Diablo Immortal Splintered Souls update is set to release on 14 December 2023

The upcoming sixth major update for Diablo Immortal, Splintered Souls, is undergoing refinement amidst the intense heat of the Burning Hells and is scheduled for release on December 14, 2023. As anticipation builds, a sneak peek of the update’s new additions, including the introduction of mystical companions known as Familiars, and other thrilling features, is being offered to eager players.

Diablo Immortal Splintered Souls update brings new mystical companions

Familiars serve as companions that actively support players during combat, utilizing a blend of Active and Passive Skills that either inflict damage upon adversaries or grant bonuses to both the player and Familiar. Beyond battles, these magnificent allies can extend their assistance if they possess specific Traits, such as the capability to Salvage or Identify items on behalf of the player, thereby allowing individuals to dedicate more time to farming.

Below are 5 out of the 8 Familiars emerging from obscurity to join the battle against the Burning Hells on December 14. Further details regarding the remaining 3 will be shared in the future.

Ashsweeper: Conservator of Knowledge

Within Zoltun Kulle‘s Library reside numerous marvels and terrors. The Ash Sweepers, remnants of his initial endeavors to refine his golem servants, inhabit this space. Their primary task was to safeguard and curate knowledge. However, their understanding of this directive led them to plunder the belongings and lives of many who ventured close to the library. Concerned that this conduct might attract unwanted notice to his sanctuary, Kulle imprisoned these constructs for eternity.

Diablo Immortal Ashsweeper Conservator of Knowledge
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Duskprowler: Avatar of Mischief

Many cultures throughout Sanctuary tell tales of feral cat spirits that lurk in the shadows. To some, they are spectral guardians that ward off evil spirits. Others believe they escort the dead to lands beyond. Another group considers them heralds of disaster that must be appeased. The only thing upon which all these stories agree is that they are capricious creatures, and are just as likely to lead a desert wanderer to an oasis as the den of a hungry beast.

Myrrjen: Tideweaver

Widely considered a myth, Myrrjen is often blamed for all manner of nautical problems from broken anchors to poor weather. In truth, they are curious, playful spirits that inhabit the depths of Sanctuary’s oceans. They have been known to venture to the surface from time to time to amuse themselves watching passing ships and conjuring raging storms in their paths.

Skitterwight: Winged Trickster

A denizen of the Spirit Realm, the Skitterwight crosses over to Sanctuary to hatch its young—usually near the outskirts of human settlements. The larvae emit a hallucinatory aura, which, paired with their child-like cries, lure unsuspecting villagers to mistake them for abandoned children and care for them accordingly.

Diablo Immortal Skitterwight Winged Trickster
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

When they grow large enough, the larvae emerge from their cocoons and return to the Spirit Realm. So convincing is their deception that their adoptive guardians will protect them from discovery even with violence.

Varog: Watchers of the Forest

Varog are tree-dwelling spirits said to watch over travelers who pass through their forests. All they require in tribute for their protection is the souls of wayward folk who have lost the will to live. It is believed they feed these souls to their young, in a sense renewing life that has lost its spark.

Diablo Immortal Splintered Souls update will feature a new zone, questline, and more

The forthcoming significant update transports explorers to traverse the Southern Dreadlands, an icy, post-apocalyptic expanse neighboring the Frozen Tundra and revered Mount Arreat. Here, the aftermath of the Worldstone’s shattering on the terrain and its inhabitants is glaringly evident—and it worsens daily.

Devastating storms of fragmented Worldstone surge through the region. Distorted Shardborne entities and creatures warped by the cataclysm prowl the wilds, and even the fortifications of Staalbreak city fail to entirely shield the northerners from danger. The primary quest in this area leads adventurers to the burgeoning camp of the Gray Wards, deep into the heart of Staalbreak, and into the depths of chasms formed by Mount Arreat’s destruction.

Diablo Immortal Splintered Souls new zone, questline, and more
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Besides engaging in battles against new categories of monsters and formidable sub-bosses, they’ll have the opportunity to join Sentinel’s Stand, a fresh zone event designed akin to a tower defense scenario where strategic positioning is key to triumph. Encouragement awaits the intrepid souls who dare to seek the angelic Sword of Justice in the treacherous Gully of Madness.

5 new Helliquary Bosses set to debut in Diablo Immortal Splintered Souls update

Rayek issues another call to the wandering adventurer, revealing the emergence of five new Helliquary Bosses, each embodying a different facet of malevolence. These ominous heralds of torment await encounters within three fresh Inferno Difficulties: IV, V, and VI. Accessing Inferno Difficulty IV mandates the defeat of Saarodan, Sky-Sunderer, on Inferno Difficulty III, and achieving a minimum Paragon Level of 1100.

Where one infernal giant appears, more surely lurk in the shadows. Vanquishing any Helliquary boss across any difficulty might trigger an immediate Helliquary Surge—a scenario akin to the Burning Hells dispatching additional adversaries to pursue you.

Diablo Immortal 5 new Helliquary Bosses
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

During a Helliquary Surge, you’ll need to conquer several extra random Helliquary bosses, albeit at reduced strength. Rising to this challenge promises both rewards and the privilege of boasting rights as your hard-earned spoils.

Diablo Immortal Splintered Souls update will feature a new daily activity

The newly introduced daily task, known as the Rite of Cleansing, involves acquiring Moonrite Flora by eliminating monsters within Sanctuary. A maximum of 99x Moonrite Flora can be held at a time, each possessing a strength rating between 1 and 5.

By sacrificing 5 recently acquired Flora, participants can unlock one of three events, determined by the cumulative value of the Flora utilized. The rewards granted upon completing these events are proportional to the strength of the sacrificed Flora and may include Legendary items, Set items, and various other rewards.

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