene but has since broadened its appeal with several different modes, offering a wide range of different playstyles that may not enjoy the traditional BR experience.




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And, with the substantial Season One update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, everything from Warzone’s Battle Royale to its Plunder and its Resurgence modes have all received new changes and content that either bring back fan-favorite maps into the mix or introduce wholly new systems or areas to explore. Nonetheless, there’s lots to be excited about if you’re a fan of Warzone in Season One!

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 – Warzone Season One Overview


As touched on above, Warzone Season One in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has received substantial changes. Some of these changes are Mode-specific, while others focus on the core game mechanics, such as the player movement or how Perks work.

The tables below will cover all the new changes brought to the core movement systems of Warzone, as well as the new Perks added and the changes made to the ones previously there!

Movement Changes To Warzone Season One

Movement System


Tactical Stance

Enables you to toggle into a new Weapon Stance, increasing Movement Speed but decreasing overall accuracy.

Sliding ADS

Players can now Aim Down Sights while performing a Slide. Additionally, they can now enter Tactical Stance while Sliding.

Slide Cancel

Jumping, Sprinting, or Crouching will now cancel your Sliding animation. This will not reset your Tactical Sprint and will temporarily halt Stamina Regeneration.

Slide Distance

The distance you will travel via Sliding will now be determined by the incline of the surface you’re sliding on. Sliding down an incline will let you cover significant ground with tremendous velocity, while the opposite will occur when attempting to slide up an incline.

Jumping Changes

Your Jump height and speed have been increased in Season One, and you can now ADS faster while Jumping. There is also substantially less slow-down upon landing from your first jump, enabling you to perform another jump much quicker than before. The sprint-out time after completing a Jump has also been reduced.

Perk Changes To Warzone Season One



Battle Hardened

Reduces the effects of Frangible Bullets and Abilities.


Now shows the Heading of your opposition on the Map and Mini-Map via UAV, Portable Radar, and Tower UAV. Unsuppressed gunshots from the opposition will also reveal the Heading of their position. It will also detect Ghosted players.

Comms Plate Carrier makes this obtainable as Loot.

Cold Blooded

Negates the Marking effects of Combat Scout.

Double Time

Decreases the refresh time of Tactical Sprint and increases its duration. However, you will no longer receive increased speeds when Crouching or Prone.


Disables detection via UAV, enemy Radar sources, and Heartbeat Sensors.

Stealth Plate Carrier makes this obtainable as Loot.


Has been removed from Warzone entirely, as players can now equip two Primaries Weapons at all times without needing a Perk.


Grants additional Armor Plates and Cash via Scavenger Bags.


Increases Revive Speed and reduce the delay it takes before your Health Regenerates (reduced from seven seconds to four). Furthermore, when an enemy Downs you, their location will be Pinged on the Map and Mini-Map.

Medic Plate Carrier makes this obtainable as Loot.

New Perks Added To Warzone Season One




Raises movement speed when Downed, Prone, or Crouched.


Reduces Combat Noise, warns you of any nearby Enemy Equipment, and delays triggered explosives while Sprintint.


Increases movement speed and reduces the damage from the Gas when caught within the Gas Circle.


Lowers the price of UAV Towers and raises the Payout Rate received when completing Contracts.


While Jumping, your ADS Speed and Accuracy will be increased.


Gain increased movement speed when receiving damage from gunshots.

Enemies will see that you have the Resolute Perk equipped via a small icon when you’re shooting at them.


Repairing vehicles is quicker, and you will also Refuel them substantially faster. Fuel consumption is also reduced for all non-aerial vehicles.


Damage received via Fall Damage is reduced.


Enemy’s hit with Explosive Damage will have their Health Regeneration delayed, movement slowed, and their Tactical Sprint temporarily disabled.


When downed, you will instantly drop a Smoke Grenade.


Movement speed when Strafing or Aiming Down Sights is increased.

Battle Royale Changes In Warzone Season One


Battle Royale is undoubtedly the most popular Game Mode in all of Warzone, and the new Urzikstan map brings with it many changes and quality-of-life updates to its many systems and mechanics.

For starters, the player count has been lowered from 150 Players to 100 Players. This is primarily due to the map being smaller than previous ones and the focus on having quicker matches. And, with the new changes to the movement systems, you will most likely always be in some encounter during your time in Battle Royale.

Changes Made To The Gulag


In addition to the new changes introduced to the core systems of the mode, Gulag has also been touched on quite drastically, receiving the new ‘Silomap and some tweaks to its core systems.

