Sora Amiibo Pre-Orders Starting To Go Live Following Release Date Reveal


  • The widely held belief is that the Nintendo Switch’s successor will be announced and possibly launched in 2024.
  • The Sora amiibo, the final Super Smash Bros. Ultimate character to get his own figure, will be released on February 16, 2024.
  • The Sora amiibo can be pre-ordered now, with Best Buy being the first retailer to offer pre-orders, but more stock will become available in the coming weeks.



Even though there was still no mention of it at The Game Awards – to be expected since Nintendo prefers to do its own thing – the widely held belief, almost expectation at this point, is that the Switch’s successor will be announced, and maybe even launch, in 2024. That means the amiibos coming our way during the first two months of 2024 will be the Switch’s last, and maybe even Nintendo’s last if amiibos aren’t a factor on the Switch 2. First Xenoblade’s Noah and Mio, and then Sora, the final Smash amiibo which finally received a firm release date this week.

Sora’s first, and likely only, amiibo will be released on February 16, 2024, but naturally, you’ll have the chance to pre-order the figure well before then. You can actually pre-order your Sora amiibo right now if you’ve found this article quickly enough. Pre-orders for Sora started to go live hours after Nintendo confirmed the accessory’s release date, and you can find everywhere pre-orders are available through the links in the box below.

If Sora amiibo pre-orders are out of stock at Best Buy by the time you read this and you simply can’t wait for more to start popping up elsewhere, you can still pre-order the figure through Amazon Japan if you really want to.

Best Buy appears to have been the first retailer to drop a pre-order link for the Sora amiibo. They’ll likely sell out pretty quickly but don’t panic. These are still early days with more than two months to go until release day. Not only will Best Buy almost definitely have more stock between now and then, but there will be more stores through which you’ll be able to pre-order the figure over the coming weeks.

Sora amiibo

Sora Amiibo

Sora’s amiibo is real and coming in 2024. The final Super Smash Bros. Ultimate character to get his own figure, something that wasn’t a sure thing due to Kingdom Hearts’ Disney connection.

Whether you’ve been lucky enough to land an early pre-order or not, what we now know on top of the release date is how much the amiibo is going to cost. $15.99, so the standard price for new amiibos in 2023. All three of Splatoon 3’s new figures were $15.99 each, as was Zelda’s Tears of the Kingdom amiibo. Ganondorf”s was a little bit more expensive, but come on, he’s a big beefy boy and that is very much reflected in his amiibo.

Sora’s amiibo will be here a few weeks after Noah and Mio’s figures are released. Shulk’s Smash amiibo has also been reprinted and will be re-released on the same day as the new Xenoblade figures.


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