How To Level Up Fast In Warcraft Rumble

While you embark on thrilling adventures with collectible minis in the exciting world of Warcraft Rumble, there are a few things to consider. At first, defeating the enemy base by strategically deploying your Minis on the battlefield may seem easy, but it becomes increasingly challenging as you progress.




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The first step to becoming stronger and intimidating your opponents with the Minis you possess is to level up fast. Besides, it’s not challenging at all to achieve this; you can grasp this logic in a few steps, and you can dominate the chaotic Warcraft universe.

How To Level Up Minis Fast

A mini levels up in Warcraft Rumble.

Although not in the game’s early stages, you can seek ways to level up your Minis faster in the later stages. While regular battles yield a certain amount of XP, they may not meet your expectations in the long run.

After earning a total of 14 Onyxia sigils, a section called Quests will unlock. This is the fastest method to level up your Minis. Completing these quests allows you to assign XP, letting you focus the XP gain to specific minis.

The amount of XP you receive is directly proportional to the quality of the mission you choose.

How To Level Up Collection Level Fast

Army tab in Warcraft Rumble and a gameplay glimpse from a battle.

Raising your Collection Level is one of the most important ways to get more XP. Collection Level is directly tied to how much XP you gain and is a big factor if you want to level up quickly. The aspects you should concentrate on here involve collecting new Minis and upgrading existing ones.

Collecting New Minis

To upgrade the Warcraft Minis in your inventory, navigate to the ‘Army’ tab in the main menu. You’ll encounter a screen displaying the champions you possess. Choose the one you wish to upgrade, click on it once, and select the ‘Info’ option in the opened window.

Here, you’ll see the upgrade screen of the mini you’ve chosen, where you’ll be asked for different amounts of Star Points or Arc Energy. If you meet these, you will successfully upgrade.

Star Points can be earned by obtaining copies of the mini you want to upgrade, and Arc Energy can be obtained by defeating Dungeon bosses.

Adding New Minis

Adding new members to your army is the key to leveling up fast. To do so, head to the ‘Store’ tab on the main menu. Here, you’ll find the Minis you can enlist in your army. Keep in mind normals cost 90, and leaders cost 120. Initially, you might not have sufficient gold for all of these. So you should engage in some battles and earn some coins.

By following the details above, you can gain a lot of XP and level up quickly. Lastly, ensure you play the game regularly and participate in PvP and PvE battles.


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