Funko Exclusive Iron Man Facet Pop Goes On Sale Today

Iron Man kicked off the MCU more than a decade ago, brought the Infinity Saga to an end by finally slaying Thanos, and there are even rumors Robert Downey Jr. will somehow reprise the role in the future. Suffice to say, the character, who many labeled the wrong choice to kick off the MCU, is one of the most popular superheroes on the planet. One that has enough Funko Pops that you could exclusively collect Iron Man figures, and later today – Friday, December 8, 2023 – you’ll be able to add one more to that collection.



Funko has revealed a brand new Iron Man Pop!, exclusive to the Funko Store and going on sale at 12:30 pm EST through the link in the box below. Getting a faceted upgrade, this new Iron Man figure will be a part of Funko’s facet collection. That means the Avenger has been made to look like he has been carved out of a precious gemstone, joining other Marvel heroes like Captain America, Spider-Man, and Black Panther who have already received the Facet treatment.


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The Iron Man Facet Pop! comes with a transparent stand that can be attached to its back to make it look like the figure is hovering an inch or two above the ground. Hands pointing out so the hero’s repulsors are on full view and ready for use, this Pop! will look great either at the front of your collection, leading the rest of your figures into battle, or hovering above the others’ heads at the back since the stand will mean he stands a little taller than most other figures.

Facet Iron Man Funko Pop!

Facet Iron Man Funko Pop!

Iron Man has joined some of his fellow Avengers in Funko’s collections of Facet Pops. Made to look like he has been carved from a precious gemstone, the iconic Marvel hero comes with a stand to make it look like he’s flying.

Marvel is about to enter one of its quietest periods in more than a decade following mixed results at the box office in 2023. Only one MCU movie – Deadpool 3 – has been confirmed to hit cinemas in 2024 with a lot of projects slated for the following year. The Pop! well hasn’t dried up in the same way, though. Facet Iron Man coming today, joining a range of new Loki Pops that dropped at the end of season two. The Deluxe God Loki figure leading the way, joined by Renslayer with a Miss Minute buddy, and Mobius in a Temporal Core Suit.

Kang is also getting a new Pop!, but one based on the villain’s design from the comics rather than the Jonathan Majors version Marvel fans have been introduced to in the MCU. Away from Marvel, but sticking with supervillains, Homelander’s levitating Pop! will be restocked at Entertainment Earth, likely in an attempt to continue generating hype for season four of The Boys.


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