There are three different variants of the new Silo map, whisking players away to any of them upon dying for their second chance at life, changing up the sightlines and strategies slightly between each of them.

Furthermore, there are also new ‘Dynamic Events‘ within the Gulag that we will cover in the tables below!

Dynamic Event


Cash Grab

Cash will be littered on the ground throughout the Silo, with a large stack of Cash in the center of the map.

Go Again

Grants players another crack at escaping the Silo after they lose their first encounter in the Gulag.

Locked & Loaded

Begin your 1v1 encounter in the Gulag with Full Armor and two Upgraded Weapons.

Additionally, the win condition for claiming victory in the Gulag during overtime has also changed, as fighting to maintain control of a Flag that spawns in the center of the map has been removed, replacing it with a Vertical Ascender that whisks the first player to reach it outside of the Gulag.

Lastly, successfully eliminating your opponent in the Gulag will no longer instantly kick you out into the battlefield, allowing you to loot and roam the Silo for a short period until you are redeployed.

More Battle Royale Changes & Additions

While the core changes to the Gulag and overall player count are the most substantial, a few more tweaks should be highlighted, which we will cover in the list below!

  • Gunfire from unsuppressed weapons will reveal the shooter’s position via a Red Dot on the Map/Mini-Map.
  • Big Game Bounty Contracts return, providing an Advanced UAV to whoever successfully completes it.
  • Bounty Contracts now reward one UAV Ping to whoever completes it.
  • Horizontal Ziplines can be used to traverse through areas.
  • New Public Events have been added to the mode.
  • Strongholds are no longer permanent and only have a chance of appearing.

Resurgence Changes In Warzone Season One


Resurgence is another prevalent mode amongst Warzone fans, as it takes the traditional Battle Royale formula and turns it on its head, offering a much faster-paced experience. This mode also ditches the Gulag, enabling eliminated players to respawn after a delay if at least one member from their Squad is still alive.

Before we dive into the new maps and systems, let’s cover every map that’s returning for Resurgence in Season One:


Player Count

Ashika Island

  • 52 Players (Solo)
  • 52 Players (Duos)
  • 51 Players (Trios)
  • 52 Players (Quads)


In addition to Ashika and Vondel, a new Limited Time map will be available in Resurgence with Urzikstan Resurgence. Due to the mode being focused on fast-paced encounters, you can only play on the following Points of Interest in this mode:

  • Orlov Military Base
  • Popov Power
  • Zaravan Suburbs


Player Count

Urzikstan Resurgence

  • 44 Players (Solo)
  • 44 Players (Duos)
  • 45 Players (Trios)
  • 44 Players (Quads)

Rotation Resurgence

Furthermore, Rotation Resurgence returns, offering a playlist of Resurgence with a fixed map rotation that cycles through each of the maps outlined above throughout the day on a set schedule. The current map will be displayed on the menu, allowing you to decide whether to hop in or wait until the next one rotates into play!

Slay Ride Resurgence

In the near future, a Holiday-Themed Resurgence mode will be added to Warzone, showcasing Zombie Santa Claus on a runaway train with a Deer Hunt Public Event, Christmas Trees, Snowball Fights, and much more. So be on the lookout for all that entails in a future patch!

Plunder Changes In Warzone Season One


Another returning fan-favorite mode returning in Season One of Warzone in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is Plunder. This mode is an excellent way to earn lots of Weapon EXP and explore the new map, especially since Respawning is enabled, ditching the Gulag altogether.

Plunder has you and your Squad focus on accruing $2 Million through gathering Cash scattered throughout the map, killing other players, completing Contracts, and more. Once any Squad meets this threshold, overtime will be started, doubling the Cash Values for the remainder of the match. Whichever Squad finishes with the most Cash wins the game!

Plunder Changes

Season One brings the Urzikstan map to Plunder with the new 100 Player limit. In addition to this, UAV Towers have also been added into the mode, along with the new movement and Perk changes we’ve covered in the initial portion of this guide!

Lockdown Changes In Warzone Season One


Lastly, we have yet another returning mode for Warzone Season One, Lockdown, which the Multiplayer Mode Hardpoint loosely inspires. This is another fast-paced mode that enables Custom Class Loadouts from the jump and is an excellent way to earn Weapon EXP.

When Lockdown gets added to the Season One Warzone Playlist, its only map will be Vondel, with a max-player size of 36. Nothing has been added to this mode aside from the new movement systems and Perks!


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