Where To Find All Tarsyu Flowers In Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora

Learning the ways of the Na’vi is a fascinating part of Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora, especially when you connect to Eywa to relive the memories of your ancestors. In doing so, you learn new skills that can help you adapt to your environment and overthrow the RDA’s unethical operations.




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As you explore the open-world of Pandora, you’ll come across large glowing flowers that grant unique skills to aid your in your journey. Finding them should be your top priority, as they not only make you stronger, but make you feel more immersed in the world around you. Rise to the challenge and find them all!

What Are Ancestor Skills?

Approaching A Tarsyu Flower Avatar Frontiers of Pandora

Ancestor Skills are more advanced skills that you can learn from the large tarsyu flowers around Pandora. Unlike the saplings, which grant skill points, the flowers teach you skills themselves.

Like all other flora, tarsyu flowers cannot be interacted with when polluted.

There are a dozen of these flowers around the continent, so you’ll have to search high and low to reach them. While you can access their locations on your map, the map won’t tell you if they are hidden in a cave. We’ve detailed where to find them below.

Kinglore Forest Ancestor Skills

The first five skills are available in the jungle areas, like the Silk Woods. These should be sought after as soon as possible to help improve your experience with combat and exploration, which become easier with a bit of practice after unlocking these skills.

Air Boost Location

Tarsyu Flower Air Boost Location Avatar Frontiers of Pandora

This Ancestor Skill is the easiest to obtain, as you’ll learn it as part of the main questline. Air Boost allows you to almost double-jump, essentially making it easier to go higher and farther when you jump. While not a full second jump, it’s an extension that can be quite useful.

You’ll find this flower as you explore with your fellow TAP survivors, learning about the gifts that these flowers bring in the process.

Eject Location

Tarsyu Flower Eject Location Avatar Frontiers of Pandora

The more time you spend in Pandora, the more likely you are to get frustrated with AMP suits. These can be a hassle to deal with, so taking them out quickly is a weight off your shoulders.

The Eject skill allows you to rip the human right out of the suit, saving you from a nasty fight.

You can reach this flower by climbing up several smaller floating islands near the ground. Use the vines to get close, then claim your new skill.

Drop Impact

Tarsyu Flower Drop Impact Location Avatar Frontiers of Pandora

Melee attacks become even more lethal when airborne. You can deal up to three times the damage depending on the speed in the air, and surrounding enemies will become staggered.

Drop Impact can be reached in the Boundless Range. Call your ikran and ride up to the floating mountains to find this flower. It won’t be hidden in a cave, so you can clearly see it once you’re close.

Soft Landing

Tarsyu Flower Soft Landing Location Avatar Frontiers of Pandora

With how much running around you’ll do, it’s worth finding this skill as it reduces your fall damage. If you crouch just before you hit the ground, your overall damage will be cut in half. This can help you technically jump further, though make sure you have plenty of food on hand to keep your energy up.

To obtain Soft Landing, head towards Wisdom Lake to find a small island. Circle around it to find the mouth of a cave, then climb inside and make your way around the vines and branches to reach the flower at the top of the cave.

Deeper Connection

Tarsyu Flower Deeper Connection Location Avatar Frontiers of Pandora

The bond with your ikran is sacred, and you can strengthen it with this skill. Doing so increases the stamina of your ikran, allowing you to push them further in your adventures.

The Tarsyu flower that provides Deeper Connection isn’t hard to find, but it is hard to access. The surrounding area is polluted, so you can’t earn the skill until the RDA facility is gone. Unfortunately, this facility is unlike any other, and So’lek will warn you not to go near it.

This is the RDA’s toughest outpost, and you’ll have to bring it down to free the area from pollution and access the flower’s gift.

Upper Plains Ancestor Skills

The next set of Ancestor Skills is unlocked upon reaching the Upper Plains. These are spread out, but they aren’t too difficult to find. You’ll need your ikran to reach several of them, so be ready to fly.


Tarsyu Flower Reconnaissance Location Avatar Frontiers of Pandora

This skill allows you to track the movements of the RDA, making it easier to see where they are going so you can pick them off one at a time. You can also strategize to use their predicted movements against them, whether you plan to silently remove them or use explosives.

This flower is hidden in a cave at the base of the Shattered Bridge. Enter and you’ll see the tarsyu flower waiting just inside.

Way Of The Diplomat

Way of the Diplomat Tarsyu Flower location Avatar Frontiers of Pandora

The Way of the Diplomat helps you earn additional favor when you complete quests and other activities. This is useful to have, as favor allows you to shop with other clans and acquire more goods.

You can find this Ancestor skill east of Mother’s Tears and the Pa’li Falls, in a large rock formation. On the southern side, you’ll see an opening in the formation that you can enter. The Tarsyu flower is there, waiting to be interacted with.

Wing Gust

Tarsyu Flower Wing Gust Location Avatar Frontiers of Pandora

Your ikran can disorient and damage enemies in a 30 meter radius when landing by sending out a gust of wind. This will make your ikran even more useful in combat.

Make your way to Eywa’s Reach and perch your ikran on top of the rock formation at Toruk Peak. This tarsyu flower is out in the open, overlooking the plains. Interact with it to claim your new skill.

Ghost Strike

Tarsyu Flower Ghost Strike Location Avatar Frontiers of Pandora

Ghost strike lets you do an additional 30 percent sneak damage. Just north of the First Zakru, west of the Shattered Bridge. You’ll have to land your ikran on top of the large rock formation. When you enter the cave, it appears to be a dead end.

However, enter the water and swim through the tunnel. You’ll have to navigate the glowing cave and swim a bit more to reach the tarsyu flower perched in the cave. When you reach it, you’ll unlock Ghost Strike.

Screech Ability

Tarsyu Flower Screech Ability Location Avatar Frontiers of Pandora

The Screech Ability allows your ikran to release an ear-piercing cry that damages enemies within a 75 meter radius. This is useful for aerial combat, though it won’t affect larger enemies.

Head to Step’s Cradle and land your ikran among the mountains, towards the clearing. Enter the mouth of the cave and climb over the glowing pink mushrooms to reach the tarsyu flower for the skill.

Clouded Forest Ancestor Skills

The final set of Ancestor Skills is unlocked upon reaching the Clouded Forest. There are only two skills here instead of five, and they are quite close together.

Tarsyu Network

Tarsyu Flower Tarsyu Network Location Avatar Frontiers of Pandora

Tarsyu network connects to you the other tarsyu saplings, helping you find where more may grow. This will help you accumulate skill points as you explore the forest.

You’ll find this skill north of the Stone Cloud Valley, atop a rock formation. Upon landing, make your way through the foliage to find the flower. Thankfully, it’s not hidden in a cave.

Free Fast Travel

Tarsyu Flower Free Fast Travel Location Avatar Frontiers of Pandora

When you fast travel, you consume energy. This skill allows you to fast travel without the cost of energy, meaning you’ll stay full longer. It’s incredibly useful for adventuring and getting quests done without risking your health no longer regenerating.

You’ll find this tarsyu flower to the east of the Stone Cloud Valley, atop the Grasping Mountain. Follow a narrow passage to a cave, where you’ll navigate through more mushroom-lined walls to reach the flower.


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