Best Gifts For Funko Pop! Collectors In 2023

If you think choosing gifts for Funko Pop collectors is as easy as popping into any store and grabbing a random figurine, think again! In the world of these whimsical, big-headed wonders, the right gift can turn a simple shelf into a sanctuary of fandom.



From protective gear that’s tougher than a superhero’s armor to display solutions that make IKEA jealous, we’ve scoured realms from Marvel to Middle-earth to bring you the top picks. Whether they’re just starting their collection or have Pops spilling off every surface, these gifts are sure to be a hit. So, let’s dive into a universe where tiny plastic figures reign supreme and find that perfect present for the Funko fanatic in your life.

Best Gifts For Funko Pop! Collectors In 2023

AITEE Acrylic Display Case for Mini Funko Pop Figures

AITEE Acrylic Display Case for Mini Funko Pop Figures

The “Clear” Choice for Collectors

This acrylic case is a collector’s dream! It offers a clear view, dust-proof design, and versatile display options for your precious Funko Pop figures.

14.76 x 13.86 x 4.88 inches


  • Crystal clear view from all sides.
  • Magnetic, dust-proof door keeps figures pristine.
  • Wall-mountable or tabletop – your choice!

  • Acrylic can scratch; handle with care.

This Acrylic Display Case is a standout choice for showcasing your Funko Pop collection. Its crystal clear acrylic design ensures your figures are displayed in all their glory, visible from every angle. The magnetic, dust-proof door is a smart addition, keeping your collectibles in pristine condition with minimal effort.

While wall mounting requires a bit of handywork, the payoff is a sleek, space-saving display that elevates the look of any room. The case’s durability and ease of access make it a practical and stylish solution for collectors. If you’re looking for a high-quality display option that highlights your collection beautifully, this case is a solid choice. Just remember to handle it with care to maintain its pristine look.

bigantss Clear Acrylic Display Riser Shelf for Funko Pop Figures

bigantss Clear Acrylic Display Riser Shelf for Funko Pop Figures

The Ultimate Display Upgrade

Upgrade your Funko Pop display game with the AITEE Acrylic Display Case. It’s easy to install, sturdy, and designed to make your collection shine.

11.34 x 9.69 x 1.65 inches


  • Simple installation process.
  • Strong, thick acrylic for durability.
  • Non-slip, smooth design for stable display.

  • Limited capacity per row (5-6 figures).

The AITEE Acrylic Display Case is an excellent pick, especially if you’re looking to showcase your prized Naruto or Demon Slayer Funko Pop! collection in style. Its straightforward installation and sturdy acrylic construction make it both a practical and durable option for displaying your collectibles.

The sleek and professional design of this case will complement any room, ensuring that each Pop is displayed prominently. While each row comfortably holds five to six figures, the overall visual impact is stunning, making every figure a standout piece. The non-slip design is an added bonus, keeping your treasured items in place. For collectors who want to elevate their display game, this case is a must-have.

Yodar Riser Display Shelf For Funko Pop! Figures

Yodar Riser Display Shelf for Funko Pop! Figures

Illuminate Your Collection

The Yodar Riser Shelf brings a unique touch to Funko Pop displays with its hexagonal, glow-in-the-dark design. Easy to assemble, it offers a special visual experience for your collection.

6.3 x 5.79 x 3.43 inches


  • Eye-catching hexagonal, fluorescent design.
  • Sturdy and durable premium plastic construction.
  • Simple, DIY, tool-free assembly.

  • Some fluorescent pieces may detach during assembly.

If you’re all about giving your Funko Pop collection a dash of flair, the Yodar Riser Display Shelf might just be your new best friend. Its unique hexagonal design isn’t just visually pleasing; it also glows in the dark, adding a whole new dimension to your display. Think of it as a nightly showcase for your cherished figures. Assembly is a walk in the park. No screwdrivers, no fuss. Just snap the pieces together, and you’re good to go. The black and white color scheme is a chic touch, blending well with various room decors.

Now, let’s talk about those glow-in-the-dark pieces. They’re a cool concept, but they can be a bit finicky, popping off now and then during assembly. And if they break? Well, that’s a few shelves down. This isn’t a deal-breaker, but something to keep in mind, especially if the glowing feature is a major draw for you.

Funko 3.75-Inch Vinyl Plastic Pop Protector

Funko 3.75-Inch Vinyl Plastic Pop Protector

Shield Your Pops in Style

Protect your Funko Pops with the official Funko 3.75-Inch Vinyl Plastic Pop Protector. This hard case is designed for durability and clarity, ensuring your collectibles stay safe and visible.

