The Best MTZ Interceptor Build In MW3

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has added over 30 new weapons to the multiplayer sandbox, most of which are reprisals of some fan-favorite weapons like the ACR and G36. The MTZ Interceptor is a marksman rifle variant of the MTZ family of weapons, featuring high base damage, low recoil, and many attachment combinations.




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While this weapon doesn’t excel in any particular area, it is a great weapon for core multiplayer and has some fairly easy camo challenges. This guide will showcase a great MTZ Interceptor build that makes for a trivial camo grind. It’s also a great workhorse weapon for players with good aim.

Camo Challenges MTZ Interceptor Build

MTZ Interceptor Build
Attachment Pros And Cons
MK. 3 Reflector (Optic)
SZ 1mw PEQ (Laser)
Shadowstrike Suppressor (Muzzle)
SL Skeletal Vertical Grip (Underbarrel)
  • +Aim Down Sights Speed
  • +Vertical Recoil
  • +Gun Kick Control
  • +Sprint to Fire Speed
  • -Hipfire and Tac Stance Spread
  • -Horizontal Recoil
MTZ Factory Rear Grip (Grip)
  • +Flinch Resistance
  • +Aiming Idle Sway

One of the MTZ Interceptor’s camo challenges will require you to kill 15 enemies with no attachments equipped, available starting at weapon level 12.

The MTZ Interceptor requires 50 headshot kills and numerous multikills for its camos, so this build focuses on making this weapon as accurate as possible. Landing a precise headshot requires two things:

  1. A clear sight.
  2. As much aiming stability as possible.

For the former, we recommend any red dot optic as the Interceptor’s default iron sights aren’t great. Once that’s installed, aiming stability attachments are what you’ll want to use. We recommend the MTZ Factory Rear Grip to cut down on aiming sway while drastically reducing incoming flinch, making follow-up shots less punishing. The SZ 1mw PEQ laser further improves this weapon’s idle sway.

Now that the weapon has virtually no ADS sway, the rest of the attachments should focus on utility or handling. The SL Skeletal Vertical Grip improves the MTZ Interceptor’s handling stats while reducing its vertical recoil for easier follow-up shots. Finally, we use the Shadowstrike Suppressor to hide our shots from the minimap.

Loadout Recommendations

Vest Infantry
Gloves Commando Gloves
Boots Covert Sneakers
Gear Ghost
Secondary Renetti
Tactical Stim
Lethal Throwing Knife
Field Upgrade Trophy System

Landing multikills is easiest if your enemies don’t know your location, so we’ll be pairing the MTZ Interceptor with a stealth build. The Infantry Vest gives you Running Sneakers for free, pairing well with Covert Sneakers to make flanks and rapid repositioning far safer. Ghost will hide you from enemy radar while moving, and Scavenger Gloves will let you restore ammo for your weapons.

The focus should be on the MTZ itself, so we aren’t going to be recommending any specific weapons or Field Upgrades here. With that said, you should run Stims as your Tactical for rapid HP regeneration after a gunfight. The Throwing Knife Lethal is also worth running, giving you a one-hit kill melee attack.


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