All Games Included In Jackbox Games: Party Pack 10

Get a welcome back to Jackbox Games with Party Pack 10, another collection of entertaining minigames to sink your teeth into. The popular series has become a staple of party games, and is a surefire way to get some laughs out of your group playing together.




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Will you know your friends well enough to get them to laugh at your jokes? Or will you struggle to succeed at some trivia? Find out what to expect with each of the games available in Party Pack 10 here:

Tee K.O. 2

T-shirt drawing and writing contest minigame in Jackbox Party Pack 10.

At Tee Shirt Island, your group is tasked with creating t-shirt designs and fun slogans to mix and match them together.

The first phase has everyone draw a picture on their devices that will be used for the main image on the shirt. Next, you have to write out a small slogan that will appear underneath it.

The key to this game is matching the best fitting string of text to the design on the shirt so that those voting will choose your submission to the contest. You want something hilarious, ironic, or just plain baffling enough to catch people’s interest.

In Tee K. O. 2, you now have the option to put your design on a shirt, hoodie, or tank top in the game. Plus, like the first Tee K.O., if you like a shirt design enough, you actually have the ability to order one in real life.

Dodo Re Mi

Several birds are all singing at a music box in the Dodo Re Mi minigame.

Who doesn’t love a minigame that involves making music? That’s what you can expect with Dodo Re Mi, where you play as bird that has to sing to a potentially dangerous plant.

You get to choose different songs and instruments that you can play, and then use your device like a digital instrument. As it’s a rhythm game, you’ll want to sync up and play the song on beat to get the most points.

The minigame attempts to sync up your device as a music controller before playing to help avoid latency.

There will be numerous tracks you can base your song on, from something as simple and well-known as “Row, Row, Row You Boat” to original tracks from Jackbox. Try different songs and instrument combinations to see just what kind of horrible sonic creations you can make!


Two trivia questions about Napoleon Bonaparte in Jackbox's Timejinx minigame.

Timejinx is a fun Jackbox take on a trivia style game. It throws you in as a time traveler that, no surprise here, will need to answer questions about different facts in history.

Of course, in true Jackbox fashion, it also gets a little chaotic in places. You’ll start answering weird questions about different points in time, and even make educated guesses about events in the future.

Part of Timejinx involves you traveling to specific years in the past when you think some important event took place. The amount of points you get is based on how close you are to the correct year.

In Timejinx, you are actually aiming to get the lowest score you can. Like golf. Thankfully, even if you struggle a bit with knowing your history, there are some moments in the minigame that will help you make up for it, as long as you can complete certain required tasks.


Brains in a washing machine for the Hypnotorious minigame in Jackbox Party Pack 10.

Who wouldn’t want to have fun and attend a hypnotist’s show? At least, that’s the premise here for Hypnotorious, a social deduction game in Party Pack 10.

Everybody takes on a persona as part of this game, and has to answer different questions in character. Some players will have connections with other players, and the goal is to figure out which person you need to team up with.

There is one person who gets chosen to be the Outlier. Much like the name suggests, this person doesn’t fit in with the others, and is on their own. However, they have to blend in and make it seem like they have a connection with someone else.

Pay attention to how everybody explains themselves during each round, and see if anyone is acting a bit too suspicious. Everybody gets to guess who they think the Outlier is, but if the Outlier avoids getting caught, they get a whole lot more points.


Writing minigame called Fixytext in Jackbox Party Pack 10 shows players texting back and forth.

FixyText is a dedicated writing minigame in Party Pack 10. After picking a theme for the game, you and your group of players have to scramble together to write a response in a text box to a prompt.

The catch is, everyone is writing at the same time. Change someone else’s words and get yours changed as well. Type in something worthwhile. Try to put together the most coherent or hilarious response you can in all the chaos.

There are four conversations types you can choose to guide how the conversation goes in FixyText:

  • Flirty
  • Friends and Family
  • Serious Business
  • Unknown Number

Put together the most interesting phrases to get the most points, and vote on your favorite words in each response.

At the end of the day, if you don’t win, you can always try again. Anytime you download a new Jackbox Party Pack and learn its new games, you have to give yourself a chance to get into the swing of things.


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