Best Weapon Attachments In Fortnite: Chapter 5


  • Weapon workbenches in Fortnite: Chapter 5 have been revamped, allowing for randomized attachments that boost specific weapon stats.
  • The Red Eye Sight and Holo-13 Optic are best for close-range weapons like SMGs and shotguns, while the P2X Optics is great for assault rifles.
  • The Angled Foregrip, Laser Sight, and Vertical Foregrip improve aiming, accuracy, and recoil control, respectively, on certain weapons.



In Fortnite: Chapter 5, the weapon workbenches have been completely revamped to change how gunplay is handled in this famous battle royale. If you have traveled around the map collecting guns, you may have noticed that every weapon has the chance to spawn with randomized attachments that increase specific weapon stats, such as reload speed.


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By defeating an NPC boss and unlocking their vault, you can access the Weapon Mod Bench and exchange gold to choose the specific attachments you want on your gun. If you are curious about which attachments give you the greatest advantage on the battlefield, then check out the list below.

10 Red Eye Sight

An image from Fortnite of the Red Eye Sight Attachment, which provides 1.15x magnification.

There are four different sights you can equip on your gun at the Mod Bench, and we always recommend picking a scope for your AR guns. With that being said, the Red Eye Sight is only viable on close-range weapons such as an SMG or shotgun.

This scope gives you a 1.15x magnification when you aim down sights, meaning that this scope is only really useful at very close range.

9 Angled Foregrip

An image from Fortnite of the Angled Foregrip Attachment, which reduces time to aim down sights.

The Angled Foregrip is located in the underbarrel section, meaning that you have three different options to choose from on your weapon. The Angled Foregrip specifically reduces the amount of time it takes to aim down sights, basically making it faster to look into your scope.

This attachment is only useful on certain weapons, since you only really need to worry about how long it takes to aim at close-range. If you are customizing an SMG and want to use a scope, then definitely equip this attachment.

8 Holo-13 Optic

An image from Fortnite of the Holo 13 Optic Attachment, which magnifies the sight by 1.3x

Instead of a classic circular scope, the Holo-13 Optic is a square sight that is best used in close-range scenarios. This scope gives you a 1.3x magnification for your shots, which is perfect for close-range battles in any interior space.


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Sadly, just like the Red Eye Sight, this optic is only suitable on SMGs or shotguns, since other long-range guns prefer to use different scopes.

7 Laser Sight

An image from Fortnite of the Laser Attachment, which increases hipfire accuracy.

If you enjoy running and gunning, then the Laser Sight is the attachment you should always select for your weapons. This attachment increases the accuracy of your gun whenever you fire from the hip, which means you will not be aiming down sights.

This is yet another attachment that works best on the shotgun or SMG, since you will want to fire these guns directly from your hip. Remember that aiming down with a shotgun makes you an easier target, so equip the laser sight and jump around to dodge bullets while shooting at any enemies in the area.

6 Sniper Scope

An image from Fortnite of the Sniper Scope Attachment, which increases the scope magnification by 4x.

The sniper scope is a pretty self-explanatory attachment, as it provides extra utility for long-range guns such as the Reaper Sniper Rifle. Specifically, this scope provides four times magnification whenever you are aiming, ensuring that you will always land a perfect headshot.

Keep in mind that this scope is only really useful on the sniper rifle, and there is currently only one sniper in the entire game. While this scope is fantastic on the right gun, it becomes cumbersome on more close-range weapons such as an assault rifle.

5 Vertical Foregrip

An image from Fortnite of the Vertical Foregrip Attachment, which reduces the aim down sights recoil and spread.

The Vertical Foregrip is a fantastic attachment for an assault rifle because it helps reduce multiple stats at once. Specifically, this weapon reduces the recoil and spread of your bullets while you are aiming down with your sight.

By pairing this attachment with a scope attachment, you are ensuring that you can hit any of your enemies at a medium range. This becomes increasingly important when fewer teams are alive because the zone will eventually shrink and force you into medium-range fights.

4 Drum Mag

An image from Fortnite of the Drum Mag Attachment, which increases the magazine capacity.

If you find yourself never having enough bullets in your magazine when firing at enemies, then upgrade to the drum mag attachment. This attachment puts a drum magazine at the bottom of your gun, which significantly increases the number of shots you have in each clip.

The drum mag is an incredibly versatile magazine option, because every single gun in the game can utilize the extra bullets effectively. You can even slot this attachment onto a sniper rifle to get extra shots before you need to reload.

3 Muzzle Break

An image from Fortnite of the Muzzle Break Attachment, which reduces recoil.

The muzzle break is the superior barrel attachment because it makes landing your shots significantly easier. This attachment reduces the recoil of the weapon whenever you fire.


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Unlike the Vertical Foregrip, this attachment reduces recoil whether you are aiming down sights or firing from the hip, meaning you can combine to two to ensure that there is almost no recoil when you fire with a sight attached.

2 Speed Mag

An image from Fortnite of the Speed Mag Attachment, which allows you to reload faster.

Unlike the drum magazine, the speed magazine does not increase the maximum number of bullets you can shoot in a single clip. Instead, this magazine increases the speed at which you reload the gun, ensuring that you can quickly refresh your ammo during the heat of battle.

This is most useful on the Frenzy Auto Shotgun, as the gun has a fairly lengthy reload animation that can be significantly reduced.

1 P2X Optics

An image from Fortnite of the P2X Optic Attachment, which increases the magnification by 2x.

By far the best attachment in the game is the P2x Optics, as it will vastly improve your aim with any assault rifle. Typically, when playing Fortnite, you will deal the most damage with your assault rifle, so it is incredibly important to have the best optics possible equipped on the gun.

The P2X Optic doubles the magnification of the scope, ensuring that you can easily pick off enemies from farther distances without needing a sniper rifle. Using this optic means that you can essentially free up a slot in your inventory and carry more healing or utility items instead of a sniper.


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