How To Get Hardwood In Coral Island

Like most farming adventure games, Coral Island uses a leveling system to classify crafting materials. You will begin the game with basic tools that are only able to collect basic materials, but as you progress through the game’s various stages, you will be able to upgrade your tools and collect more advanced items.




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Some materials are easy to locate, but others won’t be available to you until you hit a later stage in the game. Hardwood is one such material. Hardwood is a necessary material for upgrading your farmhouse, tools, and farm buildings, but it won’t always be easy to get.

How To Get Hardwood

Coral Island: an image of the player inventory, highlighting the item, Hardwood

Hardwood won’t just drop from regular trees if you aren’t properly prepared. To collect hardwood, you will need both a special axe and the right resource nodes to mine.

Hardwood is obtained from large logs. You can find these logs in the forest behind your farm, in the deep forest to the east of your farm, and occasionally as roadblocks scattered throughout Coral Island. In order to break large logs, you will need an axe of silver quality or above. Silver axes can break all large logs that are not on your farm’s property.

However, if you want to break the large logs on your property, you will need a gold or Osmium axe. Larger stumps also require better axes, so it’s best to level your axe like you would any tool.

Since trees aren’t dependent on the seasons, you can upgrade your axe at any time without missing out on seasonal opportunities like you would with tools tied to farming or foraging. If you know you’re going to prioritize mining or diving for a couple of days, for instance, it would be a good time to upgrade your axe.

Axes share the same upgrade system as all other tools: regular, bronze, silver, gold, and osmium.


coral island: an image of the player character standing over a fallen log

Roadblocks are obstacles that can only be removed by certain tools. Often, you’ll find large boulders, trash piles, logs, or stumps blocking paths to new areas.

You will gain valuable materials from each obstacle when you clear it, such as Hardwood. Even more valuable are the paths that the obstacles block. In some cases, removing a roadblock opens a whole new area.

Explore the island and see what roadblocks you can find early on. You might be able to snag useful loot early if you pick out the right paths to open up.

Other Sources

Coral Island: an image of the player journal, highlighting the Exceptional Cutter trait

As you level up your skills, you will earn Skill Points. Skill Points can be spent on helpful mastery skills in your player journal.

The foraging skill is tied to foraging seasonal items and cutting down trees. As you forage more items and cut down trees both on your farm and in the forest, your foraging skills will increase.

The Exceptional Cutter skill increases the chance that regular trees you fell will drop hardwood. The chance is still pretty slim at two percent, but it’s worth it to increase your chances of harvesting valuable hardwood earlier on in the game, especially when you run out of logs to cut down in your farm, forest, and deep forest.

Hardwood Uses

Coral Island: an image of the resources necessary to upgrade to house level 4

It’s tempting to save some coral coins and leave your axe un-leveled if you aren’t immediately in need of wood, but eventually, you’re going to need hardwood to progress in the game.

  • For starters, you can’t upgrade your farming tools past the silver level if you don’t have hardwood. To upgrade your axe, scythe, bug net, fishing pole, pickaxe, or hoe, you will need to have hardwood on hand. Golden upgrades require five hardwood, which sounds reasonable, but once you upgrade to osmium, you will need to have 20 hardwood pieces per tool upgraded. That being said, it’s best to get a head start on collecting hardwood as early as you can.
  • You will also need hardwood if you intend to make Insect Houses for your farm. Each insect house requires 15 hardwood to make.
  • Your farmhouse will also need hardwood as you upgrade it. The fourth farmhouse upgrade requires a whopping 200 hardwood, which means you will want to stockpile it as soon as you can. The fourth farmhouse upgrade is necessary if you plan on expanding your Coral Island family, so if you have your eye on becoming a parent, make sure you plan for this pricey upgrade.


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