How To Unlock The Planks And Wooden Rods Crafting Recipe In Lego Fortnite

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You’ve started collecting wood and granite in Lego Fortnite. You might have already made yourself a Forest Axe and a Pickaxe. Now it’s easy to get wood by chopping trees, but what’s next? What do you do with all this new wood?




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It’s time to begin building structures like houses, watch towers, and fences, and to upgrade your village. You’ll also need chests to store all of your resources in. And while axes are great, you’ll soon need a sword to fight off the wolves and skeletons. But to build these things, you’re going to need planks and wooden rods. Here’s all you need to know about how to make planks and wooden rods.

How To Build A Lumber Mill

Lego Fortnite: Building a lumber mill to make planks and wooden rods

The first thing you’ll need to make planks and rods is a Lumber Mill.

As you progress early in the game, the recipe for a Lumber Mill will unlock shortly after building your first Workbench.

To craft the Lumber Mill, open your build menu like you did for the Workbench. The Lumber Mill will be the second item under the Utility tab in the Stations category.

You’ll need eight Wood and 15 Granite to build the Lumber Mill.

How To Make Planks

Lego Fortnite: Crafting planks with the lumber mill

When you first open the Lumber Mill menu, you’ll have two recipes available: Plank and Wooden Rod.

Select Plank and then click Assign Recipe.

Click the button to Deposit, then use the Quick Deposit button to keep adding wood to the machine.

Lego Fortnite: Taking the finished planks from the Lumber Mill

The cost to make planks is one-to-one, and each plank will take about eight to ten seconds to complete.

Once your planks are finished, click the button to retrieve them from the Lumber Mill, and you can now build any structures you need to!

How To Make Wooden Rods

Lego Fortnite: Making wooden rods in the lumber mill

The process for making wooden rods is the same as it is for planks, with one minor twist.

When you open the Lumber Mill menu to make wooden rods, you must first change the recipe from Planks to Wooden Rods.

Scroll down to Wooden Rods, then click the button to Change Recipe. Then, you can use Quick Add to add more wood to the machine.

Wooden rods cost the same amount of wood as planks and take the same amount of time to complete.

Once they’re finished, retrieve your rods, and you’ll be all set to build!


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