Geoff Keighley Denies Cutting Anyone Off At The Game Awards

The Game Awards was once again a pretty terrific celebration of games last night, though the same can’t really be said about the people that make them. More than any other year, organizer and host Geoff Keighley has come under fire for rushing award winners through their acceptance speeches, but he claims that “no one was actually cut off” during the show.



After receiving a lot of criticism for the way The Game Awards conducted itself last night, Keighley posted a tweet via his personal Twitter account acknowledging that the music designed to get award winners to pick up the pace definitely played too fast, and claims that he actually asked his team to “relax that rule” as the show continued. Keighley also promised to address the problem in the future, though he’s adamant no one was cut off before they finished their speech.

Quite a lot of people aren’t accepting Keighley’s tweet as an adequate apology though. For starters, many are pointing to Annapurna Interactive representatives Lisa Aquilino and Evan Icenbice who accepted the award for Best Debut Indie on behalf of Cocoon developer Geometric Interactive. Even though the two were briefly on stage, the show rather rudely attempted to cut off Aquilino and drown out her portion of the speech with loud music.

A woman was cut off. Larian devs were talking about their colleagues who passed away and the screen says to “wrap it up”. The level of disrespect is something else here. – Twitter account Hype Your Games.

Then we have the folks at Larian, who may not have been directly cut off, but were definitely hurried despite accepting the Game of the Year award for Baldur’s Gate 3. Not only was creative director Swen Vincke told to “wrap it up” by a teleprompter when he was dedicating the award to a colleague who had passed away, but they also didn’t have time to announce the Xbox release of Baldur’s Gate 3 like they had originally planned.

It’s very clear that 30 seconds isn’t enough time for developers to talk about their passion projects and get out their thanks to fellow developers, and the problem was made even worse by the extra time dedicated to Hideo Kojima and big-name celebrities like Anthony Mackie. In fact, Kojima’s reveal of OD and the skit with Gonzo from The Muppets had the same amount of time on stage than every award winner combined.

It’s led to calls for the show to either be extended, or for Keighley to start reining in the time celebrities get to painfully banter with the audience. The Game Awards – by Keighley’s own admission – is a show designed to celebrate games and the people who make them, and while it sounds like feedback will be taken into account for next year, we’ll have to wait and see whether he can limit himself to just a few minutes in Kojima’s presence instead of eight.


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