Pokemon’s Van Gogh Prints Are Now Available To Buy

Pokemon proved it can collaborate with just about anything and cause a stir when it announced a crossover with the Van Gogh Museum. Revealing a line of products inspired by the iconic Dutch artist’s work, Pokemon fans were so eager to get their hands on a promotional Pikachu card that replaced Van Gogh with Pikachu in the former’s famous self-portrait, it caused a frenzy at the museum store that led to the card being removed from sale at the store.



The card came free with all online orders from the collection while stocks lasted, and even though your chance of bagging the card is now gone – outside of paying an elevated price for one from a reseller – the Van Gogh products sporadically getting restocked are still very popular. Prints of the Pokemon x Van Gogh artwork still on show at the museum have been added to the store today, and providing you register with the museum (that can be done online and takes less than 30 seconds) you can buy some for your very own home.

Pokemon x Van Gogh Pikachu Print

Pokemon x Van Gogh Pikachu Print

Pokemon teamed up with the Van Gogh Museum in 2023, reimagining some of the artist’s most iconic paintings and making Pokemon their subjects. The Pikachu self-portrait appears to have been the most popular, turned into this print you can buy and hang in your own home.

There are six prints to choose from, or to collect if you want to catch ’em all. Topping the bill is the same image of Pikachu on the promo card that nearly caused a museum store riot. There’s also an Eevee version of the print that puts the Normal-type Pokemon into the self-portrait instead. My personal favorite from the print collection is Pokemon’s take on Van Gogh’s Sunflowers, replacing the plants with a very happy Sunflora.

Pokemon x Van Gogh Sunflora Print

Pokemon x Van Gogh Sunflora Print

Pokemon’s Van Gogh collection puts Pokemon into some of the artist’s most famous paintings. Like this one which replaces Van Gogh’s Sunflowers with Pokemon’s Sunflora. Available as a print now with size, canvas, and frame options to choose from.

Also included in the collection and available now are paintings featuring Smeargle, Snorlax, Munchlax, and Corviknight, all of them inspired not only by specific Van Gogh paintings but made to look as if they were painted by the man himself as they replicate his unmistakable style. All of the prints are available in three different sizes, printed on different materials, and can even be framed. That means the price differs depending on what it is you want, but starts from 32.34 euros, so about $35.

The prints can also be shipped worldwide, so even though prices are in euros, don’t let that deter you from grabbing some pretty great-looking Pokemon artwork for your home if you’re not in Europe. If you want to extend the Pokemon artwork visitors can experience in your home from the walls to your breakfast, GameStop currently has waffle makers that print Pokemon faces onto your food for just $15.


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