Matthew McConaughey Stars In Exodus, New Wizards Of The Coast Game

Matthew McConaughey stepped onto the stage at this year’s Game Awards to announce that he is starring in his first-ever video game, Exodus, a space-faring action RPG developed by Archetype, a Wizards of the Coast studio.



It’s helmed by Baldur’s Gate (the original, not the new one), Knights of the Old Republic, and Dragon Age: Origins lead James Ohlen, Star Wars: The Old Republic executive producer Chad Robertson, Mass Effect 2 narrative director Drew Karpyshyn, and Halo 4 director Chris King. It features time dilation, space travel, and, naturally, aliens. Alongside Ohlen is a team made up of former devs from BioWare, 343 Industries, and Naughty Dog.

I have had some experience with time dilation, and now you can too.

In the trailer, we see two astronauts land on a strange planet before collapsing into the underground where they run into ancient ruins and a sprawling futuristic ship. You can watch it below, complete with gameplay segments.

The crux of Exodus is that time passes slower during space travel, meaning that astronauts outlive their loved ones when exploring the vastness of space. And, like Starfield, it takes us to a future in which humanity had to abandon Earth and carve out a new home among the stars. Also like Starfield, humanity is searching the stars for ancient alien artifacts.

As reported by Engadget, Exodus is driven by player choice, with individual moments shaping the outcome of the story. And, as you’d expect with a talented veteran team behind the likes of Dragon Age and KOTOR, there are companions who you can romance. We didn’t see McConaughey in the trailer, but he confirmed that he’ll make an appearance in Exodus somewhere, marking his voice-acting debut. Maybe he’ll be one of those crew members.

“Exodus introduces an innovative new sci-fi world that forces players to face the consequences of their choices over time,” Ohlen said. “We introduce the player, as the Traveler, to an original sci-fi universe, a world created with an incredible level of detail in collaboration with award-winning sci-fi authors. The gameplay setting and story we created is built around the impact of Time Dilation, a concept I’ve been fascinated with since I was 12 years old. We use Time Dilation as a catalyst impacting the choices you make in-game that sets in motion events affecting your relationships with your loved ones, and your entire civilization, for generations.”

Exodus is launching on Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, and PC.


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