3.5 x 3.5 x 3.75 inches


  • Official Funko product ensures compatibility and quality.
  • Pop-off lid for easy access without damage.
  • Hard plastic design offers sturdy protection.

  • Not as thick as some higher-end options.

For anyone seeking the best way to show off your Funko Pop! collection, the Funko 3.75-Inch Vinyl Plastic Pop Protector is a standout choice. Officially from Funko, it offers the perfect blend of quality and functionality, ensuring that your Pops are both safe and displayed in style. The hard plastic provides ample protection, safeguarding your collection from everyday risks. The cleverly designed pop-off lid adds to the convenience, allowing easy access without compromising the aesthetic. Though not the thickest on the market, it strikes a fine balance between durability and display quality.

With this protector, your Pops will look like they’re meant to be showcased, making your collection the centerpiece it deserves to be. Whether you’re a casual fan or a series collector, this protector is a smart, affordable solution to keep your Funko Pops looking as good as new.

Funko Pop! Art Series: Disney Treasures from the Vault - Baloo

Funko Pop! Art Series: Disney Treasures from the Vault – Baloo

Jungle Vibes in Your Collection

Welcome the laid-back, jungle-loving bear Baloo to your Funko Pop! Art Series collection. This Disney Treasures from the Vault exclusive features a unique leaf motif over a green backdrop, perfect for Disney enthusiasts.

Disney: Treasures from the Vault


  • Unique, leaf-patterned design adds a special touch.
  • Exclusive Amazon item, a must-have for collectors.
  • Each figure is distinct, with no two looking exactly alike.

  • Availability may be limited due to exclusivity.

If you’re a Disney fan or a Funko Pop! collector, this Baloo is a must-have. It’s a playful yet stylish addition that captures the essence of The Jungle Book in a fresh, artistic way. The Art Series of Funko Pop! is great for collectors because it offers something different – a twist on the classic figures with an artistic edge.

So, whether you’re looking to jazz up your collection or searching for a perfect gift for a Disney lover, this Baloo is a fantastic choice. Just be quick to snag one, as these exclusive pieces are known to fly off the shelves!

Funko Pop! Art Series: Disney Nightmare Before Christmas - Sally

Funko Pop! Art Series: Disney Nightmare Before Christmas – Sally

A Stitch of Art in Your Collection

Embrace the hauntingly beautiful world of The Nightmare Before Christmas with this Art Series Funko Pop! of Sally. This figure, encased in a protective hard stack, combines collectible value with the charm of Tim Burton’s classic character.


  • Includes a valuable Funko Pop Hard Stack.
  • Unique art design captures Sally’s iconic style.
  • Perfect for fans of Tim Burton’s creative masterpiece.

  • Limited availability may make it a rare find.

For fans of Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas”, this Sally Funko Pop! from the Art Series is a treasure. Sally, the kind-hearted, ragdoll heroine of the movie, is brought to life in this beautifully designed figure. Her character, known for her longing for freedom and love for Jack Skellington, is captured in stunning detail, making it a standout piece in any collection.

What’s particularly great about this piece is the value it offers. Not only do you get a uniquely designed Sally Pop!, but it also comes with a Funko Pop Hard Stack case, usually priced around $7.99. This case not only protects your collectible but also adds to its display quality.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan of “The Nightmare Before Christmas” or a collector looking for something special, this Sally Pop! is a brilliant choice. Its artistic design and included hard stack make it a fantastic addition to any collection or a thoughtful gift for someone special. Just be aware, due to its popularity and limited release, you might want to grab it quickly before it becomes a rare gem in the Funko world.


What makes a Funko Pop gift special for a collector?

Collectors often look for uniqueness, rarity, or personal significance in a Funko Pop. Special editions, exclusive releases, or Pops from a favorite franchise can be particularly appealing. It’s all about finding that one Pop that perfectly clicks with their collection.

Are there any Funko Pop accessories worth considering as gifts?

Absolutely! From specialized display cases to protective boxes, there are plenty of accessories that can enhance a collection’s appearance and protect its value. Think beyond the Pop – sometimes, it’s the extras that make all the difference.

How do I choose a Funko Pop for someone with an extensive collection?

For seasoned collectors, consider limited editions, convention exclusives, or Pops from obscure franchises. Alternatively, look for custom or artist-collaborated Funko Pops to add a unique twist to their collection.


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