The Best Earth Landmarks In Starfield

Starfield takes place hundreds of years after the present age in a world without life on Earth. The entire planet has turned into a desert, with only certain buildings managing to survive the wreckage. Weirdly, the only surviving buildings are some of the most famous monuments in the world, which is an odd coincidence, but we aren’t complaining.




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This list will rank all these landmarks based on their preserved condition in Starfield. It will also tell you how you can get to these landmarks as all of them have their specific requirements.

11 Abeno Harukas – Osaka Landmark

Starfield Osaka

  • Required Book
    : The Diary of Kyosuke Nagata

  • Location of Book
    : The Key Command Center

The Abeno Harukas is a famous skyscraper in Osaka and is one of the toughest landmarks to visit in Starfield. Although most landmarks in the game are in ruins, this one doesn’t resemble many of the features of the original building, which is the reason for its low ranking on the list.

Unlike the other landmarks in the game, one look at this building won’t be enough for most people to tell which real-life monument it’s meant to be. This structure can be mistaken for any skyscraper and doesn’t do justice to the iconic Abeno Harukas.

10 Shanghai Tower – Shanghai Landmark

Shanghai Tower in Starfield

  • Required Book
    : Essentials of Modern Macroeconomics

  • Location of Book
    : The Planet Porimma II

The Shanghai Tower is the world’s third-largest building and its height is accurately reflected in-game, although a lot of it has been covered in sand. While it retains its impressive height, the structure lacks standout features, especially since it doesn’t gleam as brightly as it does in reality.

Many places in the game are not in good shape, but this one seems really worn out with lots of cracks and holes. It’s surprising that the building is still standing at all.

9 The US Bank Tower – Los Angeles Landmark

US Bank Tower in Starfield

  • Required Book
    : The Hope Family Tree

  • Location of Book
    : Ron Hope’s desk in Hopetown.

The US Bank Tower may not be the most famous landmark in Starfield and might be more popularly known as The Maze Bank for all GTA fans, but it is still a decent landmark to visit in the game. The base of this Tower has been covered in sand and its height seems vastly reduced, but it still looks fairly accurate.

Its helipad is also still present on the top of the building, although it doesn’t look too safe for landing. There is also a huge crack down the center of the building, yet its windows seem to be completely intact, which is a little absurd.

8 The Gateway Arch – Saint Louis Landmark

Gateway Arch in Starfield

  • Required Book
    : The Price of Destiny

  • Location of Book
    : The Planet Volii Alpha.

The Gateway Arch in Saint Louis is a pretty fun landmark to visit, mainly because it is something different from the many skyscrapers in the game. It also maintains the iconic shape and structure of the original building.


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The Arch may not be as bright and reflective as it is in the real world, but hundreds of years without an atmosphere will do that. It is still an interesting landmark though, due to its cool design, which stands out even more in an abandoned world.

7 The International Commerce Center – Hong Kong Landmark

The International Commerce Center in Starfield

  • Required Book
    : Maurice Lyon’s journal

  • Location of Book
    : New Hampstead Settlement on Titan

The International Commerce Center in Hong Kong has been reflected well in Starfield, and its height really stands out as its defining feature. Yet it does feel weird to see this legendary building in an abandoned desert landscape considering it’s actually located next to the sea in one of the liveliest cities in the world.

While this landmark is huge, the fact that there are taller landmarks in the game makes this one fall behind in comparison. Additionally, the lack of activities around these buildings makes the area somewhat uneventful and, dare we say, a bit boring.

6 The Shard – London Landmark

The Shard skyscraper in Starfield surrounded by a desert wasteland

  • Required Book
    : Oliver Twist

  • Location of Book
    : Sinclair’s Books in Akila City.

The iconic building of the Shard is the London landmark in Starfield. The shape of this building is similar to what you will see in real life, but the bruised-up and broken structure makes it look a lot different.

Although the Shard has been represented well in the game, there are plenty of skyscraper monuments already, and it might have been a better choice if Bethesda chose to go for another London landmark instead, such as Big Ben or Buckingham Palace, to add a little bit of variety to these landmarks.

5 The Empire State Building – New York Landmark

The Empire State Building in Starfield surrounded by a deserted wasteland

  • Required Book
    : Our Lost Heritage

  • Location of Book
    : MAST building in New Atlantis

Our Lost Heritage allows you to visit what remains of New York City and visit the glorious Empire State Building in its entirety. This building stands tall amid the deserted landscape of New York and, although it does have a few cracks and holes, it is probably the most well-preserved landmark in the game.

The game accurately captures the iconic shape and structure of the building, and it stands out even more by itself in a post-apocalyptic New York City.

4 The Burj Khalifa – Dubai Landmark

Burj Khalifa in Starfield

  • Required Book
    : Race to the Heavens

  • ​​​​​​​Location of Book
    : The Siren of the Stars luxury liner

The Burj Khalifa is the tallest building on Earth and has been replicated in Starfield as the Dubai landmark. Even though a lot of this building’s base has been covered in sand, it is still extremely tall and by far the highest landmark you will find in the game.


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Although the Burj Khalifa has been accurately represented in Starfield, it would be even cooler if you could go to the top of the building and look down from its immense height.

3 The Leaning Tower of Pisa – Secret LandmarkLeaning Tower of Pisa in Starfield-1

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is more an Easter egg than a landmark, as it seems it was originally meant to be in the game but wasn’t completely added. You can also warp directly near the tower by putting these exact coordinates in the Console tab “cow 0018E4B4 0 0.”

This monument is one of the coolest ones in the game, as it is barely standing and has been mostly destroyed. You can get near it and explore the remaining tower as well as bits of the fallen structure. This seems a much more accurate reflection of what these landmarks would look like in a post-apocalyptic future.

2 Pyramids Of Giza – Cairo Landmark

A broken down pyramid in Starfield

  • Required Book
    : The Ancient Civilization of Egypt.

  • ​​​​​​​Location of Book
    : Akila City

The Pyramids of Giza are also a landmark you can visit in Starfield once you have grabbed a copy of The Ancient Civilization of Egypt. Although there are three Pyramids in Giza in real life, only two of them have survived after the apocalypse in Starfield.

One of the features that make this landmark stand out is that you can climb to the top of these pyramids and have a look around at the deserted land of Cairo. They also seem to make some weird spooky noises when you are near their center, which is a cool addition.

1 NASA Launch Tower – Cape Canaveral Landmark

Starfield New Homestead and NASA Launch Center

The NASA Launch Tower can be visited in Cape Canaveral during the Unearthed mission in the game’s main story. This landmark is very detailed as it is part of a quest and is a good example of how other landmarks in the game could have been built.

The building houses a museum that highlights NASA’s accomplishments, such as the Mercury Program, the Apollo Program, and the Mars Exploration Rover program. These intricate details make this landmark stand out as the best in the game by far.


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