The Best Fishing Locations In Roots Of Pacha


  • Fishing is one of the most fun ways to obtain food in Roots of Pacha, but the best fishing spots differ in the type and quality of fish available.
  • The Forest-River is a decent spot with occasional high-tier catches, but it doesn’t consistently provide the best fish compared to other spots.
  • The Cave to the east of Pacha’s Pair of Rocks is the ultimate fishing spot, with a variety of fish that changes daily and a higher chance of spawning higher-tier fish.



There are plenty of ways to obtain food in Roots of Pacha, from growing your own crops to buying some from the traders. But one of the most fun ways to get food in the game is fishing. Fishing involves a separate minigame where you chase after the fish without getting too close to them if you want to catch one successfully.


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The fish in the game all belong to different tiers, with higher-tier fish being harder to catch but providing a lot more stamina and contributions than lower-rated ones. This list will tell you all the best fishing spots in Roots of Pacha, as well as the types of fish you can find there.

All the fish in the game are restricted to certain seasons.

While some will be available in the summer, others will only be present in the winter or spring, which lessens your chances of getting the best fish at the same time.

6 Forest – River

Fishing in the River in the Forest in Roots of Pacha

  • Most common fish
    : Cera, Rock

  • Best fish
    : Serpente, Bosirem

The River in the Forest is a shallow water body and thus doesn’t have the best quality of fish, especially when compared to the other best spots to fish. The majority of the fish in the River are Tier 2 rated and don’t provide a lot of stamina or contribution. This can still be a decent place if you are looking for an occasional high-tier catch, but it isn’t going to give you the best fish consistently.

Some of the best fish you can find in the River in the Forest include the Serpente and the Bosirem, but the chances of getting them are very low.

5 The Land

Fishing in the River in the Land in Roots of Pacha

  • Most common fish
    : Porcupine, Birkenia

  • Best fish
    : Yark, Stargazer, Redeye

There is a river going through the Land that makes for a good fishing spot, although it can be slightly inconsistent at times. You can find plenty of Tier 3 fish here, such as the Trumpet, Stargazer, and Redeye.


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The Porcupine is probably the fish that you will encounter the most here on your fishing trips, as it is the most common creature in these waters. Each fish you catch raises your knowledge of those fish by some points, which makes it easier to catch them next time.

4 Savanna

Fishing in the Savanna in Roots of Pacha

  • Most common fish
    : Birkenia, Fatfish

  • Best fish
    : Zeus, Serrado, Smallmouth

The Savanna is a fairly underrated spot for fishing in the Roots of Pacha. Although it does have its fair share of low-rated fish such as the Birkenia and the Fatfish, it isn’t a bad choice at all, especially as it also has a fair quality of higher-rated fish as well. Tier 3 fish such as the Serrado and the Smallmouth are available throughout every season and can consistently be found in the Savanna waters.

There is only one Tier 4 fish in this water body — the Zeus. Although it is rare to catch and might take you hours to get one, it’s worth the effort for its high stamina and contribution. The fact that it is available throughout every season and weather conditions also makes the likelihood of catching it a little higher.

3 Forest – Lake

Fishing in the Lake in the Forest in Roots of Pacha

  • Most common fish
    : Hammer, Trident

  • Best fish
    : Mystique, Peluso, Knifetooth

You also have the choice of going to the Lake in the Forest rather than heading to the River and this is a slightly better choice, as deeper waters tend to produce better loot. Although there are a ton of Hammer fish here, the average tier of fish in the Lake is quite high, and you will find good fish more often than not.

Some of the best fish you can catch in the Lake include the Highwind, Mystique, Peluso, and the Knifetooth. The Knifetooth is a Tier 4 fish that can provide as much as 926 contributions if pickled!

2 Beach

Fishing in the Beach in Roots of Pacha using a Harpoon

  • Most common fish
    : Antenna, Belemnite

  • Best fish
    : Matter, Medusalion

The Beach might sound like an obvious fishing spot, and rightfully so. Although you can also fish in shallow waters in this game, deep waters are usually the best spots for higher-tier fish. Some of the best and most rare fish in the game can be found along the shores of the Beach, making it a prime fishing spot.


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Some of the high-level fish you can find at the Beach include the Matter and the Medusalion, both of which are ranked in the fourth and highest tier of the game. There are also plenty of Tier 2–3 fish in the waters here, meaning that you won’t go home disappointed, even if you don’t manage to catch one of the big ones.

1 The Cave

Fishing in the Cave in Roots of Pacha

The Go-To Spot For Fish

A cave to the east of Pacha’s Pair of Rocks has an incredible fishing spot that is undoubtedly the best spot for fishing in the game. The variety of fish in this spot changes each day and is based on other fishing spots depending on the day of the week. The table below shows which day of the week the cave contains each fish.








The Beach

The Land

Forest – Lake


Forest – River


The Land

The best thing about this cave is not just its variety, but the fact that it is much more likely to spawn a higher tier of fish. This makes this the best place to go fishing, especially if you are planning the trip according to which type of fish you want to catch.


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